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Frequency of Ejaculation – How many times is normal?

For men, ejaculation and orgasm feel the same, but are they really the same? Some men can experience orgasm without ejaculation and some can’t feel the orgasm even when they ejaculate. However, some sexologists argue that ejaculation and orgasm are two different things.

Ejaculation – ejecting semen out of a man’s penis when masturbating or having sex with his partner. (Sometimes, semen comes out without any physical stimulation – in cases of night fall and in those with semen leakage).

As per some researchers in the USA, frequency of ejaculation affects a man’s:

  1. Physical health
  2. Sperm count
  3. Mental health and overall well-being.

But, surely there is no evidence or any research done on the physical and mental conditions of men who don’t masturbate or have sex. (yes, there are men who do not masturbate or have sex for various reasons).

How frequent is considered normal?

In fact, there is no such thing as normal. A man can masturbate as many number of times as he can/want in a day or week, as per modern science. However, ayurveda contradicts this understanding and says otherwise.  Even Chinese’s Taoism tells men to keep ejaculation count to minimum.

As per our modern science, the frequency of a man’s ejaculation / ability to have sex with his partner depends on:

    1. Age
    2. Physical and mental health
    3. Relationship status.

Men in their 20s tend to have sex or masturbate more frequently compared to those in 30s and the men in their 30s tend to do it more frequently than those in 40s. Seems to be a direct co-relation with levels of testosterone?  Masturbation is very common in men and in women (around 60% women masturbate). It can be either self masturbation or partnered masturbation, where your partner helps in your masturbation.

Frequency of ejaculation - effects of frequent masturbation

As per a research, ejaculating 21 times a month can significantly reduce prostate cancer in men.

Well, that is as per a couple of researches done by some good sexologists. However, there is still no definitive evidence that ejaculating 21 times a month will surely keep a man away from prostate cancer.  Also, there is very little evidence that prostate cancer affects men who do not masturbate so frequently.

How to safely masturbate?

There are no hard and fast guidelines on how a man can masturbate. (Except in prone masturbation as explained by our sexologist, Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran in the following video).  However, there are some beliefs that masturbation can induce infections if the person’s hands are not clean, rough masturbation can cause tearing of skin on the penis etc. But, as long as the man (and man/woman if having sex with a partner) are comfortable, masturbation is considered safe.

How does ejaculation help ? (Positive effects on the body due to ejaculation.)

Ejaculation with masturbation or by having sex have many positive benefits on a man’s health, as per modern science including:

  1. Since sex is a form of exercise, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, helps in reducing obesity.
  2. Men who had sex less than once a month (because of erectile dysfunction or other problems) were prone to cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Sex relieves a man (and woman) of stress and makes mood much better.
  4. Good sex at least once a week improves the immune system.
  5. Helps men in getting relaxed sleep.

Should you be worried about losing sperm ?

A man’s body continuously keeps producing sperm and there is no running out of semen. (Conditions apply). Although it takes many days for the sperm to fully mature, men’s body makes millions of sperms every day. Frequent ejaculation doesn’t reduce the sperm count in healthy men. If you are suffering from low sperm count, you must first talk to your sexologist and then proceed according to his/her advice.

Should you control the frequency of your ejaculation?

Some branches of science such as Indian Ayurveda and Chinese’s Taoism advise you to retain the ‘energy’ / ‘chi’. Modern science doesn’t stop anyone from masturbating and encourages men to masturbate and/or have sex for a happier life.   If you feel like stopping yourself from masturbation or unnecessary ejaculation, it is totally up to you. Not ejaculating has zero effect on a man’s fertility. Unused sperms are either absorbed the body or released through nocturnal emissions. For those who are very young, during puberty, they may experience “wet dreams / night fall” when they try to abstain from masturbation.

Video: Male Masturbation – How many times is normal?


  1. Hello sir

    I am Mohamed
    I am suffering because of gay behaviour I want to quit it please make a video an explain the solution about it … Lot af people’s are suffering because of this isse please I am Hopefully waiting for your valuable feedback ..

    Thank you

    • Dear Mohamed,

      There is no quick treatment for your behavioural issue. you need to undergo therapy sessions. Please take an appointment and see me if you can.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

    • Hello Shubham, yes, definitely it can be cured.
      If you had any previous consultations with other doctors and if you have any reports, please see me if you are in Chennai.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  2. Hi sir, I have been doing masturbation for long years, my semen seems to be watery and ejaculation occurs very soon. Is there any chance of becoming infertile?

  3. Sir I have done prone masturbation in my life for the last 15 years. Now, I am 27 and I quit prone masturbation last week after seeing your video by knowing its dangers. Can I recover from this? I need your help sir. I checked my erections last day and I got normal erections after seeing a hot scene in a movie. But, I couldn’t maintain the erections for long time.Is it because I practised prone masturbation in my life? Could you please tell me the remedy?

    • Dear Muhammed, I am happy that you stopped prone masturbation after watching the video.
      Now, you are getting erections, thats good. Continue masturbating normally (by standing etc, not prone). You will be fine.
      In case, if you don’t get erections or if you are ejaculating in less than a minute during masturbation, please come and see me at my clinic.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

      • does the problem is physical or psychological? The thing is that my penis is erect on mornings after my sleep ( it is much stronger and feel like good blood supply in the morning).

        • Again I have tried the hot scene again one more time and i am not getting any erection at all. Could you please suggest is it because I psychological or tensed) or physical (dangerous). I am nervous now.

