Masturbation – when does it go wrong?

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. Masturbation is probably the most universal of all sexual practices, at least among men. Surveys on the subject since the nineteenth century suggest that well over 90 percent of men masturbate at some time during their lives. Men, as early as in their childhood discover that touching their genitals feels good. Most men grow up learning that masturbation is wrong or bad and only a few grow out of the false guilt they carry with the act.

Masturbation is a normal part of healthy life, very common, nothing wrong with it and safe are reassuring for men to practice the sexual act without any guilt.  Unlike the risks involved in sexual intercourse, masturbation as a sexual act is safe in terms of protecting oneself from sexually transmitted diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Having said that masturbation is a safe and sound sexual practice, there are ways when it could go wrong.

Masturbation - When does it go wrong?

Healthy masturbation relieves stress and rewards with feel good neurotransmitters and hormones. There are abnormal ways of masturbation that may make men fall prey to physical and mental ailments. Men become victims of extreme abnormal ways of masturbation with appalling consequences. There have been cases of extreme masturbation resulting in grave physical injury, psychological disturbances and crime.

Obsessive Masturbation

Masturbation may cease to serve its objectives of stress relief under circumstances of obsessive masturbation. In obsessive masturbation, a person is usually involved in an inward impersonal fantasy world. One may get used to it as the inappropriate way to resolve other things. But because of relieving one’s mind with masturbation, he may never do those other things in need. Such inappropriate behaviour may interfere with decision-making, action-planning and executing. This may incur loss to a man’s personality and identity.

Compulsive Masturbation

Masturbation becomes compulsive when it gets in the way of one’s work, responsibilities or social life. Like any other behaviour or habit, Compulsive masturbation can disrupt one’s life. Masturbation can be destructive when used as a means of cutting off oneself from feelings and attachments. Masturbation officially becomes a problem when a man is doing it instead of talking to people, or being intimate with them.  Masturbation here is being used as a way of soothing oneself and depriving his relation to another person. Compulsive masturbation behaviour comes with secrecy and deception. In accordance with his intense masturbation behaviour, the person may expect unrealistic sexual participation from his partner and if not met, can strain interpersonal relationships. This, in the long run can deprive the female partner from romantic relationships and break down family life.

Excessive masturbation can have negative effects of addiction. When a person becomes dependent on sated and relaxed feelings post masturbation and uses them to escape stressful life situations or mental problems, it opens the possibility for masturbation addiction to occur.  Addiction to masturbation can lead a person to spend more time in masturbating and less time at meaningful work. People who are addicted to masturbation seem to spend more hours watching pornographic clips and videos. This makes them less available and less productive individuals.

People who are addicted to masturbation are in constant search for new exciting ways to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. This tendency may push the individual to extreme ways of conquering sexual pleasure from watching child pornography, masturbating in public places, masturbating at another person and other such anti-social activities.

Agressive Masturbation

Aggressive masturbation techniques such as tight grip and vigorous strokes when practiced over an extended period of time can desensitize the penile nerves. Excessive masturbation without sufficient lubrication can cause penile skin irritation and make it sore. Repeated aggressive hand masturbation systematically desensitizes the penis through excess pressure and friction. The face down position of masturbating against a surface such as the mattress, bed etc., puts a great deal of pressure on the penis. This pressure in the prone position is much more than the pressure from free hand masturbation. Undue pressure on the erect penis in the prone position can also be a reason for numbness and desensitization of the penis. Desensitization of penis can be a cause of concern in achieving and sustaining penile erection during sexual intercourse. Due to pornography addiction and/or wrong masturbation techniques, men may become both physically and psychologically desensitized to normal sexual stimulation and arousal with a sexual partner. (Erectile Dysfunction)

Penile Fracture

Penile fracture is a rare condition of vigorous masturbation, wherein an erect penis snaps due to rough handling. The chambers that hold blood during erection ruptures causing pain and swelling of the penis. A surgery may be the only way to restore penile function. Men can suffer blunt trauma when they try to intensify masturbating by penetrating their penis in to objects that are not meant for sexual pleasure or to simulate intercourse. These can be dangerous and can lead to injury and permanent damage.

Masturbation as non-procreative sex is linked to the perceptions within a given culture of its nature and consequences. Ideas about masturbation are crucial for understanding societal attitude towards sex. Masturbation is a key to understanding changing development in attitudes toward human sexuality. Attitudes towards masturbation are slow to change but as they do so,  attitude towards sexuality also changes. Thus, views on masturbation have been carried over as changes from theological offence in to medico – morals through the years.  An act that was once sullied as spiritually wrong is now gaining awareness as a healthy sexual act.

