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Ever wondered why penis responds even for a slight touch? It is because many nerves end in the penis making it one of the most sensitive organs in the body. The sensation is then communicated to the central nervous system and propagates to the brain. Brain in turn responds to the situation and returns appropriate responses depending on the situation. If a man is in a sensual situation, the muscles inside the penis relax to allow blood flow and the penis becomes erect. If the scenario is an uncomfortable one, your hip may try to move away from the touch.


Then what is a sensitive penis?

In some men, penis becomes even more sensitive that they may feel a tingling kind of uncomfortable feeling or if they are aroused, they may just ejaculate within a few seconds. The most bothersome condition with a sensitive penis is when a man ejaculates within a minute after vaginal penetration during sex. During the rest of the time, it barely matters how sensitive the penis is, unless they are not comfortable even with their clothing.

What makes the penis very sensitive?

There are various reasons why penis becomes sensitive. In many cases, there isn’t any apparent reason why one develops a sensitive penis and ejaculates quickly. Here are some common reasons why a penis or the foreskin on the penis glans can become sensitive.

  1. Phimosis – A condition in which the foreskin on the penis glans can’t be pulled behind the glans. In babies and children, this may not be a bothersome condition but as the child grows up, this can become a painful condition.  Circumcision is the most preferred surgical solution for phimosis.
  2. Balanitis – Inflammation of the penis head. The foreskin can accumulate dirt, oils and a part of ejaculate if it is not cleaned properly and can get infected. This can lead to the inflammation of penis head called balanitis. Treatment includes administration of antibiotics, clean hygiene and sometimes circumcision.
  3. Injury to the penis – This is an interesting case. Injury to the penis shaft or head can damage the nerves in the penis making it less sensitive. In some cases, penis can become more sensitive after an injury. Injury can result from an accident or fall or even during masturbation or sex. 
  4. Infections Urinary Tract Infections or Sexually Transmitted Infections may affect the sensitivity of the penis head. Though UTI is not as common in men as women, improper hygiene can cause infection to the urethra or bladder inside a man.
  5. Psychological factors – Stress, anxiety can also make a man’s penis very sensitive, especially during sex. Performance anxiety can lead to quick erection and ejaculation and that in turn can cause stress. Repetition of such scenarios can dent the confidence of a man in bed which can worsen to erectile dysfunction.

How can a sensitive penis affect a man?

In normal conditions, penis sensitivity can cause only a little tingle which may not really bother a man. However, if the increased sensitivity of the penis is causing him to ejaculate quickly, multiple times, there can be psychological effects that can lead to other conditions.

Most men (almost every man we can say), feel more manly when they are able to do it for long in the bed and satisfy their partner. If they think they are failing in doing so, they may get affected mentally leading to stress. As we have been saying, stress is a monster and that can cause 1001 other conditions in the body. The more stressed a man is, the lower the libido and that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation can affect a good relationship between partners and that further adds to stress and other psychological issues.

Natural treatment for sensitive penis

There are several articles that are showing when we googled up for answers to natural treatment for sensitive penis. However, we feel that they are not addressing the point – when you should opt for natural treatment and when you should see a therapist or a doctor to overcome the problem.

If the penis sensitivity has sent in by itself without any injury or other physical condition such as phimosis or balanitis or any stress related factor, then, you can look for a natural solution. One popular solution to control premature ejaculation and reduce the sensitivity of the penis is the ‘Start and Stop’ method. In this method, you will need your partner’s support if you are having sex as this can interrupt the act multiple times. If you are masturbating, then you are all good and you just need to give yourself more time doing it. Just be mindful when you are about to ejaculate, just stop moving your hand or just pull it out of the vagina. Breathe deeply and let your penis rest for a minute until the urge to ejaculate is nearly subsided. You can then resume the act and repeat the process. 

Does the ‘Start and Stop’ method really reduce the sensitivity of the penis? Not really but you can gain control on your ejaculation time.

Other treatment options for a sensitive penis

  1. Numbing creams or lotions – If you are ok with a temporary solution that you are willing to use only when having sex, then delay creams and sprays are available over the counter. If not, you can check with your doctor and get them prescribed.
  2. SSRI prescription – Anti-depressants can help in affecting the communication of the signals from the penis to the brain. Though this is not the actual purpose of antidepressants, they are prescribed on adhoc basis to those suffering from premature ejaculation. Please do not take medicines by yourself without a doctor’s prescription because there may be certain side effects over short or long term usage.
  3. Masturbate before actual sex – Well, this is a solution for those in 20s and 30s but surely not for those over 40s because the time to get back another erection after ejaculation is significantly higher as you age. 
  4. Using a condom with a delay chemical – Almost all condom brands have come up with a ‘long last’ solution wherein the delay chemical is added to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. 

Important note: When you are using a delay spray or cream on your penis and having unprotected sex, make sure that your partner is not allergic to the chemicals. Any kind of uncomfortable feeling should be noted immediately and needs to be addressed. 


  1. I was circumcised 4 weeks ago, and I’ve been lying in bed without underwear for 4 weeks because the discomfort is unbearable, is there any solution for it like some ointment or some medicine or is it just a matter of time, and how long will it take me to does that discomfort go away? And what is your recommendation for me? Thank you.

    • Depends on what kind of discomfort you are facing.
      If you are having pain or bleeding, you must see your doctor.
      If it just due to the exposure of your penis head without the skin, you will eventually get used to it. nothing to worry about that.

  2. Doctor I’m 20 year old Male. And when I touch my penis head it is sensitive. And if I move my finger over my penis head then it hurt. I really want to overcome this with natural home remedies. I was my penis head everyday with water. When water falls on my penis head nothing happens. But when I move my finger over it then it hurts. Also I wanted to know how sensitive should a dick head be for a normal man? Like if he could touch it freely without any pain?

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