          • The more stress you feel, the more problem you will have getting an erection. Don’t worry about it.

        • Mostly psychological.
          Regarding morning erections, it is called ‘Morning Wood’. It is normal.

          • Today, I have tried to erect my penis once again after watching a hot video. Actually, I had erections, but it has not lasted more time (1-2 minutes). Is there any problem for me with erections? Does is it because of prone? Actually, I have also noted that my penis shrinks a bit when it is flaccid ( does prone masturbation affected my erection abilities?). Previously, when I erect using prone, I ejaculate without any problems. Now, the penis erections are not lasting more time. Sir, please give me suggestions. I am so thankful that your video only escaped me from stopping prone. Now, I need to recover and i want children’s ( Unmarried and planning to get married within 1 and half years, now age 27). Please suggest me if i have any physical or psychological problems. Actually, I am trapped and desperately need to get out from this and have normal sex. I am from kerala and could you suggest me some ways to connect with you in this corona time or else could you suggest some one from kerala for me. Can I be cured? or I will remain impotent. PLease help me.

          • Muhammed, Sorry, I cannot read long posts.
            If you have problems mentally or physically, please see me at my clinic.

            Thank you,
            Dr. Karthik

      • Sir I am 28 I had night fall and masturbation problem for past 15 year
        And I am not have sex with any one
        I want to do hiv test
        I admitted in vijaya hospital two years back for neuro problem they taken all type of test and HIV screening test but it’s non reactive and it’s not confirmatory test
        I have symptoms like upper middle stomach pain for two years and now I have loose stool
        I am so scared sir due to Google search
        And I am so scared and shy to go to hospital in corona

        • Dear Prabhu,
          1) Stop googling. You will get even more scared and stressed.
          2) Stress will give you 100s of different symptoms.
          You can come down to my clinic in T Nagar, you need not worry about the safety or Corona, we are taking all hygienic steps to keep ourselves and our patients safe.

          Thank you,
          Dr. Kartik

  4. Hello sir ,i am shiva from Hyderabad can you help me regarding,I am have three scrotums right side one and left side two I had joined scrotum is there any particular reason for it …?

    • Interesting Mr. Shiva. You will need to see a good sexologist as soon as possible.
      A physical examination and may be other examinations may be done to determine if it is ok or problematic.

      Dr. Karthik G

  5. Is this possible to grow penis size and stamina? I need to last for 20 mins at least. And I come up with maximum girls desiring for a penis size at least 6 inches. What can I do for it? It’s just 5 inches or something I need to grow the size. Please help.

    • Chirag, lasting for 20 minutes comes on practice. Try stop and start technique, eventually you will gain control.
      Unless you have premature ejaculation problem (not lasting for even 2 minutes), I will not advise you to take any medication.

      Regarding increasing penis size, 5 inches is good enough to satisfy a woman. Penis enlargement or implants are advisable only for people who have a micro penis (less than 1 or 2 inches when erect).

      Try the start and stop approach to gain control. You should be good.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

    • Dear Thomas, there is no limit. You can do it as many times as you can.
      Remember that too much masturbation or rough masturbation can sometimes cause physical injury to your penis. Avoid prone masturbation and you should be good.

    • Do as long as you want (as per modern medicine) and you should not have any problem.
      Other branches of medicine tell a different story about masturbation. Ayurveda and Taoism don’t encourage masturbation. Choice is yours.

  6. Hi Doc,

    Especially during the summer months, I feel very sexually active, very angry and edgy I can’t control.
    As for sexually active during the summer usually I masturbate 3-4 times, my wife accept intercourse 2-3 times with her she can’t catch up to me so I feel frustrated sometimes, sometimes just because of that I intercourse with other woman.

    As for aggressiveness I experience angery bursts just for no reason, desire to bite someone or start a fight random people..
    When the weather temperature gets back to normal, I get back to normal as well..
    Can you advice me why it’s happening and how can I keep calm during summers.


  7. Hello sir , please tell me , as long as I don’t watch porn (cuz I don’t want my mind to be affected ) and I masturbate when I feel too horny , at the point i can’t handle anymore , is it ok , like it won’t mentally affect my it won’t affect my relationships with girls (that usually happen on day per week, but if i really want i could handle forever) ? even if I go to gym and want to build a nice body ? (saying this cuz i’m curios if it affect muscle growth or body view)

    Hope you will reply!

  8. Dr. I masturbate constantly, 10 times a day or more, 3 to 4 hours daily. I soak my bed with semen stroking for hours. I shoot loads of cum over & over sometimes when I have extra time I jackoff until I pass out. My roommates think I have a problem because they tell me they hear me moaning & hear my bed squeeking with my headboard hitting the wall constantly but, I just enjoy it. Is there too much Cummings?

  9. Hello Sir, I am 38 year old. My erection is good during foreplay or with Masturbation by partner. But I feel when I go for penetration, sometimes loses erection or ejaculating quickly < 1 minute or sometimes as soon as penetration. Taking medicine high BP and physically very active and following balanced diet. Any suggestions?

  10. Sir good morning, I went for check up yesterday and I was told I have a problem with my semen volume. Pls kindly explain and what to do

  11. Hi sir,

    I am 25 now, I I am on the process of marriage I am doing the masturbate last 10 years I am getting pre ejaculate less than 1 minute like 15 to 30 seconds shall I prefer to go for the marriage or not

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