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Negative effects of prone masturbation and how to overcome it


  • Lying on your chest/stomach, applying intense pressure on your penis and genitals to masturbate is called ‘Prone Masturbation’.
  • When you get used to prone masturbation, your body stops responding to lighter stimulus by you or your partner resulting in ejaculatory problems and erection problems.
  • You need to have will power to stop prone masturbation and you must follow the guidance of your sexologist to return to normal if you are addicted to prone masturbation.

What is Prone Masturbation?

When a man lies down on his chest/stomach and masturbates, the position and act is called ‘Prone Masturbation’. The person usually applies pressure on his erect penis by pushing himself (his hip) towards the bed, pillow or the floor. Some may even thrust their hip into their hands by putting them around his penis.

This puts more pressure in the area than usual masturbation and men find more pleasure masturbating this way. While this may sound exciting, hold on your horses for a minute and read further. Continuous prone masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction (which we will see in this article) and other orgasm related complications. Such a condition is called ‘Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome’.


Why is prone masturbation bad?

When you lie face down and put pressure on your genitals with your hip pressing downwards and hands pressing upwards, there is a lot of pressure that is felt in that area. As you get used to get this kind of pressure to ejaculate, your body will ejaculate only when such pressure is laid next time when you masturbate.

However, when having actual sex or masturbating in other positions, the pressure that is put on the genitals will be way less than that when performing prone masturbation. As a result, you may not reach orgasm and/or you may not ejaculate. In order to ejaculate, you may have to perform your sexual act way longer than usual, which can cause ‘delayed ejaculation’. Also, in order to stimulate and get an erection, you may have to apply a lot of pressure which can cause erectile dysfunction.

In short, prone masturbation can cause ejaculatory problems such as anejaculation, anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction.

Next comes the psychological impact. When you have difficulty getting an erection or ejaculating, your mind feels stress and anxiety. You will start doubting yourself if you can ever get an erection and have sex with your partner. This in-turn adds up to erectile dysfunction problem, making it worse.


How will you know if prone masturbation is having a negative impact on you?

  1. If you are not able to reach orgasm when masturbating in a different position or having sex with your partner. However you try by yourself or with your partner, if you are not able to ejaculate and/or reach orgasm, you must understand that prone masturbation has taken you over.
  2. If you start disliking having actual sex or don’t want to masturbate in any other position other than prone, you must understand that your body and mind got habituated to that intense pressure.
  3. If you are not able to get or maintain an erection – With normal stimulation by yourself or your toys or by your partner is not enough to make your penis erect or if you are not able to maintain that erection, realize that you are already in the middle of the problem.

What is the solution for prone masturbation?

You are the solution for prone masturbation and your sexologist should be your teacher/guru who can help you get out of the situation. Here are few things you can do to get out of prone masturbation:

  1. Stop masturbating completely. When you stop masturbating totally, after few days or weeks, you will start having erections even with lighter stimulation. Then you can try masturbating in normal position. Repeat the process. When you give good amount of gap, say a month, your body will start responding to mild sensations in your genitals. When you continue that routine, you can easily come out of the habit of prone masturbation.
  2. Reduce the frequency of masturbation – Similar to the above mentioned method, you can give long pause between masturbations. This can erase all the negative impacts of frequent and high pressured masturbations that you had been doing previously.
  3. Masturbate in different positions – When you are masturbating after giving a gap, try different positions such as standing, sleeping on your back etc, so that your body will start responding to the stimulus in different positions. As a result, when you have real sex with your partner, you will start enjoying every position.

On the whole, is masturbation a good or bad habit?

As per modern science, masturbation is a healthy habit. There is no upper limit on the number of times you ejaculate in a day; either through masturbation or sex. However, there are other branches of science such as ayurveda, siddha, unani, Taoism etc who advise otherwise. Those sciences don’t advise men to masturbate and have their reasons for suggesting so.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what to do and what not to do. If you decide to pleasure your mind and body with masturbation, just go ahead! Just make sure that you don’t hurt yourself in the process.


  1. Hi sir, i am 19 year old male virgin,I found in mirror that my penis glans/head is pointing downwards , it is like bend,but the penis body is straight when erect. I do have a history of prone masturbation for more than 6 years.But i don’t have problem urinating and I can get erections, masturbate with hands normally.But in prone I’ll finish in 1-2 mins, I remember my penis is not erect while doing so.Now I stopped prone position.
    Is this bend due to prone position or is it normal bend?
    Do I have to consult a doctor?
    Please help me sir.

          • Sir,,.I am also also doing prone masturbation.
            And i want to change that habit..But my size is shorter,so can i continue with hands?? please tell me sir!??

