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Interesting facts about sperm health and lifespan of sperms

How long does sperm live inside a female body?

Telling exactly the duration is not possible because, it depends on the environment that sperms are released into and how quickly the fluid surrounding the sperms dry up.

Typically, sperms live in female body for about 5 days after ejaculation. How do they survive for so long? A Woman’s reproductive tract provides sperms with all the required nutrients for their survival.

Masturbation - When does it go wrong?

I withdrew my penis before ejaculation, will the woman still get pregnant?

This is also called ‘Withdrawal Method’. This is highly unreliable. Reason is very simple, there is something called ‘pre-cum’ that happens most of the times. May look like just water (than actual semen) but it may contain few sperms in it which can lead to fertilization.

However, the chances are very less. If the withdrawal is done correctly all the time, chances of getting the woman pregnant drops to 4% only.

Ejaculated in Hot tub, how long does your sperm survive in there?

In hot tub or in a hot environment, sperms don’t live for very long at all. May be for a few seconds and then they die due to the chemicals present in the water and due to the heat of the water.

If the water in the tub is warm, then sperms may survive for few minutes.  If the intercourse is done inside the hot tub and the sperm is ejaculated in the vagina of the woman, sperms will live as long as they do during normal intercourse.

How long can a frozen sperm survive?

Once frozen, sperm cells can survive indefinitely. When they are stored, the temperature maintained is typically negative 200 degree Centigrade.  Typically, cryopreservation is done before male patients are planning parenthood before undergoing cancer treatment.

How long does it take a man’s body to manufacture Sperms?

Male body produces millions of sperms every day. Then, the sperm cells make their way into the epididymis where they complete their development of tail and head. This may take several weeks.

What factors affect Sperm’s health?

Health and Lifestyle factors

  1. Drug and Alcohol Use
  2. Job or Occupation
  3. Use of tobacco
  4. Stress
  5. Overheating of testicles
  6. General Weight of whole body.

Environmental Causes:

  1. Exposure to Chemicals released by vehicles and industries.
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. Radiation of X Rays

Medical Reasons

  1. Infection of Testicles
  2. Testicular cancer
  3. Swelling of Veins that drain blood from the testicles
  4. Hormonal Imbalance
  5. Physical Problems in the scrotum or the tubes.
  6. Genetic Defects
  7. Medications administered to address different problem.
  8. Surgery in abdomen, pelvis or other reproductive organs.


  1. Hi sir
    I’m sathish I want ask two questions for you.
    1.I’m working out of India for 9years still I countinue masturbation & it will affect after marriage means pregnancy problem.
    2.Sir please tell us penis shape

    • Hello Mr. Sathish,
      Mastrubation habit is not going to affect your marital life unless you prefer to masturbate than to have sex with your wife.
      Penis shape, in general it will be a little bent. Thats perfectly normal. If it is more bent so that you are not able to have sex with your partner, that should be checked by a doctor.
      For information on penis shape, please read

    • Hello Sir
      My wife is stout and i am not getting excited to have sex with her. We dont have baby for 13 years now. i am worried too much about not having baby. I am 44 and she is 35 ..we are too worried. We are not rich. We both are very much interested to have baby, However I started to dislike sex due to several reasons of my own.So i am not participating in sex with wife. Very rarely i do. I know i am doing wrong, but how to come out of it.
      Which easy and cost effective method we should follow.
      Pls keep my details secret.

      • Hello, you need to see me in person and I can counsel both of you.
        Please call for an appointment and meet me in person.

        Thank you,
        Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  2. Hi Sir.
    Is that a long abstinence(for say more than 6 month or 1 year) from sexual life would make the sperm count and motility low? If so what could be done for the couples whose husbands are living abroad.

    • Hello Abdulla,
      No, abstinence doesn’t decrease the sperm count nor it will affect motility of the sperms.

