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Pre Marital Check Up- Is it relevant?

When you run a sexual medicine and andrology clinic in India, it keeps you busy. Men walk in all the time, some looking at Google, some calling the yellow pages and some others who have heard from their friends. Their concerns and complaints may vary, but, if there is a common denominator, it is the compelling need to make sure that they are fit for marriage. When I talk to these men, the most intriguing thing that emerges is that there is also an element of underlying altruism.

Despite what women think about men, some men really are concerned about the welfare of their future partners. So, continuing on that note, these men have some pressing questions which need to be answered before getting married.

Common Questions asked before people get into wedlock:

  1. I have been masturbating for a long time. Will this affect my desire towards my wife?
  2. My erections are not great. I find it difficult to sustain. Do I need pills before marriage?
  3. When I masturbate, I ejaculate quickly. Will this continue after marriage?
  4. Penis size appears small! Is this enough to satisfy my wife?
  5. Penis girth is less. Is this normal?
  6. I am having nocturnal emissions. Will this have a bearing on my sperm count?
  7. I have had a prior homo sexual experience. Will this affect my relationship with my wife?
  8. I have had treatment for a morbid disease. Will this affect my fertility or sex life?
Pre-Marital Health Check Up - Important

I believe in Visual Biofeedback. This basically means that there is a positive reinforcement which translates to belief that occurs when you see something on paper. So, when men present with these questions, after a thorough history and physical, it is invariably necessary to do a check up for their concerns. This may include but not limited to blood, semen analysis, Xray Chest, ECG, Penile and scrotal dopplers. The result which pretty much doubles up also as a master health check, scratches away their doubts if found normal and in the case of an anomaly can most times if not always be sorted out.

I always feel that it is better to have clarity in case of self doubt rather than to have this play in one’s mind during nuptials. A premarital check will sort this out and give the edge, most men so desire!

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