          • Dr I am facing with weakness due to massive amount of masterbation can you comment on this

          • Hi Sir I Mastrebuted regularly at the age of 14 now I am18 and found that I am net feeling ability to sex although I dont want to mastribute and eventhough I mastribute 1 time it eelslike 100 times what is the solution Can I marry someoneafter leaving masterbution for 4 years please guide me

          • Eat good food. Masturbate once in 3 days and see if that helps.
            your body needs time to produce all semen related material. Try this for a couple of months and see if you still have problem, see me or any good andrologist near you.

          • Hello doctor,

            I am a 21-year-old male with a height of 5 feet 11 inches and a weight of 55kgs. I have masturbated daily since I was a teenager. I lie on my stomach in the bed and move both my legs sideways to create friction between my penis and the bed. I got to increase height by spreading the legs horizontally and I got loose the back from 5years and it’s been very tough for me to sit,stand and walk.Could u please tell me what’s the solution.Its becoming very tough for me day by day.

        • Sir, I am addicted of prone masterbation. As I gets ejaculation too fast from someday in during prone masterbation.. and I tried other method from hand I got ejaculation but I didn’t got it is fast ejaculation or Nirmal but takes more time then prone.. as I masterbated 2-6 times daily and my penis is not getting tight as it was before and I have weakness in my body too…does it is a effect or body weakness or I need a doctor. I am 21 year old Virgin boy..

        • Sir I am 20 years old boy I am facing Erectile dysfunction and low amount of sperm after ejaculation what to do for this

        • Sir I have stopped probe masturbating since October last year I started it when I was 12 year old I’m 24 now can I have normal sex if there is any nerve damage? Awaiting your opinion respected sir

      • Doctor i am 15 and masturbating for 1 year .I want to quit but can’t .my top score is 2 months n allot masturbating which then I was in a relationship.i am worried that in future will I get a good baby?can you answer pls.

        • You are 15 and worried about getting a baby somewhere in the future?
          Your first focus should be on your education and career until you settle down in your life. Don’t worry, you are perfectly healthy.
          Focus on what is important at this stage.

          • dear sir i am mastaburating since 7 years .now i have backach and pain in knees , my legs hurts when it is open to air(fan).
            1)is it dangerous?
            2)how to reduce all backach?
            3) will it cause in inflammation in old age?
            4) how to get permanent relif from leg and back pain caused due to over mastaburation (since 7 years)
            5) any medicine?

    • Sir does prone masturbation cause damage in prostate or seminal vessels though I am not having any problem and I am also not having ed and I am doing the hand practice but still sir can u plzz tell that this type of masturbation damages the seminal vessels or not but I am going to have sex with my partner and i am little nervous btw but fan of u sir

    • I mastubrated 5 times a day at some point i lost my intrest on girls and i also lost intrest on evwrything even though i study well in the subjects
      Pls help me

  2. Sir i can ejaculate by doing normal handjob bor doing sex with my partner I can’t reach orgasm but in prone I can do it in 1 min please helped me out of this habitat

      • Hi sir,

        I used to do prone masturbation but not with an erect penis, instead with a normal penis. Post that I hasd sex with a fee women, but didnt feel anything. Now facing issues in erection and when i try hand masturvation i just dont get aroused. What to do?

      • Sir I did hard pron mastrubation one day and it has many days I’m not getting erection and having pain in pelvic area but when i mastrubate my penis does become harder but not getting erection as i used to. I’m only 18 years old please help.

    • Sir,I m doing prone masturbation for around 12 yrs recently I found that ihad difficulty in erection and maintaining erection when I meet my partner. Now I’m not masturbating from 10days even though Im not getting good erection how many days required for this. Or I should go for any other options. Please let me know

  3. sir i have stopped prone mastrubation for about 4 months i am getting better errections when i do normally i am getting sensations but not able to get orgasm (age 19) will i be able to have a good sex life after 5 years quitting mastrubation completely and concentration on studies , still now i am not able to get orgasm but my errections r very strong will it improve

  4. I am doing the prone masturbation at the of 12 . When I try for the hand masturbation I am not able to do it.after few days later I try for hand masturbation this time finally I do it the hand masturbation now I am able to maintain a good erection. Yet now there is any chance to I have a erectile dysfunction. Just feel like depression. Always think like what will happen if we get the problem of ED. Yet any chance of ED in future for me. Please help me sir

  5. since chilhood ,I use prone method for mastrubation .I dont dont have ejacualtion during normal mastrubation . I am 22 now ,how can i overcome with it ? Is there any possiblity of getting normal ?

  6. Hello sir ..Sir I have been masturbating prone since last 10 years and recently I have stopped masturbating and I have not had any side effects in my erectile ejaculation and penile sensivity So can I feel fit and I can do prone maturbate twice a week?

      • Hello sir i am musturbating since i am 13 now I am 23 , i use to musturbating in different positions, now i am suffering from Hard flaccid, i went to lots of urologist all of them told me it’s normal, meansmwhile everything is normal in x ray and in ultrasound, but I still have pain little and always in semi erect penis, cold glans, numb penis, and urine leaked

  7. Sir! I’m 20yrs and I have been practicing prone masturbation for more than 6 years. And my penis is pointing downwards and bend when I get erection and also it takes long time to masturbate with hands, I need to apply more pressure to get ejaculated.

