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Watery sperm / Watery semen - Why is my sperm watery and clear

Semen is a combination of fluids and sperms generated by the male reproductive system. Generally, semen is a thick, viscous whitish liquid. Certain body conditions can change the colour, smell, consistency of the semen and it can look more watery.   Watery semen can be due to temporary conditions in a healthy and fertile man but if the semen is watery every time, that leads to infertility and you must see your sexologist as soon as possible.

Watery semen is a case when there is very little to no sperms. So, what actually causes watery sperm or watery semen condition?

why is my semen watery

Low Sperm Count

A condition called ‘Oligozoospermia/Oligospermia’ where there is less than 15 million sperms per ml of semen.  This is one of the most common conditions in men who are infertile. What causes Oligozoospermia?

    1. Varicocele – Varicocele is a condition where the veins in the scrotum swell. A condition that is treatable by a good sexologist. Varicocele can cause infertility.
    2. Infection – Few sexually transmitted infections such as Gonorrhoea can infect the male genitals and cause inflammation of the reproductive organs (Epididymitis) resulting in non-production of enough sperms.
    3. Tumours – Non cancerous or cancerous tumours in testicles affect the production of sperms
    4. Imbalance in hormones – Hormones produced by pituitary gland and hormones produced in testicles are responsible for the production of sperms. Change in the hormone levels causes changes in sperm production.
    5. Retrograde Ejaculation – Retrograde Ejaculation is a condition where the sperm is released into the bladder instead of ejaculating out of the penis.
    6. Injury to the sperm and semen carrying tubes can also lead to watery semen.

Frequent Ejaculation

A totally normal condition in teens and adults who are sexually very active.  Production of sperms take some time (usually 3 days) by the body. If you are ejaculating (either by masturbation or by having sex) more frequently, then it is common to see watery semen.  If you continue to see watery semen even after giving a break for ejaculation then you should see a sex specialist.

Mineral Deficiency

Especially Zinc. Zinc plays an important role in sperm production in a man’s body.  While your normal food (nutritional diet) intake should be sufficient to provide your body with necessary amount of zinc, sometimes, body falls short of this important metal. Zinc supplements prescribed by your sexologist should fix your problem.


Many men would have noticed that, before ejaculation, a colourless, watery liquid oozes out of the erect penis. This is perfectly normal. Most of the times, this liquid doesn’t carry any sperm in it or has very very few sperms (enough to cause pregnancy), because of which it looks watery. This is also a pretty normal condition.

About the colour of your semen:

Typical colour of semen is whitish or ivory like. If you see any other colour in your semen, that can indicate an health condition that you must attend to. Pink or reddish brown colour may indicate an internal bleeding (of any of the reproductive organs) or the seminal vesicles that produce and carry semen out of the body.

Yellow colour semen can indicate small amounts of urine or high levels of white blood cells. Yellowish green coloured semen indicates a prostate infection. All of these are treatable by an expert sexologist.

What to do if your semen is consistently water?

Without any delay, take an appointment with a good sexologist near you.  Whether you are younger and unmarried or if you are married and trying to become a parent, intervention of a sexologist is a must. This may be an indication of any infertility issue you may be having.  The sexologist will then start with semen analysis to check:

  1. The volume of semen
  2. Liquefaction time – the time needed for the semen to change from thick fluid to watery liquid.
  3. pH value of the semen. Lower the value, higher the acid content which will not let the sperms survive.
  4. Sperm Motility – How comfortably sperms are able to move/swim in the fluid
  5. Sperm Morphology – The shape of the sperms. If they are not well formed, it may be difficult to become a father.

Along with these parameters, your doctor may examine your reproductive organs to sense any possible infections / damages to them.

Treatment options available at our Chennai clinic for Watery Semen

Consistent watery semen does not indicate that the man is infertile or will be infertile. That can indicate an underlying problem that is treatable most of the times. Depending on the problem (infection or low hormone levels, vitamin deficiency or mineral deficiency etc), your doctor may put you on to medication, hormone therapy or supplements.  He/she may advise some lifestyle changes too along with medication.  If you are a smoker and consume alcohol regularly, you may need to cut down on both of them and start working our regularly and keep your weight in check.

Along with good hygiene routine and medications, you may also be advised to give a good gap between intercourses and notice the changes in the semen. Most likely, your semen should come back to normal levels.

Continue reading our next article on ‘Home remedies for treating thin and watery semen‘.

Does Masturbation cause watery semen or watery sperm? Why is semen watery?


  1. Doctor I saw your recent post on prone masturbation I am 23 years old ..I am doing prone masturbation …I have planned to stop from today….IS it curable ??… Will it affect my sexual life in the future….???? Please help !!! I am worried

  2. Dear doctor, am 21 and I’ve been masturbating more than 10 years. I don’t remember when was the last time that my semen was thick. Watery and watery. Two or three or four days later it’s the same. What is my condition? Do i have a low sperm count? I’m worried really worried.

    • Hello Mr. Joseph, firstly don’t worry. Stress can do anything to your health.
      Wait for a week without masturbating and then check it. If you still see the same watery semen, please come and see me.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

      • Good morning doc. I Frank, please I have been having this problem for a long time now, but couldn’t get the solution, I done test and I was told I have azospermia caused by heavy growth of staphylococcus aureus. I have been treating this staphylococcus aureus and getting the same result, please do know any better medication to use?