The vast proliferation of pornographic Web sites, phone sex lines, and other erotic media suggests masturbation is widely practiced. With the advancement of information and technology, more ways to increase pleasure through masturbation have been introduced. Almost everyone who is sexually active or is experiencing sexual urges can masturbate. When done in moderation and in a controlled manner, masturbation can be an ideal way of relieving sexual urges and preventing sexually transmitted infections and diseases. If a man feels that the need to masturbate is interfering with his everyday life, talking to a sexual health care provider can help. If the act becomes all-consuming, there may be an underlying medical cause such as inappropriate age, lack of sexual knowledge, sexualized play or aggression, prematurely developed seductive behaviour or an indicator of sexual abuse. Such behaviours require remedial measures to control the situation.


  1. My penis has become weak and I feel like even if I marry it will be hard to satisfy my wife. What can I do to make it strong?

    • Hello Mr. David,
      Weak / Strong are relative terms. Let our sexologists examine your penis and let you know if there is any problem that can be corrected.
      Sometimes, it can be a psychological issue rather than physical problem.
      Call any of our clinics for an appointment and we will see you soon.

      Thank you.

      • I had pain on my right testicle and I visited hospital back on last year so they are scanned my scroton found some simple cyst on my right testicle and they said it’s not dangerous and it’s common factor in the racio 7 /1 men will get this so now it’s growing I can feel the size of cyst behind my right testicle can you please help me out for this doctor

      • Don’t I’m vasu
        I do prone mausterbation..
        I saw your video u say it is bad so I will change
        But I addicted on prone mausterbation sir……. How I come outside from prone mausterbation and how I do normal mausterbation I’m just 18…so I can change it plssss say doctor

        • Mr. Vasu, you need the will power to stop prone masturbation. Try not masturbating for some time and then masturbate standing or in different position.
          If you are still not able to stop, you may have to see me for one session.

          Thank you,
          Dr. KG

          • Sir if I stopped then I will start standing masturbation is it right?
            How doctor how I meet you my age is 18
            I will change it i have many years to marriage Pls reply doctoer

          • Sir if I stopped then I will start standing masturbation is it right?
            How doctor how I meet you my age is 18
            I will change it i have many years to marriage Pls reply doctor
            OK doctor Pls say some tips to avoid prone mausterbation

          • Vasu, you need to have the will power to overcome your problems. Right now, thats one good advice I can give you.
            Try it. Good luck.

          • Doctor ippo ennalaa prone mausterbation aa nippata mudiyumla neenga sonna will power I didn’t do masturbation for last 5 days.. Vera any tips sollungaa doctor plssss

          • Vasu, thats good. You are already doing good job. Now, instead of prone masturbation, try normal ways of masturbating. Slowly, you will get used to it.
            Good luck.

      • Sir,

        Which is the right tablet for premature ejaculation , iam currently using sildenafel citrate is that a right one or kindly suggest me…

        • Dear Kamal, one medicine doesn’t suit everyone. Your problems should be diagnosed and then medication will be provided.
          Self medication is not advisable.

      • Sir I have tight foreskin in my 13 and 14 ages but now my age is 16,the problem is cleared but sometimes it is hard to retract the forskin while erected and sometimes very easy to retract what to do ,I don’t have diabetes sir, physically fit and also many siddha doctors suggest not to masturbate you will weak bla bla it not true or not.Sir also after masturbation while urinating it is not pain but after several ejaculation like 2 to 3 times while urinate it is paining why thats all my qeuries in my opinion i can’t live without masturbation until I get married and also it is normal your you tube channel is very useful sir ,thank you…please reply sir..

        • 1. As per allopathy medicine, masturbation is not wrong and you can masturbate any number of times you want. Other sciences may tell a different story.
          2. When you masturbate multiple times, it is common that you may feel a little pain because every time u masturbate and take the semen out, the next time you have to do it harder. So, try to minimise the number of times you masturbate so that you don’t hurt your penis. Very rough masturbation can break your penis. It is called ‘Penile Fracture’.
          3. If your foreskin is not retracting and if your penis is swelling, then see me or a good sexologist near you immediately. Otherwise you are fine.

    • Hai sir iam kamaraj 30 years old , still not get married. my problem is on my penis hair (only on left side) hair getting white colour? .and when I masterbate or night fall while sperm coming time on my left thigh having pain?

      • Doctor good news I stopped prone masturbation and I do normal masturbation it’s work….. Thank you doctor for ur advise and all Pls replay pannunga doctor but doctor I do normal masturbation with my hand but sometimes prone illama straight aaah patuthutu pannalama doctor with using hands Pls replay pannunga doctor

          • Slamm sir im 22 years old..i do fingering in 2019 and then addicted to prone masturbation ,sit on 2 pillow and masturbate excess when alone at 2021adiction is low then quite in 2022 between these month of year 2020 to 2021 fingering and prone masturabte sep 2022 i saw mirror then my vulva is damage and inside the vulva the flesh is in middle means don’t attach the skin with my inner labia ..white thick discharge is coming out and sometime pain in lower area in 1 2 sec ,the hymen or vaginal opening flesh is torn right side,i’m very depressed ,in jun 2022 i accidently burn my private part hot water of mug to wash ..i cannot feel the water temp in tub and put hot water on my private part after this burning and redness ۔i use xyloaid jel but internaly vulva means inner labiaa have redness ..i feel hotness specially in sun ..walking sitting on chair is very tough due to large labias amd sweel clitoris and inner labias burning…Is labia is thin and long due to prone mastubate regularly in months or years..please advicee me complete solutiin

    • Doctor , my penis is not expanding like one who did sunnath , and if I try to do so a nerve hold one side of my penis and getting pain , how can I have sex with this problem , the skin over the penis is not expanding as i see in porn movies , how can it be inserted without skin expanding .

