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Home Remedies to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is quick and uncontrolled ejaculation in less than a minute after intercourse. Apart from psychological problems, deficiency of some minerals in the body such as zinc, magnesium can also cause PE. Eating more nuts, fruits, spinach, trying stop and start techniques, squeeze techniques along with numbing sprays and climax delaying condoms can improve the ejaculation time. You can also try strengthening your bladder muscles to get better results. If none of them work, please see a good sexologist near you so that you don’t get stressed out, lose confidence and dent your relationship with your partner.


  1. I have premature ejaculation for the last 6weeks i have been taking ginseng tablets and zinc with magnesium is there anything i can or should do other than this?
    I have never had this before

    • How do you think taking gingseng and zinc with Magnesium will solve your premature ejaculation problem?
      PE can be psychological or physical. Both are treatable and you need to see a good sex specialist to cure your premature ejaculation problem.
      If Zinc and Mg are taken in excess, that can show different symptoms in your body.

  2. Hi Dr. Karthik
    I have been using tobacco for ten years and now I am facing early discharge problem, I believe that tobacco is the cause. Should above home remedies will helpful in my case?
    Kindly reply!

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