Home remedies for treating thin and watery semen

Most of the times, thin or watery semen is due to the absence of sperms or low sperm count. This is one of the reasons that can cause infertility in men apart from premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, sperm morphology problems, sperm motility problems etc. When there is less production of sperms, the ejaculate contains more of watery liquid and therefore it looks thin and watery.

Frequent sex and masturbation are major reasons for watery semen in perfectly healthy individuals but there are other causes that contribute to watery semen.

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What causes watery semen?

  1. Medications that you might be taking for other problems. If this is the case, you need to talk to your sexologist and get them changed.
  2. Medical conditions such as:
    1. Varicocele
    2. Sexually Transmitted Infections
    3. Mumps
    4. Surgery done to treat Hernia
    5. Prostate Cancer
    6. Testicular Cancer
    7. Obesity
    8. Diabetes
    9. Autoimmune disorder
  3. Life style mistakes
    1. Excessive alcohol intake
    2. Smoking (Smoking can kill your sperms and your son’s sperms too)
    3. Stress
    4. Consuming sugar drinks (almost all soft drinks and readymade fruit juices contain a lot of sugar)
    5. Lack of exercise
    6. Avoiding sunlight that results in Vitamin D deficiency
  4. Other reasons
    1. Deficiency of Vitamins, Zinc and/or selenium
    2. Exposure to chemicals at work
    3. Medical treatments such as Chemotherapy or radiation therapy
    4. Usage of drugs or tobacco

A dozen Natural remedies (home treatment) to treat watery semen:

  1. Fructose rich foods – Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of fructose. Fructose is a major constituent of sperms. A diet that is not nutritious and deficient in fructose can lead to less sperm production by the body resulting in watery semen. Include fruits such as apples, amla, grapes, berries, watermelons, guava, mangoes, pineapples etc in your diet.
  2. Dates and milk – Eat 10 dried dates soaked in milk (for 4 hours) every day.  Dates are rich in dietary fibers and carbohydrates. They contain a lot of Vitamins that can improve your sex stamina and also thicken your semen.
  3. Foods rich in Zinc – Zinc is an important mineral whose deficiency can cause fertility related problems including watery semen. Deficiency of Zinc can also lead to lower production of testosterone in the body which results in lower sex drive. Eat foods rich in Zinc and also you can take zinc supplement. To know more on how zinc can help you with thickening your watery semen, read the following article. Natural testosterone boosting supplements
  4. Selenium – Lack of selenium also causes the semen to become watery. Deficiency of selenium also causes hair fall. Include the following foods in your diet without fail – Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, oyster, lamb (mutton), chicken, eggs, oats, onions etc.
  5. Foods rich in Vitamin C – Amla, lemons, Oranges, Mangoes, Strawberries, guava, papaya, tomato, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes etc are good sources of Vitamin C. Consume them regularly on a daily basis to stay healthy and fertile.
  6. Vitamin E foods – Oils such as sunflower oil (not refined), peanut oil, corn, olive oil, sesame oil are rich sources of Vitamin E. Butter, eggs, soya, wheat germ oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds, copra (white part of coconut) etc should be in your diet.
  7. Vitamin B12 – Especially vegetarians miss this important vitamin very much. This vitamin also helps in metabolism in the body. Non vegetarian foods are good sources of vitamin B12. (Liver, Kidney, Fish, Oysters, Salmon, Sardines etc). Vegetarians can regularly go for Vit B12 injections or supplements.
  8. Stress – We can’t stress enough the importance of ‘Stress management’ to be healthy, mentally and physically. Stress can do a lot of bad things to your body. It hampers the functioning of every soft organ inside your body. It is very important to seek help if you are stressed out due office work or due to home atmosphere.
  9. Regular exercise – Working out regularly can keep your energy levels at optimal state. Exercise helps in improving testosterone levels and that pushes your testicles produce more sperm.
  10. Good sleep – Restful sleep is also important for proper functioning of your body. You must get at least 8 to 10 hours of good night sleep.
  11. No to sugar drinks – Any colas or fruit juices that contain maximum sugar must be avoided.
  12. No tight under wears –Tight under wears can heat up testicles. The reason why your scrotum is located outside the body with lot of skin on it is to reduce the temperature of the organs it is holding.  Wearing tight clothing will increase the temperature in that region which results in improper functioning of testicles.

If you are masturbating more times in a day, you can try stopping and reducing the frequency. In many young adults, that will take care of the problem.  If you are still seeing watery semen even after infrequent ejaculations, then you must surely see a good sexologist near you.  Your doctor may ask few questions and request for few tests to see if all the parameters in your body are normal and healthy.  Depending on the test reports he/she may suggest some medicines.


  1. Hello sir !
    I want to know when I masterbate why my ejaculation doesn’t come out in pressure they just fall like dropping on hand not go in pressure why please help

  2. Hlo sir, I have been masturbating for many years without knowing wat actually Sex is.. it’s been a yr I reduced the masturbating numbers. But the ejaculation time lies within a minute and my semen seems to be watery.. is thr any issue related this and does it leads to infertility? Pls reply sir.. by next month am having marriage

    • Frequent masturbation can lead to watery semen but not infertility.
      You are having premature ejaculation problem. Please visit me at my clinic. This can affect your married life if not treated.