      • Dear Arun, please see a good sexologist without delay. If you are in Chennai, please take an appointment and see me.
        Your foreskin may need to be treated.

        Thank you,
        Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

    • Hi Veera,
      A penis when erect, if longer than 4 inches is more than good enough to satisfy your woman in bed.
      Penis extension is recommended only for small penis problems or for men with micro penis where the erect size is less than 1 inch.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran – Sexologist, Chennai

  2. Hi sir good morning sir sir naa 19 age la irunthu suya inbam senjutu irukken sir ipo yenakku age 29..yenakku payama irukku sir married life la aethum problem varumonu…innoru visayam age athigamana mathri thottram irukkunu pakkuravanga solluranga hair fall vera aguthu sir so yenakku oru solution sollunga sir…unga videos ipo tha pakkuren sir…yenakku oru confident varuthu ungalala….im waiting for your reply sir….thank you…

    • Dear. Mr. Karthik,
      Don’t worry, you are alright. Perfectly healthy. Hair fall happens for many reasons apart from age.
      The more relaxed you are, the more energetic and active you can be. Take stress lightly.
      If you still think you have problem, please see me at my clinic.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

      • Hii sir I am happy to see u in youtube because no one will talk about these topics sir last video u said prone masturbation is bad .so now my age 24 last 8 years I did prone masturbation only. upcoming days i will do normal masturbation like standing posture .so at the time of marriage any problems will come sir because I did 8 years prone masturbation u have any I idea sir

        • Stopping prone masturbation is good.
          After marriage, if you have any problem, please see me. Otherwise you are good.

      • Good Morning Sir..
        My name is Narayan.
        Now I am 29 yrs 2 m….
        I am completely addicted to prone masturbation from Last 5 yrs. During masturbation I keep my thing downward. Can I cure from it sir…
        Can Lead normal life like others…can I make a baby..I didn’t intercourse any women till now.

      • Doctor vanakkam எனக்கு இடது விதையோடு வலது விதை கீழ் இறங்கி இருக்கிறது இதற்கு காரணம் என்ன சொல்லுங்க

  3. Hi I am Rajesh,
    I am 25 years old , while dng masterbation I am getting sperm out but not feeling happiness what I get before

    • Dear Mr. Rajesh,
      Please let us know how often do you masturbate. Some times, due to frequent masturbation, you may miss this orgasm part.
      If you occasionally do it and still missing orgasm, you should see me whenever you can. I can help.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

      • Actually I did masturbation frequently for example daily once , sometimes per day 2 times , but now I am dng weekly once still I didn’t get happiness but I’m getting sperm normally

      • My penius head will affected like an water tumer,how handle this problem tell some medicines or creams ,problem like PPP

        • Dear Babu, without examining the problem, prescribing medicines is not possible.
          Please call us at 90928 49786 and take an appointment.

  4. Dear sir my name is anbu Iam married two years back still now I don’t have a child. I have bended penies like green banana the bend is towords down. And size also small. Pls tell me solution sir

    • Dear Anbi, please take an appointment and see me as soon as possible.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  5. Hi doctor,
    Enakku viraippu adaium pothu penis la Vali erpaduthu, viraippu narambula dhan nan valiya unaren. Masturbate panna start pannum pothu valikkuthu, but poga poga vali poiduthu , but epolam viraippu aagutho appolam viraippu narambula vali irukku docter.. 2 months ah irukku me what to do..

      • Sir, im yasar arafath from virudhunagar

        For the past months…in my penis having some waterpopuls..but there is no pain penile papules mathri theriyala actually enoda fingers layum athae mathri iruku full penis layum ila top la irunthu munthol ilatha idam varaikum iruku …im so confused itha entha doctor kita katrathu can i show it to some skin doctor or someother? Please reply me sir

  6. If do daily masturbation in one time it leads to white hair..????.what reason sir to turn white hair…if possible to change that hair to black.

