Pre-Marital Health Check

Many times, young men are confused or have pertinent doubts about their sexual desire levels, erectile function, ejaculatory function, penile size and sometimes even about facial hair growth/voice issues etc. A common complaint is the loss of vitality following leakage of semen either during masturbation or in sleep (Dhat Syndrome). These men decide that it is better to get clarity on their problems than to get married and then seek help.

Sexologists at Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center, offers adequate counseling, genital examination, necessary testing (Blood, Doppler ultrasound, Xray , ECG, ) and consultation by Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran for these issues. Men who have been postponing their marriage indefinitely due to self doubts are the ones who get the maximum benefit out of these check ups.

Why couple should go for Pre-Marital Health Check?

  1. To prevent genetic defects from being inherited. (Eg: Sickle cell Anemia, thalassemia etc).
  2. To prevent spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections. (Some viral infections may not even show symptoms for a long time. These can be detected during testing).
  3. To figure out possible problems with conception – Infertility in Men and Women.
  4. Counselling about general married life and expectations from sex life for the couple.

Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran on Premarital Health Check

Premarital Health Check (Tamil Video)

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