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Suffering from Low Sex Drive – What could be the reasons?

From mental connection between couples to medical conditions in either partner, there are numerous factors that can affect the sexual relationship between them.  Let us look in detail, what are the possible reasons that can affect the sex drive between partners.


The most common and today’s one of the most prevalent health problems. High levels of sugar in blood damages blood vessels and nerves over a period of time. As some of you might be knowing already, erection in men happens when more blood flows into the penis when aroused. Damaged vessels can result in erection and ejaculation problems.   For women, improper blood flow can result in loss of sexual desire, vaginal dryness (as a result painful intercourse) and trouble having an orgasm.


Heart diseases

High blood pressure and medicines used for high BP and as well as other medicines can result in blood vessel damage. Effects will be similar to that mentioned in diabetes case.  If you already had a heart attack and are scared that getting aroused and having sex may trigger another attack, please consult your sexologist immediately.


Mind controls everything. “A sound mind is needed for a sound body”. If a person is experiencing depression, the desire to have sexual intercourse goes down dramatically. You must immediately see a therapist if you have been feeling down for quite some time.  You may be put on anti-depressants.  One tricky problem is, anti-depression medicines can also trigger erection problems.  You my tell your therapist about your sexual health life too along with mental condition when you are using anti-depression medicines.



Suffering from cancer does not only affect your body but also affects your mind.  Along with the mental stress/depression, the medicines used to treat cancer can also make you lose interest in sex. Chemo therapy may make you very tired to have sex.  You need to stay connected with your partner mentally, until you are cured of cancer and get back to near normal life.


Symptoms of arthritis and painful joints can hamper your sex life.  You will need to plan ahead for your intimate encounter considering the time when you feel better during the day/night. You can take pain medication an hour before the act. Use soft material under you so that you don’t hurt your body.  A quick nap before the act can also help in relaxing your body.


Low Testosterone

You can find decent number of articles (by clicking on the following link) to know about Testosterone. It is the male hormone that drives sexual desires in men.  Brain signals the testes and they produce testosterone. If you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, liver or kidney diseases, issues with thyroid gland may result in lower testosterone production by your body.  A simple blood test ordered by your sexologist can check these levels and treat you accordingly. You will also have to make lifestyle changes by eating healthy and working out regularly.  As a last resort, you may be put on testosterone replacement therapy by your doctor.

Click this link to browse for more articles on testosterone and it’s affects.


Menopause happens in women typically at the age of 50 – 55 years.  Women attain this stage when the estrogen levels in their body drops. This is not a problematic condition and happens with every woman.  Due to the drop in estrogen levels, vagina stops lubricating itself when the person is aroused. When she goes for penetrative sex, this can hurt due to lack of lubrication and some women may even bleed.  The drop in estrogen levels combined with dryness and pain can make the woman abstain from sex. When you are suffering from symptoms of Menopause, hormone replacement therapy will be prescribed by your gynaecologist.



When a person (male or female) is infected with HIV, along with damaging the immune system, the virus also affects the body’s hormone producing ability. This results in lesser production of sex related hormones such as Testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Not only the virus, but the anti-viral drugs used to treat the disease can also reduce the person’s interest in sex.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis affects the nervous system. As we have said, sexual desire starts with the brain. If the communication between the brain and body organs is damaged due to poor nervous system, it can result in erection problems, arousal and reaching orgasm. The person may feel tired easily.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence is typically seen in older women. As they age, their pelvic muscles become weak and urine may start leaking when they cough, lift weights or when they feel pressure on their abdomen.  This can make them leak urine during intercourse. This can affect the women mentally and they may refrain from having sex. Urinary incontinence is a treatable problem.  Talk to your urologist as soon as you notice that you are leaking urine involuntarily.

Other problems like Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Parkinson’s disease can also affect a person’s interest in sexual life. Most of the times, this is treatable by a good sexologist provided, you see him/her on time. (Before affecting the relationship with your partner).


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