  7. Hi Doctor,
    i am 29 Years old. I am married. i used to masturbate from the age of 18. but i have the feel like tingling (உடல் சிலிர்ப்பு) when i touch the inner skin of penis.
    Due to that tingling, my penis is getting out form the eraction while intercourse. i am very interested to push out the penis inside the vagina but due to the tingling i am unable to insert deeper.
    one more think, the connected tissue between inner skin and outer skin of penis is not torn. so i had that pain too. so my mood will get spoiled.
    but at ejaculation state only, i can insert much(not fully) rather than initially.
    Kindly give me the solution to get relief from the tingling.

    • Hi Antony, I must take a look at exactly what is happening by examining the foreskin on your penis.
      Please call 90928 49786 for appointment.
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

      • Thank you doctor,
        Is there any solution to avoid the tingling while the touching the glans.
        when i touch the glans, i got the tingling and getting out from the eraction.

  8. விரைப்பை சுற்றி sebaceous glands இருக்கு சார்..இதுனால எனக்கு உயிரணுக்கள் குறைபாடு ஏற்படுமா சார்

    • Sir i have eraction problem for the past 1 months.i don’t know how to slove…now a days am getting very stressful because of this.. I can’t even do work due to this problem…is there any Treatment to slove this.. please help me sir😔.

      • Sri, stress can cause erectile dysfunction.
        You first need to know when and why this issue has started. Were you mentally affected or physically injured.
        If you were mentally broken down or affected, you need to get back and move on. Feeling more stress will put more pressure on your brain and all organs in your body.

        Try it, if that doesn’t work, please see me.

  9. Hai doctor
    I have done pron masturbation in bed from my small age …. My age 27 .. I got married .. when iam doing sex my sperm not coming much if I intergoes into my patner … What is the solution for this .. I have seen your video published on 28 mar 2020

    • Hello Sai, prone masturbation will cause delayed or no ejaculation (anejaculation).
      Please see me by taking an appointment 90928 49786.

      • Heyy Dr, I know you must be so so busy In helping people out which is great!!. You are good at what you do, I just want to applaud you for this. I read your blog on excessive masturbation which I’ve been dealing with from the age of 14 till 31. I’ve recently just stopped.

        My testes have shrunk – I just wanted to ask over the next few months or to a year, as I’ve stopped would my testes come back to its normal size and function to produce the right amount of sperm? Thanks Doctor look forward to hearing your response.

    • Hii doctor ..I m doing prone masturbation since at the small age like 8 years I m doing the same type..I see ur videos and I stop to doing prone masturbation..I get fear it will affect my marriage time ..I don’t know how to do standing masturbation because since my small age I ll do prone age is 22 sir ..plss give me some solution what can I do coming after days

  10. சார் எனக்கு 22 வயது ஆகுதுஇன்னும்ஆனுறுப்பு நுனி தோல் உறியல இதனால செக்ஸ் பன்னும் போது எதாவது பிரச்சனை ஏற்படுமா இத பத்தி ஒரு வீடியோ போடுங்க சார்

    • Hi doctor. Yanaku age 22 aguthu but innum anurupu nuni thol innum ooriyala ithunala marriageku aprm yathavathu problem varuma sir

  11. hai doctor ,
    doctor eanaku verai onu tha iruku athunala problem varuma kolantha perakurathula spem uruvagarathula problem varuma

    • No. You are good. If you are not able to make your wife pregnant, then you should see me.
      Till then, you are fine.
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

      • Hi doctor. Yanaku age 22 aguthu but innum anurupu nuni thol innum ooriyala ithunala marriageku aprm yathavathu problem varuma sir

  12. Hi doctor I have see ur many videos at you tube very my question is when I see porn,sex chat what ever I do there is no pre cum ejaculate like this means I have problem?

  13. Sir my problem is very frequent nightfall over two months.Usually I get nightfall with wetdreams. And also nocturnal emission comes with or without erection..Mostly nowadays I get nightfall daily or sometimes 2 to 3 days interval…It has become very frequent..I feel very tried and depressed due to this problem..What can I do to control this problem?

    • Don’t worry Mr. Rahul, this is very much treatable. Please take an appointment by calling 90928 49786.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  14. Sir my problem is very frequent nightfall over two months.Usually I get nightfall with wetdreams. And also nocturnal emission comes with or without erection..Mostly nowadays I get nightfall daily or sometimes 2 to 3 days interval…It has become very frequent..I feel very tried and depressed due to this problem..What can I do to control this problem?

  15. Sir my problem is I do masturbate at the age of 14, But now I’m facing some fear nervous, And now I am not do masturbate because of the fear and nervous ,And my thinking about it will reflect in my marriage life, I am satisfied my wife or not ??

  16. Thank you doctor,
    Is there any solution to avoid the tingling while the touching the glans.
    when i touch the glans, i got the tingling and getting out from the eraction.

  17. I’m 18 now and in the past years I’ve been used with prone masturbation. By stopping this and moving on with normal masturbation , will it not cause erectile dysfunction? Any other tips to improve erection

    • No. Nothing will happen. Just stop prone masturbation, you will be fine.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  18. Hi Dr. Skin in the tip of My penis is slightly infected and getting small cut everytime I masturbate or do intercourse. Pls suggest how to get rid of this.

