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Mindfulness for Sexual Problems

When couples or individuals present to the clinic with sexual dysfunction, after biopsychosocial assessment, sometimes along with medication psychosexual therapy may be advocated. An important tool that is employed by the treating physician could be mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

When an individual thinks about sensations and responds to thoughts about the sensations he or she is experiencing, it can lead to stress. Mindfulness is the art of being the body. It means that the individual lets the experience unfold, moment by moment without being judgmental about the thoughts. It has its roots in Buddhism.

How can mindfulness help?

One of the problems that we face as individuals is to associate ourselves with thoughts and start following them. This leads to rumination, excess anxiety and often times fear of failure. If we learn to accept the present moment as it is, then tackling challenges become easy and life gets lived out to its fullest.

Mindfulness for Sexual Problems

Using Mindfulness in sexual dysfunction

Arousal problems, desire problems and sexual pain may benefit from employing mindfulness techniques. Especially in women, mindfulness may help in dyspareunina in removing the psychological quotient associated with pain and watching it only as physical pain.

Also for couples with sexual problems mindfulness helps with the ability to remain in the present scenario without wandering.

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