      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  3. Hi sir,
    In my semen no sperms are there, doctor told me seminal vesicles not present in the body check with urologist, is it true when ejaculate semen has come out. Please reply this Question

    • Mr. Manish, if your doctor has said so, he/she should have inferred from the test reports.
      Please see me with available reports, lets see how we can help you with your low or no sperm count.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

    • Hello Mr. Manish,
      I need to check you once before I prescribe any medicine or a surgery to enlarge your manhood. Please take an appointment and see me whenever you can.

      Thank you,
      Your Sexologist, Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

    • 1) One time (two years back) I had pain in penis and I felt like some worms was moving. That time I was in hostel . I had consulted with a doctor then taken all the tests. Then the doctor told everything is ok it is UTI because the doctor has taken the tests of urine outcomes force in some machine and report looks like a graph. Then another doctor told it is just because of not drinking water . After two weeks it is ok and then no probs. This will arise any future problems like non curable diseases .

      2) I have downward my penis closed skin before 2 years . Now it didn’t close my mouth of penis and skin always in downwards. I should remove those skins or it’s ok to keep as it is . As my penis mouth always looks clean .

      3) What is the time period to tests STI such as hepatitis, herpes, hiv etc.,If tested above all on October then the report comes negative and again when we have to test??

  4. Hello sir , I have masturbation habit for nearly 10 years last year end I try to masturbate but on that time I didn’t release the sperm after that next day my scortum is swelling and painful after sometime I checked urologist dr and he said nothing to worry n you are completely alright but after that I got sometimes saggy testicles , sometimes right side testicle pain , sometimes left side testicle pain and left knee pain I want to know the cause sir and whether I have to worry or not about the issue I have

  5. Greeting,
    I’m mastubating for past 3 years daily and causes lose of hair recently and I’m addicted to mastubating daily. Dr can u suggest me solution to overcome this problem since I cannot make an appointment with you since I’m from Malaysia and the current situation of pandemic.

    • Dear Raj, Masturbation has got nothing to do with hair fall.
      There are several reasons why hair falls including age, heredity, pollution, your chemicals based shampoo, sometimes even the water you are using, medical conditions like hypothyroidism etc.

      You need to figure out the exact problem and get it treated to stop hair fall.

      Thank you.

  6. respected sir
    1.I have been recovered from corona virus and I’m normal now but earlier I use to masturbate daily for the past 2 years & whenever I feel horny while watching the porn but nowadays I’m not able to feel the full satisfaction & horny feel in porn .I’m single & I have started masturbating from 2011 but not daily (occasionally) .my age is 26 and do I need to quit masturbating habit to recover the full satisfaction during ejaculation sir .
    2.I don’t had intercourse with anyone till date. corona virus infected patients lose male fertility ,do they tend to loose sperm count sir pls reply sir
    expecting ur reply soon doctor.

    • Hello Babu, there were some research articles that Corona can affect fertility in men.
      However, there were other research studies which contradicted those findings.
      The only way to find out if you are normal or if you are affected is to get some tests done.

      Thank you
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  7. Dear sir,
    I’m masturbating for past many years daily , recently I married , my problem is during the intercourse sperm is not coming or (I don’t know i stopped earlier or not) but during masturbating sperm is coming normally.

    • Ok, don’t worry. when masturbating, if you have got used to high pressure on your penis, normal sex will not stimulate it much.
      Take a break from masturbation and sex for 2 weeks and have sex with your partner. You should ejaculate. If you don’t ejaculate, don’t worry, keep trying for 2 months.
      If you still don’t ejaculate, pls come and see me.

  8. Sir i am masterbation since 3 years daily and i watch porn my sperm leakage after 3 min later . i am masterbate extreme to my sperm is watery but small time masterbate sperm is thick what problem

  9. Hello sir i had a question. I have sex with my partner like only for 1 or 2 min without protection and i had not ejacule the sperm in her body but i had masturbated last is there a chances of pregnancy?? What precautions should we do to avoid it??

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