    • Hello Srikanth, I need to see in person what exactly is happening with your foreskin.
      Can you please come down if you are in Chennai?

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  19. Hi sir.,
    I am Narayanasamy… My age 34. Still not married. I doing masturbation last 16 years. Pennis is 4 inch long in erect condition. My right scotrum stepdown than left. Often I feel mild pain sometimes moderate pain in right testis and some veins on right scotrum and right hip lower side. April 2019 onwards I feel it. I took some tablets and injection from a doctor for 3 month. I stop it on January 2020. Now, this April1st week, again I feel the pain daily. In addition, Before 1year that scotrum was twisted 2 times. I twisted manually from painful condition to normal.

    What is the problem in that testis or scotrum?
    Anything going wrong ?
    I have a plan to marry in this year… Pls sir, help me to this… What is the solution for that?. What I do now?
    Kindly reply in a positive way… Thank you sir..

    • Dear Narayanasamy, you need to see me in person to evaluate your condition and give you proper medical advice.
      please call us for an appointment.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  20. Hello sir,
    This is Hassan, 27. Married. Am living in dubai

    My concern is if I masturbating alternative days….. First day nothing issue.
    On the alternative day, after sperm comes out, lot of pain occurs in my penis head bottom side
    The next 15 to 20 mins lot of pain am facing. This problem happens on during masturbating on alternative day, not first day.

    Kindly provide me the good solution at the earliest.

    Moreover, once erection reach hike stage during masturbating sperms out occurs within 15 to 20secs.

  21. Hello Doctor,

    This is Hassan , 27. From dubai. Married
    My concern is if I masturbate alternative days. First day is nothing issue
    On the alternative day , after sperms comes out penis head bottom side heavily pain occurs.
    The pain continuously facing next 20 to 25 mins….its happened only on the alternative day masturbation not first day.

    Moreover, if erection occurs to peak stage within 15 to 20 secs sperms comes out quickly

    • Dear Hassan,
      I would suggest you to see a sexologist. Your penis needs to be examined, if there is any tear under it’s head.
      Also, you may need to be treated for premature ejaculation problem. Please see a specialist, he/she can do better diagnosis of the problem.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

      • Doctor , my friend age now 19. He have problem . Sperms comes out automatically in sleep at night after 2 weeks daily comes.the sperms are watery . He search in YouTube they tell he didn’t have children in future so he fear about that . It is serious problem for future for his life . He thinks wrong way .

  22. Hello doctor I have so much problems
    1 erection not cumming
    2 my ball pain after masturbation
    3 sex feel not cumming
    4 sperm little bit also coming
    Please help me doctor
    I tri real sex no erection cumming so much breathing sperm eject early this problem comeing in last 1¹/²years my girl friend tell me discuss two doctor
    🙏🙏🙏🙏 help me doctor 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Dear Manikandan,
      Please do not worry. Almost all problems are treatable these days.
      We need to evaluate you before putting you onto any treatment. Kindly take an appointment
      +91 90928 49786 and see me as soon as possible.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

      • Hi sir please reply .When I tempt i can’t pull back my foreskin but in normal which has pull back ..This is my problem can you please clarify me.and post video for this topic coz my friends too have this kind of problem .I waiting for your reply sir..

        • Your skin needs correction procedure to be done.
          You should see a good sexologist / sex specialist near you or you can come down to my clinic.

          Thank you,
          Dr. Karthik

  23. Hi doctor
    Nanum ennoda boyfriend um 4 years ah relationship la irukom but last year avangalukku oru problem aachu ennana after sex semen blood ooda mix aagi vanthuchu.. so doctor ah consult pannathula sila test edukka sonnanga tablets kuduthanga but avanga konja naal continue pannitu vitutanga… konja naal entha problem um illa but ippa that same thing happening athum illama pain ah irukku nu soldranga..Ippa intercourse pannumbothu Sekrama sperm eject aguthu romba tierd aaguranga… After marriage nanga baby ku try pannumbothu ethathu problem varuma nu bayama irukku… Ithoda seriousness ennanu sollunga…

    • Archana, aama, inda condition serious irukalam. You have to get it treated before it gets complicated.
      Semen la blood varathuku naraya reasons irukalaam. Oru vaati check up vara sollunga, with previous prescription and test reports.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  24. Sir, ennoda veraippai ya sutri sebaceous glands naala chinna paru mari angaanga iruku sir ..ithu naala ennoda uyirannugal kuraiyuma sir ..

