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Smoking during pregnancy affect's your daughter's fertility

Is smoking good for pregnant women?

NO. That’s a definite answer. Smoking is not good for general health of a man or a woman. What is a lesser known fact is that smoking affects the fertility of men and women in the same way.

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As per the recent study published by a Turkish research team, daughters of smoking mothers (especially during pregnancy) had high exposure to testosterone — the main male sex hormone. This in-turn affects the reproducing capability of the babies when they grow up. (Causes Infertility Problems).

It is because of this exposure caused due to smoking, hormonal changes occur in the female offspring resulting in infertility.  A comparison with the babies born from non-smoking mothers was made and the researchers arrived at this conclusion.

The findings made after the study suggest that smoking is an endocrine disruptor that can masculinise girls in the womb and that daughters of women who smoked during pregnancy may suffer from hormonal and reproductive health problems in the long-term. Many women being aware that smoking is not for them, continue to do so and some women are exposed to passive smoking. It is an established fact that smoking in women can lead to birth of premature babies.  Premature babies are at higher risk of having disabilities and premature death.

AGD – Ano Genital Distance – the space between the midpoint of the anus to a point of the genitalia – a medical measurement of testosterone levels.  Higher this space, higher the levels of testosterone. (Irrespective of gender).

Prenatal babies exposed to smoking had higher length of AGD, indicating higher levels of testosterone resulting in short term and long term problems including infertility and metabolism.

Our advise – Don’t smoke! For a healthier you and your children.

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