    To overcome this, If I stop masturbation for some months and then start with normal masturbation, Will I overcome and have a good erection And Is this enough to overcome??
    Will I surely overcome and have a good sex life??

  8. Sir I am 25 years old…I have been doing prone masturbation for nearly 13 years..Recently in June I saw your video and stopped it…After stopping masturbation for 1 month..I was able to do conventional masturbation..currently for past 2 weeks I’m able to do conventional method at ease…the strength of erections seems to be reduced from what I remember in teenage..Penile erect size too appears to have slightly reduced by 2 cm or so…will I get my erectile strength back sir?
    Also sir while on no masturbation, I feel urge and leads to blue ball syndrome..is it normal sir?
    Kindly reply

  9. Sir I have been doing prone masturbation for 4years I was not aware of the side effects .Now it is been one week I stopped masturbating now should I stop masturbating for 1 month like this or for a year ?I have tried normal masturbation one or two times I feel it is weird and unable to do

  10. I have been doing prone masturbation daily since more than 12 years now. Recently I have noticed that I am not able to maintain a proper erection while masturbating. What should I do? Is it temporary?

  11. Sir I’m 25 ..I have done prone masturbation for 13 years…I have stopped it 3 months back and can masturbate conventionally for past 1 month…The erection seems to be not that strong and penile rigidity is not that firm…will I get back to normal sir?…Kindly reply sir…

  12. Sir I am 19 yes old boy I just masterbation for 1 year daily now I have stoped it in YouTube vedio they said if sperms drop down in water the sperms is more.but my sperm is slight floating on water sir what do I do sir.

  13. Ever since I hit puberty I have been following the prone masturbation. I’m 27 today and I still follow it. Concern is that now I am facing issues. I don’t get proper erections while with a partner. And when I do get a hard on( like a real gigantic one) and as soon as I try to wear a condom it fades away. What should I do?

  14. sir i have seen your video on youtube about prone masturbation and ED …i am not married yet..i am 25 years old …i am doing prone masturbation since last 12 years .4 days ago quit that .i dont have morning erection in penis..when i woke up at 4 a.m i had a erection after drinking water i went to sleep ..but when i woke up again 7 am .i was not having erection .. is it ED please answer sir i am really worried 😔

    • Erectile Dysfunction due to prone masturbation is possible. The reason is, your penis needs a lot of stimulation to get erect.
      A habit for 12 years can’t be resolved in few days or weeks, right? Have patience, give few weeks time, you will start having erections.

      • Hello sir im only 21. Please please help. I had a habbit of masturbating almost twice a day everyday since 2017. And started facing errection issues in 2019. But sir i have this in memory that before my problem started. I had this habbit of sleeping on my stomach and keeping my penis parallel to my thigh. My friends in hostel told me i would press my hips against the bed in sleep and masturbated in sleep .Now sir i haave errection only on sitting or lying down sideways and none on standing. If i stand with errection gained on lying or sitting it disappears. I also have to push urine out and face some issues holding it. I saw an uro in delhi who on physical examination said external genetelia was normal. Sir please help

  15. Sir, I have been doing prone masturbation for 7 years now I m 19 . Today I decided to quit it. Will it cause any damage as it is a long gap.

  16. Sir 32 yes old. I am doing prone mastrubation for more than 10 years, and used to mastrubate in hand also..I stopped both the practice before 3 months…l tried with hand ….I am not able get erection….my genitals also looks weak..will it be permanent….
    Please address me in this concerns sir…

  17. Hi doctor

    I am doing prone maturbation when I was 12 and did it till last December 2019 and now I am 30 year old feel very week and I stopped maturbation completely alot of issues I am facing
    Bend – toward left
    Orgain – my panis and testis look small and week (all vines are visible)
    Body weekness
    Low libido
    I trid to have sex but didn’t get errection
    Not getting feeling for having sex
    The girls touch and kiss should give pleasure and errection which is missing.

    How to cure this issue

    • Mr abc, are you having stress of any kind? At home or work or finance related?
      If yes, you need to sort that out first. And then, you should also stop worrying about the erection problem. Stress can cause a lot of problems as I tell in my blogs and videos. You should get that addressed first.
      If you still continue to have erection problems, please see me or a good sexologist near you.

  18. Sir I am 18 years old and I am doing prone mastrubation daily for 5 years. I use a pillow or a bed to apply pressure and mastrubate. In the past I used to do 3 times a day but now I have reduced to 1. I realised I have to apply more pressure for a long time to ejaculate. And also my penis feels less sensitive. Now my penis is bent towards the left and I am unable to get good satisfaction. When erected it stays at a 80 degree angle to the left. I tried to use my hand but I fail everytime. I cannot urinate easily during erections and have to wait for a minute or so. My sperms also look less and I get some sharp pain rarely near anus. It resides after 2-3 hours. I also get a sharp pain at the end of my spine but its very very rare and lasts for 5 seconds. If I stop mastrubation completely, is it enough to overcome the side effects or should I seek urgent medical attention? If so, what are the problems that I am facing besides ED? Please help me.

