General Sexual Health ProblemsPenis Enlargement (Penis Growth) with Fat Transfer

Penis Enlargement surgery for penis growth is referred to as penoplasty. Enlargement of penis can be done in several ways such as using implants that is a permanent lifetime enlargement or with fat transfer which significantly increases the penis length and girth (width/circumference) but may not last for lifetime etc. Penoplasty surgery with fat transfer is less complicated, minimally invasive procedure and you will be able to get back to normal life typically after 4 weeks after the surgery.

Who is the right candidate for penis enlargement with fat transfer?

Unlike the surgery for tiny penis (also called micro penis) where a person has a penis smaller than an inch when erect, almost any adult who wants to get their penis larger and thicker can go for penis enlargement surgery.  However, your plastic surgeon or an experienced sexologist will be right person to decide if you can go for the procedure depending on your other health factors including age. For instance, a teenager may not be the right candidate as the penis growth hormones might still be at work. When we asked Chennai’s popular sexologist, Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran about penis growth, “Till what age does the penis grow in size for a man”, he said “Penis can grow in size until a man reaches the age of 18 to 21 and in some cases, the penis may grow for a couple of years after the actual growth of body stops”. When an interested candidate is less than 21, he may not be the right candidate for the surgery unless he is suffering from micro penis problem.

Penis Enlargement (Penis Growth) with Fat Transfer

How is penis enlargement surgery done?

Simply putting, penoplasty with fat transfer surgery can be explained in two steps.

Step 1 – Extraction of fat from the body

In fat grafting procedure for penis growth surgery, body fat from the same person’s body (either from abdomen or thigh or other suitable place) is removed through liposuction. A type of stem cells are found to be present in the adipose tissue that can stimulate blood flow and help in penis growth. The collected fat is then purified by removing the cell debris, blood and other fluids.

Step 2 – Injected the purified body fat into the penis shaft

A small incision is made at the base of the shaft (of the penis) or on the shaft and the purified fat is injected into the shaft. Here is where the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon or sexologist comes into play. The distribution of the fat should be even with minimal fat lumps on the penis. Typically around 30 to 65ml of fat is injected depending on the need. Once injected, manual adjustment is done to distribute the fat round the shaft evenly. The incision doesn’t need to be stitched up unless any other implant is placed in the penis. A bandage is placed over the incision and left to heal.

What can you expect after the surgery?

Though not totally foreign, extra substance is added to the penis shaft and that can result in swelling and bruising and this can last for a week or two until your body gets adjusted to the injected fat.  You need to wear loose under pants until complete recovery and strictly should not be participating in sex. Avoid lifting heavy weights at least for a month.  As the time passes on, the size of the penis may shrink a little bit as some amount of fat gets absorbed into the body. This is normal and should be expected.

Penis Enlargement (Penis Growth) with Fat Transfer

Recovery after penis growth with fat grafting procedure

Complete rest for 24 hours is essential. You also need to note that the liposuction incision should also heal along with the penis. As mentioned, complete healing can take 4 weeks and you should be on top of your prescription during the recovery period.

Should you see any bleeding, oozing of pus from any of the incision areas, you must see your surgeon immediately.

Possible side effects of the surgery

  1. Fat Necorosis – Damage to the fat tissue in the shaft of the penis. This can happen because the penile skin is thin in the area between the skin and the penis shaft.
  2. Formation of fat lumps – Uneven distribution of fat into the penile shaft can result in formation of fat lumps. Your surgeon will adjust the fat distribution after injection, however, there are chances of fat lumps to form on the penis.

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