Women's Fertility Center

Infertility affects nearly 50 percent men in the reproductive age group. A majority of fertility centres are headed by Gynecologists/ fertility consultants primarily concentrating on women. Care of men in these centres takes a back seat with treatment of these subfertile men handled by the Male physicians at the clinic. Patients with Low sperm counts and Azoospermia are offered ICSI as the first treatment option.

Our mission is to ensure that couples suffering from infertility issues due to male problems are offered solutions with cutting edge technology before subjecting them to IVF / ICSI.

We truly understand the needs of these couples and empathise with them. Our expert team of Andrologists, Reproductive Microsurgeons, Fellowship trained Fertility Consultants, Gynecologists and Embryologists ensure that the greatest possible care is given with utmost empathy and compassion.

Our fertility and IVF Center is equipped with State of the art technology ranging from Cook Mini incubators with guaranteed excellent fertilization rates to Olympus ICSI apparatus with needle precision technology. The Embryology lab boasts of air purification systems second to none, thereby making microbial contamination almost non existent. Pipettes handling systems are subject to rigorous monitoring with internal and external quality control.

Advanced Sperm selection techniques handled by Dr Karthik Gunasekaran ensures that the best possible gamete is chosen for ICSI thereby resulting in best outcomes.