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Hepatitis and Sex – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a medical condition that causes inflammation of the liver. This disease is caused by Hepatitis Virus. This liver damaging disease can spread through sharing needles, sharing food and also through sexual contact with an infected person.

How many types of Viral Hepatitis are there?

There are at least five types of viral hepatitis that can damage a person’s liver. Leading ones are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and
Hepatitis C.

FAQ on Hepatitis and sex

How does Hepatitis spread?

Hepatitis A – This virus mainly spreads through fecal-oral route. Direct or indirect contact with feces or anus of an infected person can lead to infection. Even a very very tiny amount of infected feces is enough to transmit infection to a perfectly healthy person.

Hepatitis B – We all know that HIV as a major sexually transmitted infection. But, HBV, Hepatitis B is transmitted 50 to 100 times easily than HIV through sex. This virus, just like HIV is present in all the bodily fluids like blood, vaginal secretions, saliva and semen. Oral sex, especially anal sex where the movement is very rough are major sexual routes to pass on the infection.

HBV does NOT transmit because of holding hands or hugging. However, with deep kissing, the virus can get transmitted especially in cases where the healthy person is wearing braces or have gum problems or having sore throat or cuts in or around the mouth. If a person has more number of sexual partners (Promiscuous), chances of getting infected are very high.

Hepatitis C – This is spread through infected person’s blood, when they are menstruating or having genital sores or cuts. Having more number of sexual partners also increases the chance of getting infected. People have only one partner who they trust can significantly reduce the chances of infection.

What are the chances of getting infected with this virus between men and men?

Gender doesn’t play a major role as far as the spreading of this virus is concerned. It depends on how many sexual partners a person has and how active he/she is sexually. However, women get infected more easily than men but gay men are at higher risk of infection. (As their intercourse may be rough, it can result in skin tearing sometimes which exposes the healthy person to virus).

How to tell that your partner is Hepatitis free?

There are no telltale signs to identify a person with Hepatitis. Even though infected, some people look to be in perfect health. If you notice that your new partner has yellowing skin, eyes (a condition called Jaundice), then that may be good sign that he/she is infected with Hepatitis Virus. The only perfect way to know if any person is infected is to get tested.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis infection?

Symptoms include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, joint or abdominal pain and brown coloured stools.

Are there any particular sexual activities that spread the infection?

As said, sexual activities that cause the skin to tear or bleed can spread infection quickly and easily. Anal sex is more risky than vaginal sex. Even rough oral sex can spread the infection. Having a barrier such a condom or a dental dam or female condom can reduce the transmission or exchange of bodily fluids, there by arresting the spread.

Can sex toys spread hepatitis?

That’s very much possible. The virus can live on the surface of the used sex toys for many days. When used by other healthy person without proper washing and sterilizing it, there are chances that the healthy person also gets infected.

Are condoms effective in containing the spread of Hepatitis?

Latex condoms are 99% efficient and can stop the spreading. A plain condom is recommended than a flavoured one which can fail during the intercourse due to the lubricant used.


  1. I have hepatitis B for 6 years, I took an interference alpha 2 B injection in SMC. In the 21 injections I had OBC and psychological problems.
    Do I get marriage and intercourse?
    I saw a few of your videos.
    Masturbation harm my health.
    How many times can I do the Mastrubation in the Week?

    • If you had OBC and psychological problems, you must see your doctor who treated you for Hepatitis B.
      If not, please get all your previous reports and see me at any of my clinics.

      Coming to masturbation, it won’t harm you, as I explained in my video.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  2. To get rid of masturbation, i bend my penis between my legs and hold it tightly bw my legs during erection .It reduces my urge to masturbate .If i try to hold my penis with hand, i got sensation and end up masturbating. Does this type of forcefully bending and holding penis leads to penile curvature, peyronie disease like complications?

    • Dear Doctor
      This is Akshay. I have a small problem. I am feeling a thin cord like vein under the head of my penis. I am able to touch it. It has been there for over 10 months now. I am a little worried doctor.

      • Hello Santhosh, If you are having problem having sex or urinating, please see me.
        If it is not bothering you, a one time consultation would be good, just to make sure that it is nothing big.

        Here is the number for appointment
        +91 90928 49786

        Thank you,
        Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  3. I follow ur videos regularly doctor.I saw your edging topic video. I m also edging regularly without releasing semen . I used to ejaculate semen once in a month . After a while i happen to see less quantity of semen got released nowadays. Is this low quantity because of edging? Will low quantity of semen ll end in infertility and diseases like varicocele in future ? Edging without releasing semen is a bad habit or not?

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