    • You are thinking too much. Penis curvature is common, you should worry only if you are not able to have sex.
      When the penis is erect, it will take time to urinate. Problem is with your thoughts, relax, stop prone, you will be alright.

  19. Hello. I’m an 18 y/o virgin boy. I’ve been masturbating for couple of years but my method is a bit different. I think its kind of similar to prone masturbation but I’m not sure. I lay on the bed facing up and start touching and my penis from outside my pants. My problem is that i can ejaculate only through this method and not through Normal masturbation. I’m afraid this might be a problem in future sexual life of mine. Can you please tell whether i should consider it similar to prone masturbation and start the outcome methods you suggested in this blog so that I’ll be able to start ejaculating and get orgasm through Normal masturbation?

    • Irrespective of whether you are going prone exactly or not, if you are not able to ejaculate in any other position might cause a problem.
      Take a break, say good 2 weeks, from masturbation. Try in other position. If not, please see a doctor.

  20. Hi I got question
    I use to masterbate prone position as a kid like 9-13. I’ve stopped all that years ago but I feel I may have done permanent damage but I’ve had a camera put up urethra by the urologist at age 20 and they found nothing. My erection is downward to the left. Granted I also have a botched circumcision .
    It’s also easy to lose erection when I stand on my feet
    Thank you

  21. Hello Sir,

    I used to masturbate 2 to 3 times a week. Last month Nov 21st i got lower back pain after masturbation. So i stopped masturbation but still i have lower back pain and last two to three days i am having night fall. Is it normal and do i need to do anything else. Please advise. Thanks in advance!!

    • Here is what I can quickly think.
      Your masturbation and back pain may not be related. Since you stopped masturbation, you can expect night fall or semen leakage in sleep.

      If the backpain persists, please see a general physician or a physiotherapist near you.

  22. Hello Dr., I’ve been doing prone since childhood and I’ve only recently discovered that it is bad so I tried the normal way of doing it right away yet am unable to reach orgasm. I think prone masturbation has desensitized me, is this a normal phase in the recovery process? What should I do?

  23. Sir,
    I had been prone masturbating during the age 12-17, now I’m 22. But since then even though I have stopped doing it since years I have a very frequent urge to urinate. I remember that before doing it prone my urine frequency was normal but now it has increased significantly. Does prone masturbation lead to damage to the sphincter muscle or any other damage which could lead to frequent urination. Please advise on any remedies for this.

  24. Sir , i am going through erectile dysfunction. And i have stopped masterbation and porn completely since one month. How many more days do i need to wait to see significant results? And also is semen retention bad and cause prostate cancer or any other disease?

  25. Dear Sir,
    I have quit prone masturbation since the last 4-5 years but I feel the urge to urinate in my penis shaft instead of the bladder. The frequency is also more than normal. Is it normal to feel urine pressure in the shaft everytime?

  26. Can prone masturbation lead to prostatitis or urethral damage or any other damage in that area. And can the urethral damage be treated?
    Thank You

  27. Hi sir..because of prone masturbution my penis was in curve position.if I avoid porne masturbution pennis look straight sir?

  28. Sir, after ejaculation my penis gets normal. But when it gets erected again , I have mild pain. The pain mostly goes away after few hours. Is it normal Sir? Do I have any problem?

  29. hi sir,
    I used to prone masturbate for around 5 years in my early and late teenage. I wanted to ask whether this could cause any damage to the nerves or the muscles around the bladder or penis. Thank you.

  30. Sir i have trying prone masturbation from last 10 yrs but i was unaware of there side effect and i get ejaculated within a minute jn this but when I tried this with my partner on bed then I can’t control my erection even in the foreplay. And I am trying to avoid it completely and I stopped prone masturbation as well but I am not getting normal ejaculation. I can’t control myself longer in bed please help me out sir.

  31. Sir, I got very addicted to prone position and have done it for a long time. I began a new relationship 4 months ago and begun having sex with my partner and I’ve had trouble finishing and its been a psychological thing too I think. I quit prone completely about 3 weeks ago, am I on the right track to return to “normal” soon? Any advice would help thank you.

  32. Sir,

    Is it normal to feel urine pressure in the penis shaft instead of the bladder/lower abdomen. I used to prone masturbate 4-5 years ago. Pls help

  33. Sir,
    I am 21 years old. I used to prone masturbate 4-5 years ago and have stopped since then. I have been facing frequent urination issue since then and recently I visited an urologist who said that there is an inflammation in my prostate. Is all this related and can it be cured ?

