General Sexual Health ProblemsNight Fall or Wet Dreams in Men

What is nightfall? (Nightfall meaning)

Involuntary release of semen during sleep (nocturnal emission of semen) is called nightfall. Nightfall is also called wet dreams as the involuntary ejaculation most often happens when the person is dreaming. Nightfall is very common during puberty while the reproductive organs are developing and there is a huge spike in testosterone in a boy’s body. This can continue till his 20s and occasionally can be seen even in middle aged men depending on their lifestyle and sexual activity.

What causes nightfall?

  1. Puberty – this is when wet dreams start. This is the time when the body produces a lot of testosterone that aids in growth and development of genital organs. Also, this is when boys start masturbating or look for sexual partners.
  2. Abstinence from sex – Staying away from masturbation and sex can lead to night fall. This can happen even twice in a week depending on how active the reproductive system is. 
  3. Addiction to porn – Watching porn or explicit content regularly can boost the production of testosterone (though briefly) leading to nightfall1
  4. Improper ejaculation during sexual activity or masturbation can release some semen during sleep.
  5. Weakness in muscles of the reproductive system can fail to hold back the semen leading to semen leakage during sleep.
  6. Problems with the prostate gland can also lead to the inability to hold leakage of semen.
  7. Consumption of testosterone boosting supplements for any reason can cause nightfall.
  8. Stress, anxiety and lack of physical activity are other causes of nightfall.
Night Fall or Wet Dreams in Men

Is nightfall bad?

Absolutely no. Nightfall indicates an active reproductive system at work. Typically nightfall occurs during puberty or when you are not having regular sex or go no fap. But, if you are having sex regularly or ejaculating regularly and still seeing nightfall, this can indicate a problem with the muscles in the reproductive system or the prostate or it can also be due to any supplements or medicines you might be taking during that time.  You need to see a good sexologist in the latter case. 

How to stop nightfall?

A very common question that I hear is “how to stop nightfall?” says Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, Chennai’s most popular sexologist and andrologist. He says “Nightfall isn’t bad at all. It’s actually good. If you are having nightfall, you can try having sex, if you have a partner or you can masturbate. That should help.”. He adds “If you have nightfall despite having sex or masturbating, that’s when you should see me or a good sexologist near you for evaluation”. 

In short, you don’t need to be worried much about nightfall except when it is happening every other day even after masturbation or sex.

Nightfall treatment

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Healthy food habits that include lean meat, veggies and fruits.
  3. Meditation
  4. Stop watching porn if you are addicted. This can take a toll on your relationship too. Read more on ‘porn addiction’.
  5. If you have a problem with your prostate, you will be evaluated and appropriate treatment will be provided. Typical prostate problems include infection and inflammation.
  6. Problem with muscles around your reproductive system. Your sexologist can suggest some exercises and put you onto medication or therapies to make them stronger.
  7. If you are having supplements to boost muscle building and having nightfall, you should be alright once you stop that.
  8. Stress and anxiety will need therapy and you too need to work alongside to overcome the root cause of the issue


  1. I am 50 years old, I have night fall twice In a month, though I am trying to abstain from sex, I want to practice for celibacy.

    And I am worried, my physical growth may disturb.

    Kindly guide what to do

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