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Discussing sexual concer­­ns of a couple with a third person is considered embarrassing and a taboo even in this modern era. But sexual problems have been on the rise these days owing to a stressful lifestyle and it is important to find the right person to seek help from. If you are looking for sexual health related solutions by a sexologist in Chennai, you are on the right page.

How to find the best Sexologist in Chennai?

A sexologist must have extensive knowledge pertaining to human sexual interests and sexual behavior and various abnormalities associated with the same. The expert must be specifically trained in treating sexual health problems.

Managing sexual health problems is a team effort with the involvement of psychotherapists and reproductive health experts apart from a sexologist. So the sexual health center you choose should have a comprehensive approach.

Your privacy and confidentiality should be of top priority to the sexologist. The sexologist must make you feel at ease to discuss your most private matter. He/She must hear you out with patience and compassion.

Your sexologist must not be judgmental of your problems or lifestyle. You should be advised on sexual health by giving due respect to your ideas and preferences.

Is it important to seek help for sexual problems?

Yes, sexual problems can put you through immense stress which is not good for your general well being. High stress levels can lead to worsening of your sexual performance and also lead to other chronic medical diseases such as hypertension. If you are seen by a sexologist at the right time and promptly evaluated and treated you can be completely relieved of your sexual problems. If you fail to get advice from experts ,it may lead to relationship failures or marital discord due to constant mental stress.Sexuality is one of the basic instincts of man.

Read on to find out about the common sexual problems and their treatment methods.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence:

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the penis to become erect on sexual stimulation and maintain an erection so as to achieve successful sexual penetration. It may also be called impotence. Its good to understand that impotence is different from infertility.

Erectile dysfunction occurs as a part of certain medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure etc. A severe form trauma to the penis may also lead to failure of erection. As age progresses men may face erection problems. Smoking is known to be a causative factor of erectile dysfunction. In some men psychological stress and performance anxiety are the only identifiable reasons for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can also be the side effect of some long term drugs used by the individual.

How to cure ED?

Men with erectile dysfunction can enjoy a normal sexual life if treated promptly. A sexologist will surely be able to help you with your erectile dysfunction.

Investigation prior to treatment may include a scan of the penis to look for the adequacy of blood flow to the penis. Erection of the penis happens only with adequate blood flow.

Any underlying medical causes for erectile dysfunction are ruled out. If present they are to be treated so as to relieve erectile dysfunction.

If erectile dysfunction is found to be the side effect of some drug consumed by the individual, it needs to be discontinued with immediate effect. An alternative drug may be prescribed.

Blue pill:

The blue pill is a medicine commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is known by its trade name Viagra. It is to be taken prior to sexual intercourse so as to achieve erection. The drug contains sildenafil citrate which helps dilate penile blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Natural Supplements for ED:

Herbal supplements found to have some beneficial effect in erectile dysfunction are red ginseng, horny goat weed, fenugreek, gingko biloba and yohimbine extract from yohimbe tree.

Zinc is a mineral supplement found to have some role in improving erection function.

Vitamin B6 and B12 supplementation may improve arousal, libido and energy for sexual activity.Vitamin E has antioxidant actions ,thereby reducing oxidative stress which leads to erectile dysfunction.

L-carnitine and L-arginine are substances which help in erectile dysfunction by dilating the penile blood vessels.

Another common sexual problem in men is ejaculatory dysfunction.

Ejaculatory Dysfunction

Ejaculatory dysfunction includes premature ejaculation, no ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. Of the different types of ejaculatory dysfunctions, premature ejaculation is the most common.

Premature Ejaculation – Causes and Treatment in Chennai

Premature ejaculation (PE) means early ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Uncontrolled orgasm and ejaculation occurs before or shortly after sexual penetration. It may occur against the wish of the man or his partner, when neither of them are ready. Premature ejaculation usually leaves the couple dissatisfied with the sexual experience.

Reasons for premature ejaculation:

  • Long gap between ejaculation lowers the mans threshold for orgasm
  • Sexual intercourse with a new partner
  • Psychological stress, anxiety, guilt may be causes for premature ejaculation
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Recent trauma to genitals
  • Alcohol use,smoking and certain drugs are known to cause premature ejaculation

PE  treatment:

Most men require no specific treatment for premature ejaculation. Stress relief methods will suffice to treat most of the men.

Premature ejaculation yoga:

Yoga helps relieve stress and may help in curing premature ejaculation.

Quitting smoking and alcohol is  highly recommended for men suffering premature ejaculation.

Condom use will help delay ejaculation by decreasing the sensation of the penis.

If symptoms persist you may approach our expert sexologist in Chennai for further guidance. You will be counseled and sexual behavioral therapy initiated. You will be trained to make use of some techniques to delay ejaculation.


Premature ejaculation how to prevent?

Some techniques that will prevent premature ejaculation are:

  • Start stop technique
  • Squeeze technique
  • Kegels exercise

Retrograde ejaculation generally develops following prostatic surgery. So it is common in the elderly age group who have undergone surgery for prostate enlargement.

Doctor for small penis problem in Chennai

Small Penis Problem

Small penis problem is a concern of many men.They become excessively conscious about their penile size and tend to doubt their sexual capabilities. But contrary to the common belief, men with small penis are able to have a normal sexual life. Not essentially large sized penis give increased sexual pleasure to the female partner. If the penis is too large and there is a genital misfit, the penis hitting the cervix may lead to the female partner experiencing discomfort.

If congenital and significantly small penis, hormonal therapy with testosterone supplement may be tried in early infancy or puberty.

If the man continues to feel disappointed with small penis, despite counseling, surgical lengthening and girth enhancement options may be offered.

It is common for men to get carried away by advertisements for penile enhancements products. But there are no such genuine natural or medical products with proven penile enhancement benefits, in the market till date.