    • Not necessarily. Prone masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction as your penis gets used to a ton of stimulation to get erect.
      I don’t see any prostate related issue caused by prone masturbation. Continue seeing your doctor, it can be a different issue.

      • Hello sir I am 17 years old and been from 1 week i am not getting erection my penis is not getting hard even when I see women or even imagine her same as like used to get one week a go earlier one week i was been doing project masterbation from more than 5 to 6 years but nowadays my penis not getting hard as earlier i am just getting mornings erections or my dick is getting erect too slowly plzz help me with this

    • UTI need not always be the cause of frequent urination. There may be problem with prostate too.
      Most often the problem is treatable. Please see a good sexologist near you or if you are in Chennai, please see any of our good sexologists.

  34. Hello sir , my penis is so disgracing and likely I do have Erectile dysfunction , when i sleep at night in the morning I would see my penis erected before it would be flaccid it would take like 30min and the veins is not holding the penis strong like it’s slagh . The most disgracing thing is that sir even when I wear a trouser you would see the penis like it swells out side the trouser becoming long and not erected sir is there any cure. It’s on prone mastubation sir

  35. Sir,
    I’m having prostatitis and hence the doctor has prescribed enzoflam and norflox 400. Frequent urge to urinate but little coming out and some pain behind the rectum are my symptoms. How long do you think it’ll take to become normal.
    Thank You.

  36. Sir I’m 30 years old and have been doing Prone Masturbation for more than 15 years now.
    I can do normal masturbation and sex as well but with a lot of difficulty.
    Lately I have a lot of difficulty in getting erection it seems like the sensitivity is lost.
    Please let me know what should be done. Thanks.

  37. Sir I’ve been doing prone Masturbation since more than 15 years. I need ask do kegel exercises help in reversing the effects of Prone Masturbation?

  38. Good morning sir, my penis nerve are weak damaged and my penis bulges out in every trouser i wore very disgraceful sir, is there any supplement to use in rejuvenating the nerves damage. Should i used the supplement call MALE SUPPORT FORMULA it’s planet ayurveda

  39. Hi sir, is there a way to fix my penis nerves and i have erectile dysfunction, the problem is that if i always sleep at night there is a unwanted erectile and it never disappear until i wake up. And here sir in my area we don’t have sexualogies but we have urologist.

  40. Sir, I’ve had history of prone masturbation for 1 year. And now my penis is bent towards left. Even when flaccid and erect state. That bend was not there earlier. Sir how can I straighten my penis. Please help sir. My life has became hell since then.

    • How much is your penis bent? Are you able to perform sexual intercourse, if yes, then don’t worry.
      If your penis is bent too much and it is not letting your have sex, then it should be considered as a problem.
      Little bit of curvature is very common.

  41. Hello,

    I have quit prone masturbation since 4-5 years but still even after so many years I am experiencing frequent urge to urinate but quantity less, sometimes foul smell in urine and sometimes pain below the scrotum. These started after prone masturbation but still haven’t improved after so many years. What could be the reason. Thank you

  42. Sir in my case penis bends towards left in erect as well as in flaccid state. And the girth of bottom of penis is smaller as compared to upper shaft. I’ve did prone masturbation for 1 year and quit 2 years ago. How can I improve the penis strength and straightness. I’m very much afraid that the bend might get increase in future.

  43. Sir can you recommend me a medicine that cures erectile dysfunction and nerve damage penis i have been encountering these problem for 2 years, my penis bulges out always if i wore a trouser help please sir

  44. My penis shape changes to hourglass shape when bathing and in flaccid state only. When erected the shape is normal. I’ve had history of prone masturbation. Can you please tell why this shape changes when penis is flaccid?

  45. Sir Trinamool 27 now doing prone mastrubation from 14yrs now I am not getting normal erection with pressure only I am getting erection will it be reversible

      • Sir ennoda age 21 2 years ah daily porn paathite prone masterbutation pannen apram nan pannitu irukum pothe sariya erect aagama seconds la sperms veliya vara start aachu apram complete ah one week erection ye illa ma shrink aagi irunthuchu after 10 days konjam erection vanthuchu apram nan hand la try panna paathen erection strong ah illa apram enaku erection um varala sex pathi thoughts um varala nearly a month apram oru naal thought vanthuchu enaku erect aagala apdium try pannen nxt oru 10 days sex thoughts varala nxt one month kitta masterburation pannala ipa enaku thoughts varuthu erection konjam aaguthu ahna penis inners touch la iruntha than erect aaguthu inners illa ma erect aagala sir but enkau morningwood noramal ah iruku epdi sir ithula irunthu overcome panrathu ???

  46. Hello Dr, I have been doing prone masturbation from last one year, I have stopped it after knowing about its negative effects,… I’m able to masturbate with hands but my penis is erect but its head is soft….what should I do?

