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Medication for Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence

Note: Self Medication is dangerous.  Talk to our Sexual Health Medicine Specialists before consuming any medication.

Self medication may do more harm than good. Following are some widely prescribed medicines for men with Erectile Dysfunction (problems having erections).

  • Sildenafil Citrate:  It is an oral drug popularly sold by the trade name Viagra. It has also been referred to as the little blue pill. It acts by dilating the blood vessels supplying the erectile tissue of penis.
  • Cialis: It is a popular brand name for tadalafil which is also administered orally
  • Topical Creams: Creams containing Alprostadil are sometimes used for local application over the penis.
Erectile Dysfunction – Can it be drug induced?


  1. Hello Dr. Karthik
    My Self Richard.. Im from Bangalore.. Your Videos are so help full for me.. Thanks for the videos.. I have a problem.. My foreskin is very tight and it is not able to move back ward.. so can u please suggest some good medicines from this problem.. or any cream.. Please do the need full Doctor..

    Thank you

    • Hello Mr. Richard, request you to kindly call our frontdesk and take an appointment for online consultation.
      I will need to see the extent of your problem before i put you on to any medication. Also, i will need to understand if medication is the solution in the first place.

      Thank you
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran
      +91 90928 49786

  2. Hello sir,

    I have a problem with erection recently, i use to masturbate everyday earlier and stopped it last month. I had proper erection at that time now that I am married recently I have issue in having erection. I am worried this will create issue with my personal life. Now i tend to over think this and its not helping my situation either. I do get morning erection and had proper strong erection before marriage now worried to know wat would be a problem. Any suggestions here?

  3. I completed two months of marriage but still I’m unable to release my sperm while doing intercourse with my wife however I’m able to release sperm while doing masturbation, please help me to resolve this…..

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