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Let’s be honest, even with a good 5.5inch penis (when erect), you think of having a bigger penis, don’t you? You think bigger penis means more women and more manly you are in bed. Well, that’s not 100% true, in fact, that’s not even 25% true. Now, stats don’t matter, when you started searching for ‘how to make my penis bigger’, ‘how to make penis bigger naturally’, ‘surgery to make penis bigger’, etc

Let’s look at one latest introduction in medical treatments, PRP shot or The Priapus Shot™ which some sexologists in Chennai and  India claim to make your penis bigger. Let’s get into little details and validate if that is true or they are just trying to make money out of a myth.

What is PRP Injection?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Blood consists of platelets that help in healing any injury or regrowth of tissues in the body. Higher the count, better the healing process or regrowth of tissues. Your blood is drawn into a centrifuge machine that separates the components of the blood based on their densities. For this procedure, collecting just the platelets is sufficient. When the platelets are collected, rest of the blood is sent back into your body.

These platelets are taken in a syringe and injected into the shaft of the penis as shown in the figure. (At an angle of 2 O’clock and 10 O’clock). This has to be done carefully, initially by a good doctor and later, you can do it by yourself. Injecting platelets into the shaft will immediately make the penis shaft a little stretched and thicker. That’s obvious right, now the question is, whether the PRP shot can stimulate growth of new tissues that can make your manhood bigger and thicker?

p shot or prp shot for erectile dysfunction

Getting the facts straight

  1. There are 2 internal chambers in the penis’ shaft – Corpora and Cavernosa. These are the tissues that expand and contract during an erection when blood fills those chambers. After you grow to a certain age, all the parts of the body stop growing, including these chambers. Take it this way, ‘the length and girth of these chambers is fixed’. 
  2. Platelet Rich Plasma injections can only help in healing or regrowth of old or injured tissues and cells. They can’t promote the growth of new ones like when your body was growing. 
  3. So far, there are only a very few studies studies to prove that penis size can be increased with The Priapus Shot™ 

Now, combining these facts, we can tell that PRP shots can’t really make your penis big permanently. However, you can see temporary results while the platelets are working in your penis shaft. 

In order to keep the bigger size for longer, you may have to repeat the injections at regular intervals. This especially helps men with micro penis syndrome.

PRP shots can help treating Erectile Dysfunction

With age, every muscle in the body becomes weak. Muscles and tissues in the penis’ shaft are no exception. If you are over 40, you would have noticed that your erections are no more as hard as they used to be and not as frequent. Of course, frequency of erections can be attributed to the testosterone produced by the body, which again goes down with age. 

Softer erections are due to weakening muscles in the penis shaft and this problem can be addressed to an extent with PRP shots. Injecting platelets into the shaft of the penis can help in repairing, rejuvenating and re-growing the shaft tissues that can help in treating erection problems and in having stronger erections.

When can you go for a PRP shot?

  1. When you are having softer erections, PRP injections to your penis can help.
  2. When you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, due to physical problems such as an injury to the shaft of the penis or due to ageing, PRP shots can surely show you good results.
  3. For a temporary increase in size of your penis.

Cost of The Priapus Shot™ in Chennai, India

Extracting plasma and injecting into your penis is an out-patient procedure and can cost around Rs.20,000 or more per session. You can call our front desk for more information on the cost and if your health insurance is going to cover the cost of your treatment.


  1. Hello doctor, my penis is not grown from my childhood. No length or girth grow. It is very small, but I have good erections also I can masturbate. Size is the only problem. Will prp injection works for my case ??

  2. I have had two placation surgeries due to peyronies desease. Under my gland on my left side on the shaft, I have constant pain. I was told it is due to thin skin. I am 70. If I try intercourse, my forskin swells up for about a week…Will a P shot help heal the think skin.

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