  25. Hi doctor… I had doing masturbation for several years…but past month … I have done masturbation continuously for 2 times.. but at last time ..I have given pressure to my penius after masturbation ..I have feel my left leg knee pain …..and I can feel it is not a bone pain…it is vein pain….
    Sometimes the pain was back side of my leg knee .. sometimes in side of the leg knee……so I have stopped masturbation for 2 weeks …. after 2 weeks the pain is reduced and I have not feel the pain….and I have doing regular exercises….
    So after 2 weeks I have done maturbation…again from next day I feel the same left leg knee pain…….and back pain….
    So I feel more nervous in this situation…..can u please give me suggestion on it…

    • Mr. Nandakumar, it may be because of your position (standing or sitting) when masturbating.
      if possible, please see me once at my clinic, we can evaluate if this is any nerve related.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunaskearan

    • Dear Saravanan, I cannot share my personal number here. Please call my staff and explain the situation, they will get us in touch.

      • Hi I am Rajesh ,3 years ah prone masturbation panna now I stoped after seeing your video , I am dng masturbed daily so now I am missing my orgsm also getting pain in penis, please help to overcome this prbm

  26. Hi sir,
    I was mastrubating for last one month regularly after that I had a back pain and nerve pain so I consulted the neurologist and taking medications for two weeks. In the mean time I didn’t mastrubate for 2weeks but after that I tried masturabation but my scrotum got shrink while mastrubating and even when touching my scrotum I can feel the nerve pain

    • Hello Alan, that is too small closer to a Micropenis.
      You might need implants to enlarge the size. If you are in Chennai, please make an appointment by calling us at
      +91 90928 49786

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

    • Dear Alan, initially you will be charged only consultation fee.
      I will explain what needs to be done and how much it would cost you. Our staff will also tell you if insurance can cover your cost.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik

    • Penis must be measured from the bottom – where it sticks to your lower abdomen to the tip when erect.
      Avg size of Indian man’s penis is around 5 inches. A minimum of 3 inches is enough to satisfy any woman if you can play right.

      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

    • Hello Deepak, Yes it can be done very safely. Please take an appointment and see me at the earliest.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  27. Hello Doctor,
    I am in my mid or early 30s. Havent been married yet, no sexual partner’s yet.
    I do masturbation once a day, mostly watching Porn. [I have self control like not to see porn or masturbate -max a week…]
    My only concern is will i have erection for longer if I sexual intercourse. As i havent been married or no sexual partner yet. I am unaware of whether i will have erection for longer. how this can be check?
    As when i do masturbation few quick fap, ejaculation happens – but sex is different with partner. Lot of question and uncertainty.
    height 180 cm – body weight 79-82 fluctuation. usually go to gym twice a week, as of lockdown walking 10,000 in the evening alone.
    please advise, last but not the least your you tube are very informative and helpful.

    • Dear Prabhu, you are fine. Don’t worry.
      If you have problems having sex, then please contact me. Till then, don’t worry about it.

  28. Hi Sir,
    I’m 27 years olad and have been doing prone masturbation since the age of 15.
    I’m experiencing weaker erections while doing normal masturbation.
    I have quit prone masturbation completely since the past few days. Should I abstain from any type of masturbation for 2-3 months and then resume normally or is should I start masturbating normally without any break?

    • You can continue or give a break, however you feel is comfortable for you.
      You should be alright in few months. If not, please see me.

      Thank you

      • Thank you for the reply Sir. Just to get an idea, around how many months will it take for my erections to return?
        Also, my morning erections have also reduced in frequency to around 1-2 times a week. Is that due to sustained prone masturbation?

        • Dhawal, reasons can be plenty, not just because of prone masturbation. A physical examination needs to be done and if needed, I may ask you to get some tests to be done to see what the exact problem is.

  29. I watch porn video and I did masturbation. Sir there’s pain is occurred in lower stomach area .
    why there’s paining after the masturbation can you please answer this sir..???

    • A physical examination should be done to figure out the problem. It can be a problem with prostate or bladder or any other organ.
      Can you come down to my clinic for a check up. Hope there is no major underlying problem inside your body.

  30. விறைப்பு ஆகும்போது உறுப்பின் முன் தோல் முழுசாக பின் செல்ல வில்லை ஆனால் சாதாரணமாக இருக்கும்போது பின் செல்கிறது ..என்ன காரணம் சொல்லுங்க ..டாக்டர்

  31. Ultro sound test pannuna yelam normal nu sonnaga but mild da left side vara penis ku blood kamiya irrukunu sonnaga ed problem irruku itha exercise muliyama cure pannikalama doctor caverta 50 kudutharu yepadi cure pannurathu

  32. Dr. Iam 21 years old.I had done prone masturbation at the age of 13-18.After this i stopped it and till then i was able to do hand practice and ejaculate.Will it affect my future life?Whether my prone masturbation habbit leads to erectile dysfunction?

    • Raj, As a man ages, the frequency morning wood decreases. It also depends on how many times you are masturbating or having sex.
      I would say, not to worry much about that as long as you are able to have sex with your partner.

