Male Sexual Health

Premature Ejaculation Treatment (PE in men)

The most common problem that every man faces at least for sometime. Treatment for premature ejaculation is possible and can be done with medicines. PE in men can be physical or psychological. Both the cases can be addressed by our top sexologists in Chennai.

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Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction treatment (Ed treatment / impotence treatment)

Problem having an erection even after receiving stimulation by your partner? Starting from stress, anxiety to physical problems, there are several causes of erectile dysfunction. Talk to our sex specialists in any of our Chennai clinics to treat your erectile dysfunction problem.

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Erectile dysfunction treatment

Ejaculatory dysfunction (Ejaculatory disorder)

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Ejaculatory dysfunction treatment

Gender Identity Disorder

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Gender identity disorder

Sexual Orientation Disorder

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Sexual Orientation Disorder

Small Penis / Micro Penises

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Small penis treatment

Low libido / Androgen insufficiency

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Androgen insufficiency / low libido

Testis prosthesis / artificial testis

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Testis prosthesis / artificial testis

Penile Implants / Penuma surgery

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Penile implants / penuma surgery

Male (In)Fertility Treatment

Azoospermia (Azoospermia treatment)

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Azoospermia (Azoospermia treatment)

Asthenozoospermia (Asthenozoospermia treatment)

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Asthenozoospermia (Asthenozoospermia treatment)

Male fertility treatment

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Male fertility evaluation

Micro TESE

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Micro TESE


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Sperm Mapping

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Sperm mapping

Teratozoospermia treatment

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Varicocele treatment

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Varicocele treatment

Male Genital Disorders

Hernia surgery

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hernia treatment in Chennai

Hydrocele treatment

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hydrocele treatment in Chennai

Phimosis treatment

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Phimosis treatment in Chennai

Paraphimosis treatment

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Paraphimosis treatment

Other sexology services

Balanitis treatment

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Balanitis treatment


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Vasectomy surgery

Vasectomy reversal surgery

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Vasectomy reversal surgery in Chennai

Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing and Treatment in Chennai

Chlamydia treatment

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Chlamydia testing and treatment


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Gonorrhea testing and treatment

Genital Herpes treatment

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Genital herpes treatment


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Hepatitis testing and treatment in Chennai


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HIV AIDS testing and treatment in Chennai

HPV / Human Papilloma Virus Treatment

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HPV Testing and Treatment in Chennai


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Syphilis testing and treatment in Chennai