Marital Health CheckPsychosexual therapy for Sexual problems in couples

Psychosexual therapy for Sexual problems in couples

Psychosexual therapy though employing many aspects used in mental health differs from it by incorporating specific techniques aimed at targeting men and women with sexual dysfunctions. As Leiblum eloquently quotes “sex therapy is not a cookbook exercise” and hence involved multiple variables which control patient care. Events that occur either naturally or by chance, client motivation and a tension free atmosphere influence results.

The rationale behind psychosexual therapy is quite simple. Sexual problems occur because there are negative emotional reactions to certain sexual stimuli and the goal of therapy is to modify maladaptive behavioural patterns to elicit positive reactions. If sexual response is associated with negative feelings like guilt, fear of failure etc., it results in a failed response and is quite problematic for young couples .

Behavioural interventions that form the cornerstone of psychosexual therapy involves assignments that the patients do at home alone or with partner.

Psychosexual therapy for Sexual problems in couples

Structured behavioural assignments used are
1) Sensate focus
2) Stop, start and squeeze techniques
3) Systematic Desensitization
4) Guided Stimulation
5) Directed Masturabation
6) Mindfulness

I will be talking about each in detail in the blogs that follow.

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