  47. Hey, I’ve done prone masturbation for many years now and when normally masturbation, it doesn’t feel good at all I get no sensation from it and I can only finish when in the prone position. I’ve stopped masturbation in the prone positions for 3 weeks and than I tried again to masturbate normally and the same thing happened. I’ve fallen back into the habit now and I find it really hard to get out. I can always maintain an erection but I am worried if I ever have sex than I will not feel it nor ejaculate. Do you have any tips to stop masturbation? If the same thing happens again, what should I do.

  48. I used to masturbate prone in my teenage, now I’m 23. Recently I’ve discovered that I have prostatitis after visiting a doctor. Frequent urination, night urination and foul smell are a result of the above issues. Are they because of prone masturbation and can they be fixed . Thank You

  49. Hi sir i stop masturbation but now what i encounter is wet dreams sir, their is an unwanted erection when i sleep it’s not going away and also likely i have Erectile dysfunction

  50. I have done prone masturbation for many years. Now I am now 16 years old. About 2 months ago I came to know about the side effects of prone masturbation. Then I stopped masturbation for a few weeks and tried a new method of masturbation. It produces erection when it gets stimulation. But ejaculation is not happening. How long will it take for me to masturbate normally??

  51. Sir i am doing prone masturbation from childhood i am 24 now.i have learn about ill effect of prone 3 month after try to do normal masturbation i am doing normal masturbation and no prone for 40 days and after that stopped masturbation and due to which i again done prone masturbation for 2 days .so does it means if i stop masturbation then again will come back to prone .or is this normal or in sometime i will be alright. Aa i have been able to masturbate while standing after 1 month and for 1 month regularly.when i can recover from it completelt and also after prone i feel very weak which is not in case of conventional masturbation.

  52. For 1.5 month i masturbated normaly but after that i masturbate some time so i along run i do someday prone .as i have done prone for 10 year .is it normal to do prone someday .or this frequency will decrease in some time.

  53. I am. Suffering from prone masterbation from last 10 year and now I am not able to sex with partner my penis get errect for sometime but afterwards it’s gets normal without giving me pleasure

  54. Hello Dr, I’m 28 and I have done prone masturbation twice a day since I was 11. I recently lost my virginity and my penis feels so numb during sex. I have Loss of sensitivity and I start losing my erection because I can’t feel much during sex to enjoy it. I can’t cum from it. I recently found out how bad prone masturbation is I quit and It’s been 4 months of no prone masturbation I masturbate normally now. But my penis still feels numb during real sex

  55. Dr. I’m 28 and had sex for the first time and i didn’t feel like anything. My penis felt numb and I think it’s because I’ve had a bad habit of prone masturbation for 18 years. I can’t keep an erection long during intercourse/sex because I can’t feel much sensitivity and can’t cum from sex. I am on 4 months of no prone masturbation. I started masturbating the normal way. Will I get my sensitivity back enough to enjoy sex and please my partner? I would really appreciate your opinion thanks.

      • Thank you so much Dr. I really appreciate you taking your time responding to me. You give me a lot of hope. I gave up prone 4 months ago. Last week I had sex and saw very little improvement with intercourse. I have increased sensitivity from normal masturbation now. But with sex it’s still not feeling good to me. I lose my erection after a couple minutes or from changing positions because I start thinking too much about this when I’m having intercourse. I’ll be in my head wondering why I can’t feel good and I start thinking I’m not gonna cum while I’m having sex this is causing me to lose my erection too soon and my partner is not satisfied. Thanks for giving me hope it means alot.

  56. Sir,

    I have stopped prone masturbation since the last 4-5 years but before that i used to do regularly. But ever since then i experience increased urine frequency and always a peeing pressure in the penis shaft even after peeing.
    Is this because of prone masturbation or is there any other cause for this problem.

  57. It was about 3 months ago that I came to know about the ill effects of prone masturbation….I stopped doing prone masturbation for months….but about a month ago I lost my self control and got back into the habit of prone masturbation….how can I recover from this? I need to recover….i am now trying to quit prone masturbation again…How long it take to recover?… Im now 17 years old…. Is it possible to do normal masturbation??


  59. Does prone Masturbation cause penis to bend? I have bent penise, I had habbit of prone masturbation and I quit it 2 years ago. My penis bent to left side like C shaped. The bend is there in both flaccid and erect state. Will the bend increase If I do sex? Please explain Sir. I’m soo afraid.

  60. sir i am doing porn mastrubation from three years and i have more veins in penis and i am getting some pain in left hand side above the heart and how can come out of this and i am getting pain in veins on penis what can i do to come out of it and veins on penis is good or bad.

