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Jock itch, also known as Tinea Cruris is a fungal infection of the skin that is usually seen in moist areas of the body. Tinea cruris belongs to a category of fungi called Tinea. This fungus is already present on the skin, hair and nails of the body. Overgrowth of Tinea group fungi leads to the jock itch condition. The condition is seen more often in men but that doesn’t mean jock itch in women can be ruled out. If you are woman and are having a rash and an itch in the groin (and/or small blisters like formations), you may follow the same home remedies mentioned in this article before seeing your gynaecologist.

Jock itch symptoms

  1. Initially, it starts with an itch. You will feel good while scratching the area but that can lead to peeling of the top layer of skin in the region. So, don’t do that.
  2. You will notice that the area is moist all the time whenever you touch it.
  3. Redness or dark redness can be seen in the area depending on the colour of your skin.
  4. You may find small blisters with little puss filled tops in the area.
  5. Applying just an anti-itch cream or powder mostly doesn’t help.
  6. As days pass, the affected area grows larger in size.

Causes of jock itch

The itch is caused by the fungus that is already present on the skin. So, this isn’t something that you acquire from the outside environment usually but you may get it from other people when their affected areas or clothes come in contact with your skin.

  1. Not taking bath regularly or washing the moist areas.
  2. Keeping wet clothes on for longer periods.
  3. Coming in contact with affected areas or clothing of other people.

Being a male and especially if you are overweight or obese can put you at higher risk of developing jock itch. Wearing tight clothing, diabetes, excess sweating can promote the growth of fungus on the skin.

Home remedies for jock itch

A little bit of extra hygiene in the moist areas of the body is all you need to avoid jock itch.

  1. Keep the moist areas of the body dry and clean. Wash the groyne (groin) area, arm pits, between the buttocks regularly with mild soap and make sure the area is dry before you wear any clothing on it.
  2. Avoid skin tight clothing, especially on warmer days. Loose clothing and cotton wear helps in removing the moisture on the skin.
  3. Use medicated powders that can help keep the area dry.
  4. Make sure you take your prescribed medicines, if you already have any other injury/wound on your body.

Before you see a doctor, we advise you to try the over the counter creams (given below) or powders for three days that can help you in treating the condition at home. If the external applications aren’t helping you, see a good doctor as soon as you can.

Jock itch treatment

When you see a good andrologist for jock itch condition, he/she will start with a physical examination and may ask a few questions. Most of the time your doctor will be able to figure out pretty easily. If your doctor is suspicious of psoriasis, a small area may be scraped and sent for further examination. 

Most common jock itch treatment involves application of antifungal cream (Candid gel) or powder (Clotrimazole Powder for Men, Candid powder, Abzorb etc). Oral antibiotics for fungal infection can cause an upset stomach and headache. If you are on oral medicine and having any of these symptoms, let your doctor know.

Preventing jock itch

In short, keep all the moist areas of your body dry. Especially the groin, arm pits, between the buttocks. Wash the areas regularly with mild soap and let the area dry before you put on any clothing.

Try to wear loose clothing and avoid synthetic material that doesn’t absorb body sweat. Stick to the basics to stay healthy. If your groin or buttocks region sweats a lot, use antifungal powders regularly to prevent growth of fungus. Advise your partner too with the same hygiene tips. If you are injured in any place of the body, take proper antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

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