  33. Doctor I want some help plz reply me konja naala virai pai konjam long ga thotram alikkuthu yethum problem ma enanu solunga doctor medicine yedukalanu tamila msg pannuga doctor thanks

  34. Hi Dr.KG, Yesterday morning I did a masterbation. After a ejaculation my abdomen was painful, I not able to eat any foods because my stomach allow it, got a mild fever, a pain occurs in both kidney s and I feel a less pain in testis (Testis pain isn’t during continually, I feel a Testis pain in a 1 Milli Seconds). After I went to general hospital for it, doctor said don’t masterbation lot and this is food poison. I scared for it. Please tell about it doctor and post a video about sexual health of age 15 to 18.

    Thanking You,

    • Sarathi, follow the doctor’s advice. If you don’t feel better, see him again.
      If you are still not better, please see me. Don’t worry too much.

      • Thank you sir much sir, I follow doctor and your advise on your youtube channel. Really I pay you thanks for your good videos.

  35. Hi sir,

    I am 28 years old. I have been masturbating prone since the beginning of my teen age. I noticed that I was having weak erections about 4 months ago and after watching your videos and doing some research online I completely stopped prone masturbation (4 months ago itself). Took a break for 5-7 days and started practicing supine. Ever since then I have experienced an inprovement in the strength of my erections. The frequency of good erections have also improved gradually. But on some days it is still weak. It takes a good amount of stimulus to have and maintain a good erection. Will this get better with time? Is this normal for this phase of recovery? Will I be able to get fully cured with practice and dedication towards my health? I am getting married in a few months. Do I need any medication to treat this?

      • Dear dr. I’m from america. I ham 42 now almost 43. I have done prone masterbation since I was about 18. I didn’t know the effect of it until about a month ago. It happened almost a week ago, and I can’t get an erection at all now. Is there a cure for this?

      • Narayan, Dr. Karthik would be the best person to suggest anything here.As per my experience training your brain is a gradual process. Do not expect immediate results, do not be disheartened by failures. Take care of your health. I am hoping that this will be fine with time. The frequency of good erections will improve gradually and hopefully your mind and body would learn how to react when you are aroused.

  36. Hai sir
    Enakku right side testical thidirena veekkam yetpattathu hospital poi paththen kirumi erukkunnu sonnanka injection pannittu tablet koduththanka 1 weekla sariyakiduchchu thirumbavum veekkam yetpattu vali erunthuchchi thirumba hospital poi parththen thirumba 20 dayalu tablet koduththanka vali Ella veekkam ella but eppo rendu side epidytimis vali erukku enna Karanam sir pl lease help pannunka payama erukku

  37. Hi Sir…
    I am Narayan 29yrs old from a.p.
    I am doing prone mastrubation from 2015.
    I am feeling all problems what u said in the videos. Can I recover sir. Can I carry normal life like others. Any treatment for heavy mastrubation effects.

  38. Sir, can prone masturbation lead to any permanent nerve/tissue damage or venous leak?
    For the times when the erection is good and I masturbate, I am able to sustain it till ejaculation. Even if gets slightly weak anytime, it regains its strength as soon as the brain gets more stimulus. This lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes. However, the night erections are not there or are weak sometimes. Is there a possibility of venous leak?

  39. Sir, I tried getting the online consultation service from the online portal for metromale clinic. The transaction is dated January 16th 2021 with txn reference number W9MCXBMPG5K. The money got deducted from my account but the transaction shows as failure when I check the transaction. There is no help and support option where I could raise this concern. Could you please have your team look into this?

  40. sir i have done prone mastrubation for past few years now current age(19) i have stopped prone mastrubation for 1.5 months now i have seen improvement in my errection yet they r not that strong . and doctor i am having no morning wood . i am having an idea of not mastrubation at all and marry after 6-7 years will it be fine , will i be able to have normal sex and will i be able to produce baby and will my sensation improve i am having will power to stop . and doctor if i stopped prone mastrubation for 6 years and at the time of marrage if i do sex will i be able fine
    kindly help doctor , i have heard you r one of the top doctors who have expertice knowledge please help me in this issue kindly reply

  41. Hello doctor,
    For 16 years i have been doing prone masturbation without knowing its serious outcome.Now i have developed varicose veins in left side of my penis not my testicles . Morning erection not regular,cant keep erection last more then 20 second after stimulated but noticed long time erection in midnight or morning .I am slim regularly workout start Kegels now.I am 31 will get married next year can i get fully cure within a year fully with No fap and proper treatment .Please help i am in distress.I want to satisfy my wife in every way

  42. Dr I watch porn and do masturbation sometime now when I am free I watch porn but I am controlling my self not to do, while watching porn even I control when it comes to cotton cloth it ejaculate does my penis skin got sensitive to cotton cloth ? Because I ll clean using cloth and then wash it or I have ejaculation problem ? but it happens only sometimes when the vedio exites me because I watch some fantasy types if I do masturbation without watching I can ejaculate in 10 or 5 min some times fast in 1 .30 mins last month unfortunately I masturbated continuous for more then 8 days by watching porn and I tried to control my self and in this month I done it for 2 time is my condition too bad ? Does it affect my sexual life when it go fir intercourse ?
    Please tell me any doctor

  43. Sir I have done prone mastrubation for the past few years now age 21 I have quitted prone for 2 months I have seen impovement in errections yet they r not that great does quitting prone alone solves the problem or we have to pratice the conventional way , I am having an idea of not mastrubation at all and marry after few years

  44. Sir,

    Can prone masturbation cause a permanent nerve damage? Without causing a fracture to the penis.