      • Sir am from Salem.. is thr any sort of online consultation available? Coz I couldn’t come all over to Chennai since I hav my mrg by end of this month.. pls let me know sir

  3. Hello dr, im a male of 27 years from nigeria. During my teen age i indulged in excessive masturbation out of ignorance. However, as i matured i reduced it drastically but since 2018 i have benn experiencing watery semen and shrinked pennis when im standing. Sir im really scared but beleive your advice would give me hope. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Hello Peter, watery semen can indicate absence of sperms.
      You will need to undergo test to detect the presence of sperms. If there are very few, IVF may be an option for you. If not, sperm aspiration will be the next step.

      If you are in Chennai, please see me at my clinic.

  4. Hi Dr
    This is Zion
    My sperm is to watery I have been masturbating frequently for years.. now my sperm is watery I stop masturbating for 2 weeks and i check it out in the third 3 week but still my semen is very watery what can I do doctor..

    • Zion, there are lot of reasons why semen becomes watery. We need to see if sperms are produced and if produced, to what extent.
      If not, we have to explore all the possible reasons one by one by performing tests. If you are willing to get some tests done, please come and see me.
      Otherwise, this time, you can give a gap for another month and see if there is an improvement.

    • Do you know the reason for watery sperm? Is the person masturbation in frequent intervals or is it just watery all the time?
      Is there is a blockage in the sperm ducts or are the testicles not producing sperms at all?

      Without undergoing certain tests, it is difficult to ascertain the cause of watery semen. Please see a good sex therapist or a sexologist near you and get the right treatment for watery semen.

  5. Hi doc, I am indulged in frequent masturbation..earlier when I use to masturbate in excess my testicles started to pain and I use to see less ejaculation but it wasn’t watery… But now I m getting good ejaculation amount but it’s watery and my testicles do not have pain anymore even when I am in excess masturbation. Please tell me if I m required to see a sexologist or so.

  6. Hello Doc, I’m wasama from Malawi. Last year I got treatment from STI plus I used to mastubate a lot. I’ve just discovered that my sperm is watery. How can I end this. I’m stressed about being infertile. Help please

  7. Ayuba from Nigeria
    Please Dr, I have watery sperm but I did semem analysis, the sperm count is normal but some cells are weak, what can I do sir

  8. Dear doc, 3 months of trying to conceive but yet no positive results…. please help me, Is there anything wrong somewhere??

      • Hi Doc,
        I started masturbating since age13 ignorantly. I was addicted to it, but i noticed few year back that i began to experience quick ejaculation. I have been struggled to leave it but not successful. I’m already having watery sperm, but watery sperm will become normal anytime i stop like for 3days. Now the problem is ‘i’m now having sperm leakage and i only have short time erection. I was having testis pain few month back, which i went to a pharmaceutical store, and i was given a strong anti-malaria drugs, the pain relief and i had very strong erection after using the drug, but the weak erection will come back as soon as the drug finish working. So, please what can i do? I was thinking maybe i should use ‘gentamicin injection’.

    • Check if it smells or if you have any problem masturbating. If it is not very thick, may be you need to take a break from masturbation for a week and see how it looks.
      If the problem still persists, check with your doctor.

  9. Hi doc, whenever I masturbate or have discharge repeatedly like (everyday) atleast I do see little of thickness in my semens but recently I noticed my sperm have been watery after every discharge and it on like b4…..

  10. Hi Doctor,
    I am Eze from Nigeria. I have been married for 1 year plus now and we can’t have children.

    Initially before I got married and early stage of my marriage my sperm has always been thick and milky in nature, but gradually like 6 months back now, it has becomes watery, even till now.

    I went for a test and the test shows 14 million sperm count. I don’t masturbate. Please Doc, what is the way out sir?

    • 14 mln is little less than required but not bad at all. The next question is, out of those 14 mln how many are healthy and well formed.
      Please see a doctor for further testing – sperm morphology test or a complete semen analysis. If you don’t have any problems, get your wife tested. Her fertility also plays an important role.

  11. Dear doctor , I cannot see you at clinic as I’m far from you.

    Just want to ask you that,
    I masturbate almost everyday, now I’m unable to conceive my wife even after a week of gap in masturbation.

    one week isn’t sufficient for the sperm to produce as I still see it as watery ?
    Please help me by answering my question.
    Can I stop masturbating for a month then? I think there is not even a week of gap since 15 and now I’m 28.

  12. My name is Tony from Nigeria

    Good afternoon Doctor please i am 35yer ,i have treated staphylococcus at hospital with my wife ,and i did seamen analysis, and the result is 80%Active,10%slightly Active and 10%Dead . Please 🙏 sir is that result ok for my wife to take in(be pregnant) because iits up to 1yer now that i got married to her but no issues ,what can I do to be a father of my own

  13. i am facing water semen then i saw any sex porn video is it okay or not and i have contorl on myself can i? stop mastrubate is it work and my age is 19

  14. Hi, my age is 22 yrs and I’m masturbating from last 8 yrs most probably everyday but this year when I know my sperm gets watery and thin, I reduces the frequency. Now, I hardly masterbates two times a week but still getting same watery thin sperm and even now I started ejaculating within 2 minutes. Is it a serious matter? Is it affect to infertility? What should I do?

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