    • Dear Sir
      I am 36 years old married. I am full confidence in sex. When I am talking with my wife sexually or normally my penis erects and the prewater comes until my dress is wet. After complete talk within 15 minutes my penis, bludder and abdomen are paining much. Then Urine coming little by little every ten minutes with pain. some time laxation also coming. In between I am drinking much water as I can. After that too much urine coming out. It lasts 5 to 8 hours. Then I am getting just relax.
      Dr. It makes me very uncomfortable situation and it is very difficult to sleep at night.
      Therefore, I am kindly expecting you for providing your precious consultation for leaving this problem.

      • Hello Shifan, can you please take an appointment and see me at my clinic in T Nagar?
        I am sure, your urine leakage problem can be solved.

        Thank you,
        Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  3. Sir i am 23 and 6 month old.i am masturbating from 10 years usually once in a week but from last one year my sperm become watery i also try to didn’t masturbat for two week but the result is same. I am too much worried now kindly help me.
    I also have a bad habit of wake up late like 12 in the morning from a very long time.does it cause watery sperm?

    • Dear John, your problem needs treatment. Please take an appointment and see me at your convenience.

  4. Sir, iam 18 years old.Iam masturbating for last 2 years.Initially stage my semen is thick.But recent times i has watery semen.I saw your video reasons for watery semen.Then i not masturbated for 1 month.I used to take nuts & dates,mineral tablet(recital h).Today i saw only my water semen.Please give me a solution. Iam much worried on that.Please give me a reply

    • Sriram, please post only one comment. I understand your concern.
      I need to see you at my clinic and do some tests to see what the problem is.

      Thank you
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  5. Sir iam 16. I am trying to do masturbation but its not working. It is coming only in my dreams and it is watery. Do i have anything problem and i need a sloution.

  6. Hello Doctor ,
    Im Dinesh from Srilanka. i have been identified with Level 4 varicocele in my left testicles and level 3 in right . meanwhile my SFA test indicated that i’m having oligozoospermia. and my Volume is .6Ml.
    i have not pain or swelling in my testicles and i have a nornal erection. this is a treatable condition . i’m really stressed and please advice

  7. Hi sir i m 18 years old i decided not to masturbate i completed a month without doing it . And after a month after masturbation my sprem is thin i got worried sir after that day i again masturbate to see the results but again my sperm is too thin i am worried sir please ask me what to do ???

    • Don’t worry at all. You are most likely fine.
      Eat well, your sperm quality depends on the food you eat, the amount of time you spend in sunlight and many other factors. Don’t worry.

      The only time when you should worry is, when you are not able to become a father of your own child. Till then, chill.

  8. I stopped masturbating two years ago then I used to have a thick sperm but now when I have wet dreams or ejaculate its always clear and watery, what do you think my be the problem

    • Reason are plenty, check your diet. But when you ejaculate in your dreams, how do you know it’s clear and watery? If you check immediately, you would know.
      If you check the next day, you may not know for sure.
      If you are sure that your semen is clear, please see a good sexologist to check your sperm count.

  9. Hello Doctor. I am 26 years old and I started masturbating like 6 years ago. I used to have thick sperm. But I had watery sperm 3weeks ago. And I did not masturbate after that. I did it again today and its still watery. What can you suggest for me

  10. Hello good day, my partner constantly has a watery sperm so I don’t know if that’s the reason for me finding it difficult to conceive

      • Hello sir,
        I am 21 years old … recently I had a case of cough and I had taken a syrup namely Corex DX over the counter,my semen was fine and I had no trouble getting erection but after taking the syrup I have lost sensation and my semen is very little clear and thick and I am also having trouble maintaining an erection for last 3 days.i would very much like your opinion on this …I have been also smoking for the last 3 years but I haven’t faced any trouble before taking this syrup

        • I am not sure if Corex DX cough syrup would be the reason.
          To confirm that, stop the syrup and wait for few days and see if your erections return to normal.
          If not, the cause should be something else. See a doctor then.

  11. Hello doctor,i am having clear semen but its not watery and it has an egg white consistency,i have been having unprotected sex for over a year and no pregnancy,what could be the problem

  12. My sperm is clear and not white it’s more like pre-cum in large quantities. I am currently taking Tamsulosin medication for BPH could this be the cause?

  13. Sir, Im 20 years old. I mastrubated like every day.. My sperm is thin and something like gelly comes out I have no idea about what is it.. i had sex like 5 to 6 times with my partner without protection … Is it normal or is it bad for future of me and my partner? What should i do? Can i treat this at home? Give me some advice.
    (Sorry for my bad english) please answer sir

  14. Hello, Doctor i wanted to ask if it’s normal that I’ve had watery semen my whole life?
    Also wanted to know is it normal that sometimes my penis is bigger and sometimes smaller not by much but just for 1-1.5cm.
    And sometimes my flaccid penis is like 2cm when it erects it goes back to 14-15cm is that normal? I’ve also tried not ejaculating for days and weeks to see if my sperm becomes white and cloudy but no luck. My partner wants me to do a semen analysis test to see if everything is okey.

  15. Sir I am into dreadlocks,mostly I stand hours daily for the whole year of 2023 .and I have been having low ejaculation ,my sperm have been so watery ,my partner family are very worried ,,sir please give me an advice on how to start the journey sir please sir

    • Your dreadlocks has got very little to do with your watery sperm.
      Check on the food you eat. Eat more nuts, meat and protein, zinc, magnesium.
      Give a gap of at least 3 days between each ejaculation. You should get better

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