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P-shot, also called Priapus Shot is a medication free procedure used to treat erectile dysfunction. As an added beneficial effect, the procedure may add an inch of length and a fraction of an inch girth to your penis. P-shot is not just for men with erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from softened erections, which is quite natural with age, unable to enjoy the intimate pleasure while having sex with your partner or taking a very long time recovering for another episode of intimacy/sex, we advise you to go for a P-shot without any hesitation.

What happens during a P-shot?

When you see your sexologist/andrologist for a P-shot, you will be made to sit/lie on a table. Your penis will be applied with numbing cream/lotion. Few millilitres of blood will be drawn from your vein into a syringe or a collection tube. The blood will then be transferred into test tubes that go into a centrifuge machine. After a few minutes of spins, the platelets and plasma get separated from the blood and clear yellow liquid can be seen in the tubes.

The yellow liquid is treated with calcium gluconate solution to activate the platelets. Then the liquid is taken in syringes with small needles and injected into the shaft of the penis slowly in different areas. The injected liquid immediately adds girth and length for obvious reasons. This is just a start. The platelets and plasma promote repair and growth of erectile muscles and the blood vessels inside the penis shaft.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes. It is done as an out-patient procedure and you need not take a day off from work. You can just return to work after the break as usual. You need not expect a lot of pain except a little discomfort. In case of severe pain, you may be advised to take pain medication for a day or two.


Repair and growth of erectile muscles after P-shot

As a result, following can be expected:

  1. Growth and repair of erectile tissue – more firm erections
  2. Repair and growth of blood vessels – more erections and lesser gap between erections
  3. Increase in sexual stamina
  4. Boost in confidence – which is most needed for any person in and off the sheets.

The effects may be seen within a day and continue for 8 weeks to stabilize. Since the injected liquid belongs to the body, no immune response needs to be expected. Body will be easily able to adjust, adapt and respond to the injected liquid. 

In most cases, you need not even take a break from your sexual activities. You can go ahead from day 1. By the end of 8 weeks, the repair and regrowth of erectile muscles and blood vessels will be complete and the results that you see can last for up to 2 years. Some men repeat the procedure every 6 to 8 months until they reach their desired penis size.

What is the cost of a P-shot in Chennai, India?

P-shot cost can start from Rs.25,000 depending on the clinic and doctor. We advise you to check with our front desk for the exact price and if your insurance policy covers the treatment. In most cases, if it is done as a part of erectile dysfunction treatment, the cost of the procedure may be covered. If P-shot is taken purely for enhancing your penis size, it may be considered as a cosmetic procedure and your insurance provider may deny the coverage.


  1. So much info is left out of this procedure. Someone needs to be honest and open and discribe the procedure exactly as it takes place, step by step. From the time you enter the doctors office until the minute you leave the doctors office. From the patients eyes.

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