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PreMarital Health Check - Mandatory Tests to be done before marriage

We often find someone who is astrologically compatible with us so we can have a happy married life and keep ourselves and our partner happy. But have you ever wondered that some medical tests are as or more important than they look?

It is important to know the medical health of your partner to maintain a happy couple. Before you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, it is important to be aware of your partner’s medical status. These medical tests can be done to equip you and prepare you for any hurdles that come across you and your partner.

Inshort, following are the tests to undergo for a healthy Sexual life post marriage:

  1. Infertility Test for Man and Woman
  2. Blood Group Compatibility
  3. Test for Genetically Transmitted Conditions
  4. Tests for common STDs.
Medical tests to be taken before marriage

Infertility Tests for both Man and Woman

An infertility test lets you know your and your partner’s sexual health, it gives you the knowledge of the health of the ovaries and the sperm count. If you are planning to have a baby in the future or a normal sex life these tests are vital and helps you know the results beforehand. You can your partner can work through with a fertility expert and find the support that you need.

At Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center, Infertility tests are offered for both men and women. Some of the infertility tests offered for men are mainly semen analysis to sow sperm count of a single male and followed up over 120 weeks.

For women, the physical examination is done to record any abnormality and sexual characters are noted. The three main things that fertility specialists focus on o assessment of the ovulatory function, tubal patency and the assessment of the uterine cavity of the woman.

Blood Compatibility Test

This may not seem as important it is, if you and your partner are planning to procreate, you and your partner must have the same Rh factor. If your blood groups aren’t compatible with one and another, problems may arise during pregnancy. An Rh incompatibility can be fatal for the second child as it is a condition where the antibodies in a pregnant woman’s blood destroy her baby’s blood cells.

Genetically Transmitted Conditions Test

It is important to know someone’s medical history and their genetic conditions which can be transferred from one generation to the other. It is important to know and get tested for these chronic medical conditions before it gets too late. Some of these diseases can include breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney diseases and diabetes. Timely diagnosis of these diseases can help in getting proper treatment for these conditions before they turn life-threatening.

Tests for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Since it is common for people to engage in premarital sex, it is a good idea for both partners to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases include HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis C. Since some of the medical conditions are life-threatening and can be chronic, it is a must to get STD tests done. In case your partner’s test reports turn out to be positive, it can save you from psychological and physiologically trauma that you may face in the future and give you clarity.

Knowing the sexual history of the person you are going to have a sexual relationship with and assessing that they are clear of any sexually transmitted infections or diseases is vital because some of these diseases remain unnoticed such as the most common ones listed below:

  1.  HIV Infection
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Gonorrhea
  4. Syphilis
  5. Genital Herpes
  6. Hepatitis A, B & C.

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