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What is sexology?

“Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behaviours and functions.” – wikipedia

Who is a sexologist?

“A sexologist is a person who applies tools from several academic fields and study sexual development (puberty), sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual relationships, sexual activities, paraphilias and atypical sexual interests.” – wikipedia

What does a sexologist actually do?

“Many people ask me the question when I say that I am a sexologist, they always wonder what I exactly do. A sexologist sees people with challenging problems in their life such as low sexual desires, feeling disconnected with their partners, lack of interest in sex with their partners etc. Many men don’t realise that sex is as much important in a relationship as love and ignoring their partner’s sexual feelings can hurt their relationship in different aspects of life. But the times are changing and as people are becoming aware, I am seeing many men presenting with problems such as Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Low sexual desires, other kinds of ejaculatory problems. I also see people with enlarged scrotum, tight foreskin problems and small penis issues.”, says Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, most sought after sexologist in Tambaram, Chennai.

Chennai's Best Sexologist - Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable to achieve an erection even after giving enough stimulation by himself or by his partner. There can be various reasons why a man can lose erection or have softer erections including age, stress, anxiety, losing interest in sex with a specific partner or with everyone, injury or infection in the erectile tissue or scrotum etc. Prone masturbation, addiction to porn may also lead to erectile dysfunction when you try to have actual sex with your partner.

When you present yourself to a good sexologist, he/she will start with a series of questions and physical examination of your penis, scrotum and lower abdomen. In some cases, there can be tell-tale signs of problems but in most cases, a couple of tests may be required. Your doctor will also try to analyse your mental condition and the health of your relationship with your partner to determine if the problem lies in your mind or body.

Treatment for your erectile dysfunction problem can include therapies (if you are affected mentally more than physical issues) which may involve you alone or you and your partner, medication that can help you in treating infections (if any), fixing any injury or trauma to any of the reproductive organs etc.

Treatment for ejaculatory problems

Ejaculatory problems in men can include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation and anejaculation (no ejaculation at all). Similar to erectile dysfunction, the reasons for premature ejaculation may be psychological or biological and treatment involves diagnosing the actual reason for the problem and addressing it. 

For other types of ejaculation problems, putting you on medication is the most preferred option unless your sexologist thinks of a different method of treatment.

Low lidibo or low sex drive in men

With age, libido or desire to have sex goes down and all men over 40 should accept the fact (if you haven’t already). Unlike women who stop menstruation after they reach certain age, within a short period of time, mens’ testosterone levels gradually drop every year after 30 years of age and they will see steady decline in their sexual activities. 

Apart from age, there can be many other psychological problems or some events may happen in life that can kill the sex drive and keep them away from having sex in bed. Injury to sexual organs can also lead to loss of production of testosterone, resulting in low sex drive.  Treatment for low sex drive includes therapy and medications that help you restore confidence in bed and also improve testosterone levels or help you in getting an erection when you need it.

Treatment for small penis problem

How small is a small penis? How long should your penis be to satisfy a woman in bed? Well, in the age of porn, every man expects to have a long and thick penis which is not the case in reality. Average penis size (when erect) of men in India is around 5 inches and it is more than just a good enough size to satisfy any woman, provided you know how to play.

Small or micro penis is a condition when the person’s penis size is less than 1.5 inches when erect. I encourage going for penis implants or other less invasive procedures such as PRP for penis size to increase the length of the penis only in case of a micro penis. If you do have a penis of normal size and want to increase the girth or the length, sure, PRP for penis size is something you can surely try.

Treatment for mens’ fertility problems

Apart from having an erection and ejaculating after a good enough time, there are a ton of problems a man can have with the production of sperms and making their babies. Such problems include azoospermia, asthenozoospermia, oligospermia, teratozoospermia etc. These conditions deal with the presence of sperms in semen (note that semen and sperms are two different things but used interchangeably), how actively they can roll / swim in the vaginal canal, their count and their shape.

A couple of tests will be needed to evaluate the actual problem and address it. Many infertile men are hesitant to take fertility tests but in order to provide you with the right medication and address the problem, tests are necessary.

Hernia treatment

Out of several types of hernia, inguinal hernia is what a sexologist can take care of. Inguinal canal is kind of an opening in the abdomen from where the testicles descend at the time of birth. Once that happens, the inguinal canal closes in normal males.

In some men, the inguinal canal may open up leading to descent of intestines into the groin or even into the scrotum resulting in a hernia. (Hernia is protrusion of internal organs of the body; they look like large bumps on the skin).

Treatment for hernia is most of the time surgical wherein the intestines or other tissues must be pushed back into the abdomen and the canal needs to be closed.

Treatment for tight foreskin problems

Tight foreskin is a very common problem in men. When the foreskin on the penis is tight, it may roll onto the head of the penis and doesn’t come back (phimosis) or when the penis stays behind the penis head and doesn’t roll onto the head (paraphimosis). There can also be infection of the foreskin of the penis leading to a condition called balanitis. 

Sure shot treatment for any type of penis’s foreskin problems is ‘Circumcision’. Most of the time, ZSR Circumcision or a laser circumcision is the preferred choice and mind you that you need to pick only an experienced sexologist in Tambaram, Chennai (if you live there) or near you before you get this done. This is a 10 to 15 minutes procedure but can go wrong if you don’t do your homework of finding the best doctor for circumcision.

Testing and treatment for all kinds of STIs

Did you know that over 85,000 people contracted HIV during COVID lockdown. That is a staggering number considering the fact that HIV contractions kept going down over the past few years due to awareness and safe practices by men and women. 

Apart from HIV, there are several other commonly transmitted Sexually Transmitted Infections such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HPV etc. If the infection is caused by bacteria, it is 100% curable but so far we don’t have any cure for any kind of viral infection, not even for common cold/flu. 

Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center at Tambaram, Chennai is equipped with state of the art facility for collection of blood/urine samples and a testing center for all kinds of STIs. You may read ‘When to get tested for confirmed HIV results’ if you want to know more on HIV testing.

If you are living in and around Tambaram, and if you need an appointment at our Tambaram clinic, you may call us at 90928 49786 or just tap the ‘call icon’ on your screen if you are on mobile.

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