  61. Sir I am. Doing prone musterbation near about 8 Years sir today I am facing some problem. Nearly about 8 months. My penis not erect fully in morning time and I am doing to hand musterbe this time penis is erected

  62. Sir I am doing prone musterbation 8 years . I am facing some problems near about 9 months my penis is not erect automatically and it is erect using hand and I am not touch by hand to the penis to reduce the erection.plz reply me sir.
    …it is possible venogenic ed or not

  63. Hi Doctor, I used to masturbate for past 11 years on hand and now my penis is get small size, not ercting as much as before. Before I will masturbate three times per day and I stopped now due to my condition. I am unable to have sex that much it getting soon and if my partner provide mouthing only it gets little hard otherwise is in so week. Please advise me to cure normal to have sex and without hard penis we can’t have sex that much.

  64. Hi Karthik Sir,

    You’re my Savior. Please reply to this question. I have did porne masturbation once or twice a day. My penis is not erecting now when I try to do normal masturbation now. What can I do for that. Can I stop Masturbation for few days and check?? Please reply sir. Wanna Consult with you.

  65. Hi doctor,
    Iam doing prone masturbation for about since from age of 6
    But from the age of 17 I quitted mastrubation completely but 2 months ago I done prone again and then I realised it is harmful so after a week I done normal method & i had good erection( I think so) and for past 2 months Iam doing hand methods but sometimes I ejaculate less. I can now ejaculate using hand method but I am confused that does my semen volume is low during ejaculation due to prone I done before..
    I have to quit ‘mastrubation’ from my life completely and only like to have sex with my partner in future(since mastrubation is killing many of my times). For that how much should I practice hand method to become normal? Do Iam normal now??
    Will I have any erectile dysfunction in future??
    Iam now 20 yrs old

      • Hi doctor
        Now I realised that When I mastrubate using hand method I ejaculate within a minute
        Does it mean I have premature ejaculation sir,
        Will I have a good sexual life in future, What should I do now, Now I am preparing for medical entrance exam bt I can’t concentrate on my studies due to this tension,
        Doctor please reply and give me a suggestion
        I don’t know what to do 🥺

          • A lot thankyou for ur reply, it gives me a confidence

            Sir after when I stop prone
            Some days I have repeatedly done hand masturbation (more than twice)
            If I completely stop masturbation for next 1 year and done some kegel exercise ,& controlling masturbation frequency
            Will I be able to recover from this
            Plss reply sirr!! 🥺

  66. I am 17 years old and I am having erection but I can’t ejuclate whenever I try to ejuclate the erection gone It happens from the day i masturbated in 2nd round last time and in 2nd round i was not able to ejuclate

  67. Sir…I do prone masturation since at the age of 7…Now I am 17 years old…I came to know about the negative effects of prone masturbation a few months ago…Now I quit prone masturbation…but….I have a doubt…When i was 16, I used to do prone masturbation at night….after masturbation I would sleep…but after some time my penis would become erect and pain in the penis…for some time there would be this pain….I would wash the penis with cold water.And then the pain will relieved… can you tell me what is the reason for this pain…. now the pain does not come much… but even after masturbating twice in a day, or after one masturbation, oenis is erect again and there is pain… can you tell me something about this… please reply
    Also…. I used to do prone masturation since my childhood… So how long it will take to cure…

  68. sir. I have been watching porn videos for the past two days and had a tendency to masturbate. I watched porn and started masturbating in prone method. But after 1 min I switched that position and started masturbating with my hand. After sometimes finally I ejaculated. It took about 5-10min to ejaculate. Past 2 days I did it with my hand and ejaculated. Is this any progress?? I still haven’t stopped the prone masturbation method completely. I think I can continue no fap. I think I haven’t fully recovered from the prone method yet. I also need your advice. Please reply sir.I need your advice…

    • I have been doing prone masterbation for years. But one week before I did hard prone mastrubation and from that day my penis is not getting hard by itself . I had pain in my lower stomach near penis due to this, I think I damaged my nerves and not even getting morning erection too . But I’m able to mastrubate by hand and it pains my stomach area. Is this the case of ed . I’m only 18 years old please help sir

  69. Hello Sir,
    I was totally addicted with prone mastrubation since 16 months and now I am having issues of ED and cannot erect in the morning.
    Is it permanent damage? Can I cure and become a normal ?
    I am so worried
    Help me

  70. Why does penis skin gets irritating if I masturbate more than once in a single day? I rarely do it but if it’s more than once in a day exterior skin gets irritated and feeling skin burning sensation. If I don’t masturbate at all, it’s great it doesn’t expose by itself. What can be the causes?

  71. Sir I am doing prone from past 18yrs and I didn’t do any penetrative sex till date my age is 28 and I tried once and my erections not lasting more than a mintute is this a prblm sir or shall I try by giving break when I give break more than a week I will get normal erections but while trying to do sex feeling some anxiety

  72. I have recovered from prone masturbation…I am now masturbating in normal method…my problem is this…after masturbating once and then when the penis is erect I feel pain in the penis…pain occurs when I masturbate for the second time in a day. … Is this something wrong?? plz reply doctor…

  73. Doctor, I am 18 years old and I did prone masturbation for around 5.5 years and everything was normal, but since a week I am not getting a full erection while masturbating. Please assure me that if I completely stop masturbating for a month then everything will be fine. Is this a big and permanent issue? Please tell me some other natural treatments of this without visiting a doctor.

