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Masturbation causes pimples

Nope. Pimples or acne is caused due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. Acne is mostly seen during puberty and that’s when a lot of testosterone is produced by the body, the male reproductive system gets activated etc. Masturbation does cause a change in the hormone levels in the body but that balance gets corrected after ejaculation, meaning, the imbalance of hormones caused by masturbation is temporary and doesn’t lead to pimples or acne.

Masturbation causes memory loss

Yes and No. 

No, normal levels of masturbation (releasing of sperms/semen), once a day or few times a week doesn’t really hurt your brain functioning or cause memory loss. 

However, excessive masturbation can lead to loss of energy and lose mental focus on what you are reading/studying or doing and such stuff may not be well recorded by your brain. Compulsive masturbation can lead to the deprivation of ‘acetylcholine’ hormone in the brain. Acetylcholine is replaced by stress adrenaline that causes loss of focus and memory resulting in memory loss.

Sperm release or masturbation can affect muscle growth

Not really. However, you must note ‘when’ you masturbate. If you are going to hit the gym and want to masturbate before that, then, don’t do it. Usually men have higher levels of testosterone in the morning and it is best advised that you hit the gym at that time because it helps you work out better and that in turn helps in building strength and muscle.

Masturbation and sex have different type of effects on the body and on the levels of testosterone but it is less likely that masturbation directly impacts muscle growth.  If you still think that it is hampering your muscle growth, just stop masturbation and hit the gym for a couple of months and see for yourself.

There are disadvantages of releasing sperm daily by hand

In fact, there are no disadvantages of releasing sperm daily (or due to masturbation) as per modern science. However, rough masturbation can cause tears on the skin of the penis, make it less sensitive and frequent masturbation can lead to thin and watery semen. You need to give your body a break so that it will be able to produce new sperm and seminal fluids. 

Also, as said before masturbating multiple times every day can lead to loss of mental focus and can make you feel tired.

Sperm leaking at night is bad

This is wrong too. Sperm leaking or releasing sperms at night is called ‘nocturnal emission’ and it is definitely not wrong. Sperm leaks at night happen when the person is having an erotic dream and usually 10% of dreams for men and women are erotic in nature. 

If you are not masturbating regularly or a few times a week, the chances of getting aroused during sleep are high and for some people, semen can leak as they tend to climax in their dream. This is perfectly fine, normal in boys around puberty and young adults and there’s nothing to worry about.

Releasing sperms make you lose weight

This is not true at all. Regular masturbation won’t make you lose weight and if that is the case, there won’t be any overweight or obese men, right?

Masturbation causes infertility

This is not true at all. Masturbation does not cause infertility in men or women. What is true is, frequent ejaculation (or release of sperm) like masturbating multiple times in day or having a lot of sex does make your semen thin and watery. This is due to the fact, your body needs around 3 days to make fully grown matured sperms and if you are not giving it the time it needs, all you will ejaculate is the seminal fluids that are more watery.

If you are suffering from low sperm count, you will be advised by your doctor not to engage in frequent sex and not to masturbate frequently so that enough sperms will be available to impregnate your partner when you are planning for a child. 

Masturbation causes erectile dysfunction

Yes and No.

Normal masturbation a few times a week is absolutely fine and shouldn’t really cause any problem. However, rough masturbation can hurt your penis or the skin on it and it also desensitizes your penis. Especially in the case of prone masturbation where you will apply a lot of pressure on your penis lying on your stomach. In such cases, when you are habituated to prone masturbation kind of pressure, normal stimulation by you or your partner will not be sufficient enough to achieve an erection. This scenario can lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

The solution to such problems is also simple – just hold on with your masturbation and if you are doing prone, just stop it.


Masturbation kills your sex drive

Umm.. not really. People having regular sex do masturbate, whether it is men or women. And it is not wrong to masturbate even if you have a sex partner. 

As per many men who I have seen at my clinic, they say that they are more active in sex when they masturbate than when they just don’t tough their penis to ejaculate. Masturbation may be another way to keep your sex life active? May be!

However, if you are addicted to porn and prefer to masturbate while watching porn ignoring your partner or her physical needs, then you are in trouble!

Masturbating in your teens means that you are hypersexual

Wrong! Preteens and teens is the time when your body starts producing a tone of testosterone and that’s when your sex drive is super high (compared to that throughout your life). Frequent masturbation during your teenage, having sex multiple times in a day or even within an hour is quite common.

Men run out of sperms if they frequently masturbate

Incorrect. Men never run out of sperm till the very end of their life. Their production may slow down in count but never becomes zero. However, frequent masturbation and release of sperm does make the semen thin and watery as you are not giving your body to produce and nourish the sperms.

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