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Paraphimosis- A common problem!

Paraphimosis is a surgical emergency that results from the prepuce (foreskin) being stuck at the corona glandis (rim of the glans). The patient is unable to roll the skin back normally. This condition usually occurs in individuals who have a tight prepuce. The trigger could be forceful prolonged duration masturbation or it could be intercourse in a dry vagina. When this occurs there is usually pain and swelling that results from blockade of lymphatics in that area. As time progresses the swelling becomes worse and chances of the paraphimosis reducing on its own become negligible.

Treatment usually involves steps which involve reduction of the edema around the glans. The roll back is usually done by letting out the edema fluid and decompressing under local anesthetic spray/jelly control. The pain relief is immediately visible and the patient is relieved of immense discomfort.

Recurrent attacks of paraphimosis basically means that the prepuce is too tight to be treated conservatively. This would involve a circumcision procedure. At Metro Male clinic, circumcision is done with the Auriga German laser, thereby reducing pain and edema which usually follows this procedure. It is done as day care and recuperation is very quick.

Paraphimosis - Phimosis - Treatment in Chennai

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