  74. Dear sir,
    Is it possible to get normal sensation back from harmful effects of prone masturbation practiced for long time.

    Kindly reply.

  75. Good day sir. My penis is bent slightly to the right though I don’t feel any pain and still have sex normally. I have a curved upward penis. I mastubate an average five times a week or a bit more. I noticed recently that I feel less sensation when I climax during mastubation but I get all the sensation during normal sex with a female. So I don’t know what could be the issue. Pls wat do you think?

  76. Hi Doctor,

    I have been prone masturbating for more than 6 years now. My age is 31. I’m not able to sustain an erection. Also, I’m able to get a strong erection only when i see porn. Recently, for the past couple of months, I’ve been having tingling sensation and pins and needles in my left leg. Im also having frequent foot pain. I’m getting scared if this is a nervous issue due to my prone masturbation. What should I do?

  77. Hello Doctor,
    I have been doing prone masturbation since I was 18, although i stop from time to time but recently I tried having sex with my girlfriend and realised that I was not getting as hard as I used to get and I couldnt sustain an erection strong enough for sex. i have neuorpathy on both hands and legs, please help me.
    I intend to get married next year February and I am scared that I might not be able to satisfy her.
    My dick has now grown so small and lethargic.
    Please help

  78. sir im 24 years old virgin when i do prone maturbation i see some blood in my semen but when i do normal maturbation there is no blood and semen looks fine should i be worried please tell me and i have this problem since when i was 15 16 years old, im too shy to talk to about this in personal im looking forward for your reply sir.

      • I went to a doctor he told me to do semen analysis test i did and when i was giving my sample i had to do masturbation standing up it took me around 2 to 3 min to ejeculate the semen before doing do i also collected urine test as they doctor also told me to do so but as i said i was standing when i did the test for semen so the semen was normal and the report showed no signs of rbc count and my sperms count was normal according to the doctor and the lab but i have this blood issue only in prone masturbation its just 1 drop or 2 mix with the semen and it looks fresh colored bright red , i told this to my doctor but haven’t told him about this prone masturbation he told me if i was married or something i told him no and then he suggested these tests

      • also when i tried to regular masturbate i wasnt nuttin as quick as prone hand takes like a hour i havent did hand in a long time i tried to 2 days ago but 30 mins had passed nd i just gave up

  79. Sir, I am actually a woman and have been doing the female equivalent of prone masturabation since I was very young. I cannot finish from sex with partner or with my hands or any normal method. This has caused me to become desensitised and I cannot finish in any other position than prone and humping. how to fix. pls advise

    • You too need to give your body time to recover and come to normalcy.
      When you deprive your body of sex for a long time, it responds easily and well with very little stimulation. That’s where you need to get.
      If you are married, don’t worry too much about it. Continue with your regular sex life with your partner and after few months, things will start getting better.

      If you want to see a doctor, just make sure, you don’t take any artificial hormones.

  80. I done prone masturbation for yrs by giving intense pressure.after that i identified i had phimosis and done circumcision before 6 months.now i trying by hand masturbation,the problem is that i am not attaining orgasm in the time of ejaculation instead ejaculation happens by contraction and expansion(self pressure) of glans of penis,after this type of ejaculation my glans portion is more sensitive than before for 10-12 hrs.Should I need psycho sexual therapy for cure?

  81. I did prone masterbation for 2 years. And now i am getting problem with erection and it takes lots of time doing the hand method but i fail. Am i victim of ed? (i am 12 years old) will it take less time if i recover from the side effects of prone masterbation.

    • You will become a victim of ED if you don’t stop. That’s the bottom line of this article.
      If you have stopped, that’s your first successful step. Now, have patience. Give time to your body to recover from the injury you caused for 2 years.
      Don’t masturbate for few weeks. You should see your penis erect by itself.

      • Sir I Need Your Guidance!! I’m 18½ rn… I’m doing prone masturbation from age of 14. I reduced frequency of doing it but i noticed that through the period of time my legs muscle are not growing…i have very good physique but my legs are not matching my upper body. So my question is does prone masturbation effect growth of legs? And give me solution for it too

  82. M 27 when i was 21 while masturbating time i close my penis using skin so what happen is sperm reversed so afterthat my penis not working properly now i 50% cured but not completely what should i do doctor?

    • When you close your penis ending with skin or with your finger during ejaculation, due to pressure in the pipes, you may feel pain or little discomfort but this should subside unless something happens (like a rupture of the urethra carrying the semen (very rare)) happens.
      This shouldn’t affect your sexual health in anyway but by your comment, it seems that something else has happened.
      I recommend seeing a doctor and getting your penis examined.

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