Testis Prosthesis

In men, a single testis could be missing or removed during surgery for a number of reasons including trauma, cancer, twisting or failure to develop. Until now, these men were resigned to their fate of living with a single testis. A prosthesis or an implant is an artificial device that mimics the appearance of the testis. Though many materials were used as testis prosthesis, none appeared satisfactory as there were many concerns regarding implants. In 1997, however, a saltwater filled silicon implant was found to be safe and went on to become the most widely used implant for the testis.

The procedure for placement involves a minor surgery under anesthesia. The procedure is done as day care with the patient leaving home the same day. The site of anchoring the implant is initially marked on the scrotum. A groin incision is made and a scrotal pouch created. The prosthesis is then fixed by means of a suture to the site initially marked. Mild pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications are given for 2-3 days.

Side effects are few and are usually resolved with conservative measures.

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