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Heard or noFap movement? Started as a group discussion and now grown into a large community of men who decide not to masturbate and they claim to have the following benefits while they abstain from masturbation:

  1. Helps men refocus their attention on work and personal life
  2. Helps them stick to their faith and beliefs
  3. Increases everyday energy and concentration levels
  4. Helps in muscle building

However, there is very little medical evidence to prove the same. Some experts say that improvement in testosterone levels because of noFap is not a reality. The levels of testosterone doesn’t go down because of sex or masturbation in a healthy male. A study done in 2015 says that there is no evidence between poor mental health and masturbation.


Why do you want to stop masturbation in the first place?

Well, while modern medical science says that there are no negative effects of masturbation (regular, daily or frequent masturbation), there are some contrary opinions from other branches of science like ayurvedam, Taoism etc. which advise not to lose their life energy (or Chi) through masturbation. Some religions preach that masturbation is against God and discourage the practice. 

Some men are addicted to porn to an extent that masturbating frequently may be hurting their relationship with their partners and denting their work. Rough masturbation or prone masturbation may hurt the reproductive organs. 

Regardless of reasons, if you are planning to stop masturbating totally, here are some steps that you can follow to achieve your goal. Remember, your mind is a powerful machine and if you are not able to make it up with your will power, you may most likely resume masturbation.


Get out of social media and porn

Wondering that we introduced Social Media? In order to get likes, shares and subscribers, people are going near nude on social platforms and posting pictures, reels or short videos. If you are addicted to the timeless scrolling of social media on your phone, you are not just wasting precious time of your life but encouraging your mind to watch more and masturbate more. The more you scroll through, the more the AI of the platform shows you the ‘interested’ content for you. This makes a vicious cycle form which you need great discipline to get out of.

Porn addiction has become a very common thing due to the fact that porn is easily available and for free. All you need is access to the internet and little knowledge about VPNs or how to jump the firewall settings of your internet provider. Addiction to porn does not only lead to excessive masturbation but can also ruin your personal and professional life. The following articles can help you learn more about porn addiction and it’s negative effects.

  1. Are you addicted to porn?
  2. High speed porn – is it bad?


Get yourself busy with other stuff

Mark the times when you are free and are spending time on your computer or handheld device to watch porn. Plan some physical activities at that time and those activities may include not just going to gym and working out, it could be either cutting wood or even cleaning your home or do dishes while you listen to music that you like.  This deviates your mind from the habit of watching porn and thinking about masturbation. Initially you may find it a little difficult but after a couple of weeks, you can see the difference. A refreshed mind and the release of feel good hormones after you do something different will help you keep focused on your target. 


See a good sex therapist

If you realise that you are addicted to masturbation and preferring to masturbate than to have real sex with your partner, you need to see a good therapist to help you. Sooner the better before you completely ruin your relationship that can hurt your work too indirectly. 

Your therapist may evaluate you for a handful of mental conditions such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and can treat accordingly. Some men masturbate when they are stressed out, such people can also be treated.


Get out and spend time with friends

If you are living alone or have no friends, the next thing that you turn to is ‘online’ (or your computer). Step out, make friends or spend some quality time with good friends. You will feel good. A couple of hours of useful and constructive conversations with good friends can take you much higher in life. Such meetings and conversations can get your thoughts far away from masturbation or any other type of addiction.

Masturbation can be harmful

Normal masturbation doesn’t hurt you but when you are addicted to it and want to do it hard and wild, you are sure to hurt yourself. Squeezing your penis too hard and moving the foreskin (if present) to and fro rapidly can cause a tear in the skin and also result in mild swelling of the penis.

You may sometimes break your penis if you bend it too much knowingly or unknowingly during masturbation. This is a penile fracture and it is an emergency condition. 

If you don’t want to masturbate or want to stop but are not able to stop as you are addicted, a few moments after masturbating will be super bad that can give you the feeling of guilt.


As per our medical experts, masturbation is a healthy habit and there is nothing to feel bad about unless it is done when needed and you are not addicted to it and when it is not hurting any other aspects of your life. But when you realise that too much masturbation has taken over your life, seek help. It is easy to get rid of excessive masturbation habit if you can firmly fix your mind to go noFap.


  1. sir, am addicted to masterbations, i wanna cum out. am lonely always inside the room. age 30. unmarried. facing the issues. my hands legs are swelling numbness burning sensations often now a days. i got feverish stretches straines on my hands legs neck & shoulders. fears social fear like phobia, anxieties , depression, chest palpitations, Nervous illness or weakness. am feeling always tired. Not enthusiastic. i dont want waste my sperm outside or consuming. i wanna protect myself. my body & mind. my friend’s & relations all are avoiding me. wat should i do sir ??

    to lead comfort life without any stresses pressures & guiltyness ??

  2. hlo i am a student and a avg student
    i do masterbastion several times a day and feels not so inthusiasic ,fattiguse ,lazyness,and not having a strong mindset
    i wanna come out and a main thing i am addicted to prone masterbation
    how to came out please anyone guide me

    • Your question has all the answers.
      Your Mind. This is the most powerful tool you have.
      Make up your mind, set your goals and work on them. Stop masturbating! Focus on your goals.
      Do this for few months and you will see how better you can be at your studies/work.

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