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Dear visitors (of our website), I strongly urge you to read the following very frequently asked questions that some of you have been asking on our website. I totally understand your anxious situation when something goes wrong but I request you to calm down, read carefully the following and if you still have questions, you may send them to me as comments to this or any appropriate article.


You had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker or a stranger in the recent past. Are you infected with HIV or any other sexually transmitted infection?

Oral Sex (giving or receiving)

  1. Just by having oral sex with any one (including a HIV infected person) is not a sure way to get infected with HIV or any other sexually transmitted infection. (Except herpes which can spread with just normal contact).
  2. If the other person is not infected and is healthy, you are totally safe and you have nothing to worry about.
  3. If you are not sure about the other person’s sexual health status – get tested. Most often HIV tests done after 30 days after exposure are confirmative. For your satisfaction, get another test done after 45 days and you should calm down if the results are non-reactive.
  4. If the other person is infected – get tested, both of you! First thing you need to do is – get PEP and then after 30 days, get your tests done. Another test can be after 45 days.
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When should you be really worried about when you have oral sex with an unknown person?

  1. If you have a cut or sore near your mouth or your genitals. (It can even be a minor cyst).
  2. If the other person has a cut or sore near their mouth or his/her genitals.

All I am saying is, is there direct access to your blood / body fluids from your skin? If not, don’t worry. If yes, that’s when you must see a doctor within 72 hours after possible exposure.  Taking fluids from the genitals into the mouth and swallowing pose a very less risk of getting infected. Can be even nil. (Again, the other party should be infected, which you might not be aware of.)


Penetrative Sex (can be vaginal or anal)

  1. If the other person is healthy, then don’t worry.
  2. If you are not aware of the other person’s sexual health status – get tested! Test after 30 days of exposure and 45 days is confirmative. Non-reactive indicates that you are good. Get moving with your life and don’t repeat the mistake.
  3. If the other person is infected and you still had unprotected penetrative sex – this is when you should be worried. First thing, take PEP. Then, go for the test after 30 days and 45 days.

Note: It doesn’t matter whether either of you climax or not during the act. In case of penetrative sex, exchange of bodily fluids takes place during the act. That is good enough for the virus to infect the healthy person.

Our next FAQ is about Prone Masturbation

Lying down on your stomach, applying excess pressure on your genitals for stimulation and masturbation is called prone masturbation. 

What happens when you do this?

Your penis gets used to that excess stimulation to get erect and then to ejaculate. Regular stimulation (by you or your partner) will not be enough to get the erection and have sex. This will seem to be a kind of erectile dysfunction. When this happens, you get stressed and anxious which will further reduce the chances of erection.

In short, you made your penis respond only to a high degree of stimulation.


Even when you stop prone masturbation, your penis will not respond to normal stimulation. It can take weeks to months depending on how long you have been prone.


Stop masturbation totally. You need to stop till the time your penile erection happens on its own. Give it months, not just days. Your body needs time to return to normal, doesn’t it?  Let the erections occur on their own and then try masturbating normally.  If your penis gets softer, that’s perfectly fine, give more time.  

After 6 months or so, if you still don’t get an erection, see a good sexologist in your city.


This article should give you the most common answers that you are looking for. Should you have any further questions, please post them but make sure you read this article and understand to alleviate unnecessary stress.

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