  45. Sir,

    I had sildenafil as prescribed by a Urologist in my area. But that didn’t make any significant difference. Is it the sign of a nerve damage due to prone masturbation?


  46. Sir.
    I was masterbating from last 5 year not regular but many times… And my penis is changes it’s shape have tilt and i have problem of erection ,. It don’t have appropriate size and hardness , is it due to masterbation
    Will it be cover by normal routine and daily exercise..
    Because I can full fill my partner feeling properly. Due to less erection for longer time.

  47. While passing stool if i am applying pressure , i see 2,3 drops of white liquid like sperm comming out…that to only morning time…only while passing stool n i am applying pressure at that time once 3,4 drops sperm comes out..Aftr that if i apply pressure nothing comes out…even while i am passing stool and not applying any pressure then also everything is normal.. Problem happnes every time while passing stool i am applying pressure 3,4 drops sperms comes out , after that of i am applying pressure nothing happnes..

  48. Hey i used to do prone masturbation and now i have stopped it so can i recover from its sideeffects even if i completely stop masturbation? because i really want to stop masturbation at any cost as its a sin in my religion i just dont want to perform it. Please reply thanks!

  49. I masturbated for many years without lubricant roughly about 2 to 3 times a week. I started to feel a pain in the left side of my penis at abut age 40 after masturbation which would last for a short time and gradually it started to last for a few hours and then days. I am 63 now and the pain now will last a week or longer and is very debilitating. If i am not carful when I masturbate, the pain returns. Sex it is also a problem since the pain started, it husts on the left top side. Using lubricant helps to reduce the rubbing. I dont have peyronie’s disease. Just this sickening pain. Some times the pain returns when my penis gets squeezed when I crouch down. I experience like a sting in my penis on the top.

    I have had MRI done and other examination and nothing could be found out of the ordinary. I have taken anti inflammatories and did not help. I have tried anti inflammatory creams and no help. The problem appears to be just below the skin so I cant get to it with creams.

    I am at a loss as to what to do.

    Appreciate any light you can shed on this problem.

  50. Sir ennalu vinthu nirthu pona mari varuthu 1 montha pannla left side testicel pain na irukku nu.. Epo panna kulla nirtha mari varuthu sir ethunalaa ethachu problem varuma…

  51. The hair on my scrotum are turning white from black if i don’t masturbate is everything alright? and if something is wrong then what is the solution for it? i am not masturbating from 1 month and the white hairs are coming on my testes(scrotum) and within thighs. my age is 20?

    • Just change of colour of the hair is not a problem. Just make sure you can masturbate / have sex without any problem.
      also, check your semen after you ejaculate, whether it is watery or thick. If thick, don’t worry and resume your no fap thing.

  52. Dear Doctor, many guys in my building have taken to meeting on the rooftop, for chatting, smoking, and secretly masturbating together. We together expose our erect penises, and quickly masturbate to ejaculate. When our wife’s are tired and often not in a good mood, it is no problem.
    We have the same equipment and am not embarrassing to show other males our erections. We encourage each other, and watching another male pleasure his penis, speaks to our penis, arousing it very fast. We understand that the penis has physical need to ejaculate, and it is more fun to ejaculate as needed with other males than having to deal with wife’s, who I believe I am not in love with. They don’t need to know about our boys club on the roof, yes?
    So please doctor your opinion advise me. Thank you

      • Sir, can daily 2 times masturbation lead to any permanent nerve/tissue damage or venous leak?
        For the times when the erection is good and I masturbate, I am able to sustain it till ejaculation. Even if gets slightly weak anytime, it regains its strength as soon as the brain gets more stimulus. This lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes. However, the night erections are not there or are weak sometimes. Is there a possibility of venous leak?

  53. hello sir, i do normal masterbution but after it completed i feel low in my left lag and under left leg i feel like presure or strech my veinus

  54. and also if i walk properly then i feel pressure and i can’t walk properly and lightly i feel pain pain in the knee to knee under part . so pls suggest me what i do . before this my leg was pain too much so i went to see the doctor and they gave me medicines. now my leg isn’t paining but do normal masterbution and after it completed i feel low in my left lag and under left leg i feel like presure or strech my veinus so what is the reason of it let me know sir.

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