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Penis size – I am pretty sure, if you have a penis, you would have surely thought of the following:

Is my penis big enough? 

Will I be able to have great sex with my partner with my penis?

How big should a penis be to satisfy a woman in bed?

What is the average size of a man’s penis?


Well, almost all men (except that one in 100,000) have penis of good size and if you know how to play with your woman in bed, your size is surely good enough.

Micro penile syndrome, also called small penis problem, refers to the condition where a man/male has an erect penis that is smaller than 3.66 inches. If your penis is at least 4 inches or longer when erect, it is most often enough to satisfy your partner in bed, unless she has some preferences.

Average size of a man’s penis is around 5.2 inches when erect. Some men’s penis shrinks a lot more than that of others when not erect and that is perfectly normal. The expansion ratio of such penises is higher than others’. 

What causes micro penile syndrome?

  1. Genetic problems
  2. Hormonal issues
  3. Idiopathic – where exact reason is not known

Some doctors link micro penis problem with other conditions such as:

  1. Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism – condition in which the testes don’t produce enough testosterone.
  2. Prader-Willi syndrome – A genetic multisystem disorder
  3. Kallmann syndrome – impaired sense of smell with delayed puberty
  4. Deficiencies in growth hormones
  5. Chromosome issues
  6. Laurence-Moon syndrome – dysfunction of multiple parts of the body including brain, eyes, ears, stomach etc.

Babies that are born fat with too much fat in the scrotum may have a buried penis that may not necessarily be a micro penis.


How hormonal issues can lead to a micro penis?

Hormonal issues can be congenital, birth defects. If a pregnant woman happens to live or work in a toxic environment, inhaling or exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to disruption of hormone production in the baby / foetus. 

During the first trimester of pregnancy, a male baby will need a surge of testosterone production in order for its genitals (and other reproductive organs) to grow / develop. Deficiency in production of testosterone during that time (for any reason) or if the pregnant woman’s body doesn’t produce enough hCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) leads to impared growth of genitals in the baby. As a result, the penis may develop but may not grow as it should.

How would you know if you or your son has a micro penis?

Ideally, a good gynaecologist or a nurse would check the body parts of the baby after birth. He/she would know if there is something that doesn’t look right with a male baby’s penis. A physical examination followed by blood tests to check the hormone levels and chromosome structure can reveal the cause of micro penis, if present. 

Imbalance of hormones may also lead to gender identity disorder as the baby grows up. Counselling with a good sex therapist can help overcome gender identity disorder in many kids. Hormone therapy can also help if the growth of penis is impaired due to insufficient production of testosterone or androgen insensitivity. (Androgen insensitivity is similar to insulin insulin insensitivity. Body fails to respond or react to the testosterone that is produced.)

Apart from micro penis, a boy’s or man’s penis may look small when it is buried or webbed or trapped.

  1. Buried penis – the penis gets buried in abdominal fat when there is a large amount of fat deposited in the lower belly and/or scrotum. More on buried penis.
  2. Webbed penis – Growth of extra skin that connects scrotum to the penis
  3. Trapped penis – when there is not enough skin around the penis.

Treatment for micro penile syndrome

  1. Hormone therapy – Administering testosterone in case of deficiency can help the penis grow to its normal size. Usually, hormone therapy is effective before reaching the age of puberty. 
  2. Penile Implants – Penile implants may be required to increase the size of the penis. Permanent prosthetic structure may be inserted into the penis shaft to increase the size. Learn more about penile implants.
  3. PRP for increasing penis size – Injection of a person’s own plasma into the shaft of his penis can help increase the length and girth. This procedure may have to be repeated for permanent results. Read more on PRP for increasing penis size.


  1. I have small dick problem ed pre ejaculation i have desire for sex but my penis doesnt erect plz help.

    • Small is a relative term.
      I understand what you go through and there are ways using which you can increase the size of your penis.
      You may start with PRP injections. More options can be given by your sexologist. Without examining your penis, I cannot recommend implants or any other procedures like inducing fat.
      (Note – there are different opinions on the internet whether PRP can really increase the size of a man’s penis but it is worth a try).

  2. I have lived with my micropenis for the last 50 years. What’s a few more years? If I had a big one, I’d probably be dead now. I’ve gotten where I like having this 3 inch dick. I jack with 2 fingers. But, if you have something that works I’m listening.

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