A Hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid inside the layers of tissue covering the testis. This results in massive increases in size of the scrotum with a disfiguring appearance. The fluid is usually straw colored and clear. Sometimes there may be an infection which results in the formation of pus (pyocele) or there may be accumulation of blood (hematocele).

Hydrocele - Treatment in Chennai | Metromale Clinic

Types of Hydrocele

Noncommunicating Hydrocele

Occurs when the sac closes, but the body doesn’t absorb the fluid back. The remaining fluid is typically absorbed into the body within a year.

Communicating Hydrocele

Occurs when the sac surrounding your testicle doesn’t close.  This allows fluid to flow in and out of the scrotum / sac.

Symptoms of Hydrocele

Typical symptom of Hydrocele is the swelling of one or both the testicle(s). Men will experience discomfort due to the unsual size of the scrotum.  As the size increases, so does the pain.

In some cases, swelling may be less in the morning compared to that in the evenings or at nights.

Should you see a doctor when your scrotum is swollen?

1. First you should know the condition why the testicles are swollen.  Scrotum can swell due to Inguinal Hernia when abdomen fat or intestines or both descend down into the genital areas.

2. If swelling occurs immediately after an injury, you should see the doctor immediately.  In such cases, delaying medical treatment may result in loss of a testicle. (Death of testicle).

3. In case of babies, hydrocele should go away on it’s own within a year of birth, if not, please consult your sexologist and ask him/her to test for Hydrocele.

Causes of Hydrocele

1. Communicating Hydrocele – If the sac (of testicle(s)) doesn’t close after the testicles descend from abdomen after the birth of the baby boy, fluids can fill up the scrotum.

2. In young and old males, hydrocele can be caused due to an injury to the scrotum.

Treating Hydrocele

A very small hydrocele can be usually left alone and managed by watchful waiting. However, large hydroceles need surgery. At the Metromale clinic Holmium laser is used for this surgery. The laser is very effective in cutting and sealing blood vessels keeping pain and blood loss to a minimum. This also results in faster healing with minimal scarring.

Hydrocele - Scrotal Swelling & Treatment

Hydrocele - Scrotal Swelling & Treatment (Tamil)

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Hydrocele - Treatment in Chennai | Metromale Clinic

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