Vaginismus is the most common female sexual dysfunction. It is involuntary contraction and spasm of the vaginal muscles on attempted sexual penetration by the male partner. It may be a painful condition preventing successful sexual penetration.

It instills fear of sex in the minds of the woman leading to decreased sexual drive. Over time it affects the intimacy between the couple.

Other causes of painful intercourse are:

  • Short periods of foreplay and inadequate arousal of the female partner
  • Dry vagina and inadequate lubrication
  • Psychological stress and anxiety
  • Disproportionate genital size or improper genital fit
  • Infections of the genital tract
  • Endometriosis problem
  • Dryness of genitals during menopause

Homosexuality and transgenders still remain a stigma in the Indian community.

Transgender Health

Despite widespread efforts towards transgender empowerment and social acceptance, facilities to deal with their early psycho-sexual problems and centers to provide them with continued sexual health care are still very few in number.

Transgenders face conflict between their perception of self and how they look to the outside world,sometimes starting at a very early age. They are unable to accept the gender assigned to them by birth. Emotional stress is common in them due to social rejection.

The goal of treatment by a team comprising of psychotherapist, sexologist and reconstructive surgeon is to support the individuals preferred gender. They are motivated to lead a normal and respectable life.

Gender change treatment involves:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Sex change surgery
  • Breast implants
  • Breast reduction surgery
  • Hormone therapy

Homosexuality and Health

Sexual orientation of a individuals refers to their preference with regards to the gender to which they are sexually attracted. Homosexuals are sexually attracted to the people of their own sex whereas normal orientation refers to sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

Homosexuality has been legalized in most parts of the world. But they are still subject to social isolation and mockery. Many a times they are forced into marriages with the opposite sex leading to marital discordance and sexual dissatisfaction.

Most of the times they tend to face feelings of guilt. They need intensive psychotherapy to help them deal with the emotional stress.

They may also face sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Genital Reconstruction and Penile Implants

Genital reconstruction using penile implants for aesthetic purposes involves repairing disfigured genitals. The genital disfigurement could have been caused by some disease or surgery in the past.

Testicular implants can be placed in case of absence of one of the testicles.  Aesthetics are considered an important part of sexual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Infertility associated with Sexual Problems

Couples with sexual dysfunction usually have a problem conceiving baby. The sexual problem needs to be addressed before initiating treatment for infertility.

Conceiving a baby requires sperm to be deposited into the female genital tract during sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation. Erectile dysfunction impairs the ability to achieve successful sexual penetration. Without sexual penetration deposition of sperm in the female genital tract naturally, does not happen. This may result in infertility.

When men have premature ejaculation, the ejaculation happens outside the vagina most of the times  and thus fertilization of the ovum by sperm becomes impossible.

Infrequent sex between the couple during a cycle also may result in difficulty in conceiving a baby. Sex around the time of ovulation increases the chances of conception. Couple usually have infrequent sex due to psychological stress, anxiety, vaginismus etc.

Are you thinking that you may be having difficulty in conceiving a baby due to incorrect sex positions? If so, you may relax and be yourself with respect to positions during sex. The position in which you have sex does not greatly affect the fertility. All that matters is that semen gets deposited within the vaginal tract. If erection is maintained through out the intercourse and ejaculatory function is normal, sperm deposition within the vaginal canal should happen irrespective of the position of sex.

Treatment for sexual dysfunction related infertility is by treating the specific sexual problem.

STD Testing and Treatment

A dedicated STD clinic is functional at our cent re so as to educate people seeking advice on sexual health about prevention of  sexually transmitted diseases through proper counseling and advice regarding condom use.

The STD clinic identifies persons suffering from sexually transmitted infection early and initiates prompt therapy. Syphilis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea which are bacterial sexually transmitted diseases may be cured with appropriate antibiotic therapy. Simultaneous partner treatment may be warranted. HIV, herpes, hepatitis, HPV etc are viral sexually transmitted diseases which do not have cure but symptoms of which may be controlled with regular treatment and follow up.

Men who have sex with men are more prone to acquiring and transmitting sexually transmitted infections.

The STD clinic also plays an important role in preventing spread of sexually transmitted infections within the community. It also undertakes contact tracing of those presenting with symptoms.

Couple cent red sessions:

Many couples fail to consummate marriage even after months of living together. Usually psycho-sexual factors such as performance anxiety, ,lack of bonding etc are responsible for failure to consummate marriage. In due course of time it leads to marital discord due to dissatisfaction in sexual life. The couple may find it hard to open up and discuss about the problem with each other. That may lead to further emotional distancing of the partners.

A couple counseling session will help the couple open up about the problems faced by them.They will be gently guided through ways to distress and enhance their sexual intimacy. Premarital counseling sessions will help educate he couple about sexual health.It will allay the fears and anxiety and encourage emotional bonding between the couple.

Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran, Sexologist in Chennai brings all the above services to you at the comfort of your own Chennai city.


  1. Dear Dr. Karthik gunasekaran Sir
    Your videos are quite useful. Thanks a lot. Am 37 year old male. Am a homosexual person from my childhood (don’t know exactly from which age). I got married ten years back and having two children. My sexual life with my wife is also very happy. But still attraction for me towards the men is more. Dont have attraction towards women (including wife) . Having sex with my wife is just like that. Watching gay videos,like to talk with fit guys.. Would like to come out from this gay life and this attraction towards men. Pls help me. My no
    is 9xxx8.

    • Dear Mr. Ramesh, this is called ‘sexual orientation disorder’, please visit me at my clinic. We can have few sessions and see how I can help you.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  2. I got erectile distinction due to more masterbution that is why I couldn’t marriage still now now iam 28 years old can u recover my problem I can’t answer my parents when they ask about marriage please help me sir

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