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What is jelqing?

A little fancy name that we have been coming across on social platforms lately where groups of men claim that they were successful in increasing the length of their penis by jelqing regularly everyday. 

Jelqing is a process of massaging your semi-erect penis with your fingers, causing micro tears in the muscles of the penis shaft so that, as they heal, the penis gets longer and thicker. Well, the idea may have stemmed from the gym guys who repetitively tear their muscles to grow their arms, legs and other muscles in their body. But, does the same concept apply for penis’ muscles too? Let’s find out

What is the average size of penis of a man in India?

In short, when the penis is in resting condition or non-erect, the length may range from 1 to 3 inches. When the penis is stretched or erect, on an average, the penis of an Indian man measures 5 inches to 5.2 inches. 

As per survey, 85% of women are happy with their male partner’s penis size. However, men are not happy with their own penis’ size. This has been causing ‘small penis syndrome’ or ‘small penis anxiety’ in many men and is driving them to sexologists or andrologists asking for a longer penis. 

“I personally think that men are attributing their manliness to the length of their penis rather than how well they are able to satisfy their partners and enjoy love making and this might be coming from watching porn where it is shown that men have very large penis or women using sex toys that are usually large in size and show content.” says Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, Chennai’s leading sexologist and gynaecologist.

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

How does one jelq to increase the size of his penis?

  1. Get your penis in a semi-erect or fully erect position. 
  2. Apply moisturizer so that your fingers slide smoothly on the skin of your penis’ shaft.
  3. Wrap your thumb and index fingers around the penis’ shaft. In this scenario, your hand looks like an ‘OK’ gesture.
  4. Now, tighten the grip with your fingers that are around the penis’ shaft.
  5. Starting from the abdomen, slide down your hand till the penis head.
  6. Move your hand up towards the abdomen (after loosening the grip).
  7. Repeat step 4.
  8. Continue the process for 10 to 15 minutes everyday.

Does this really increase the length of your penis?

Personally, I don’t think this will help because you are effectively massaging the muscles in your penis but not breaking them. In order to induce microtears, the muscles inside the penis should work which is not what is happening in this case.  

If you are lifting weights, you can feel the pain and stress on your muscles and continued stress can tear them but while jelqing, I don’t see the same effect happening. I am not in opposition to those who want to give it a shot, but try it with a pinch of salt so that you don’t get disappointed when nothing changes.” 

If you are not careful while doing this and apply more pressure or force on your erect penis, there is every possibility that you break it and you will need to be admitted in the emergency ward. So, when you do it, be a little extra cautious.”

– Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

What are the proven ways to increase penis’ length and girth?

There are two scientifically proven ways using which a penis’ length can be increased without surgical intervention.

  1. Fat transfer
  2. P-shot.

Fat transfer to increase penis size

In this procedure, fat is taken from your body, cleaned up and then injected into the shaft of the penis. Once done, it is evenly distributed across the shaft. Once your body adjusts to the injected fat (which usually happens very quickly as the fat is from your own body), your penis will remain bigger and thicker.

Learn more about fat transfer to increase penis size.

P-shot (or Priapus shot)

The main purpose or intent of P-shot is not to increase the penis’ length or girth but the procedure is aimed at treating erectile dysfunction. However, along with repairing the erectile muscles inside the penis, P-shot also adds up a little length and girth to the penis for a few months after which the procedure has to be repeated for longer lasting results. 

Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center is one of the very few certified hospitals in Chennai, India to offer P-shot procedure. Learn more about P-shot here.

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