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Frenular Tears – Scary but common!

A frantic phone call. A plea for help. A male in distress. This calls for the Metromale SWAT team to get into action pronto. A newly-wed couple arrives at the clinic with a lot of trepidation. The couple walk into my office and the man says that he is experiencing bleeding from the penis. The episode started with the couple having sex and the male experiencing sharp pain and sudden bleeding from the penis. On examination, the prepuce appears swollen with blood collecting around the head of the penis. A frenular tear is seen. (Also called Frenulum Tear)

The frenulum is a highly sensitive band of tissue which connects the prepuce to the mucosa of the head (glans) of the penis. It helps contract the prepuce over the glans. When the penis is erect and filled fully with blood, the frenulum is taut. In a male with a short frenulum with the penis taut and the vagina dry, a tear of the frenulum can happen during sexual intercourse. As the frenulum carries the frenular artery there maybe torrential bleed which may cause a scare.

Frenular Tear - Surgeon in Chennai

Treatment is essential and needs to be planned on an emergency basis if the artery is involved. Compression may suffice sometimes. In others the bleeding vessel needs to be tied down or cauterized. The most important thing is adequate recuperation. If sex is attempted too soon, there maybe another tear which results in anxiety, stress and fear of intercourse. Adequate counseling is of paramount importance in this regard.


      • I lost some amount of blood during intercourse with my wife and it somewhat painful after that it stops bleeding and now it’s not that much pain but while moving a little bit pain is there. I need a Home based treatment for this ? And I need to know the Food Diet against this.

      • Hello sir I need little guidance from you , during the masturbation I rubbed my penis so hard that there was sudden outburst of blood from the frenulum part. There was an extreme pain for a week. It has been healed but pain nit gone totally. There is a sensation in my left leg because of this pain. After ten days of bleeding, I tried to masturbate just to check if my penis is functioning properly or not. That masturbation was very weak and monotonous, plus there was not erection in the penis at all. Danger feelings were there was a pain in the frenulum part inside , and sudden sensation and weakness in my left leg. Should I consult doctor immediately or to wait for some more days ? And if to visit a doctor then which type of doctor would be perfect to consult ? Urologist or sexologist ?

      • Hi, I have a question I think i tore my frenulum. it is completely okay there’s no blood or what. but my question is it is normal to feel a lil bit of pain when you wash it?

      • I was having intercourse and then, I tore and started bleeding a lot and then it stopped when I got flaccid. Also I only bleed when I start getting erect. What should I do?(im uncircumcised)

  1. Hello sir,
    My frenulum is torn and there was lot of bleeding too. But I don’t know if it’s completely torn or not, how do I find out about it? And if it’s completely torn,
    what could be the good course of action for me to do?

  2. Hello my frenulum is torn and after three weeks I tried to resume having sex and it did it again I am super stressed and I don’t know if its going to get better because I see there is still a soft slit that could tear again , will it get stronger by time if I don’t go in for surgery.

  3. 3 day before I had sex with my partner and while having sex my frenulum little bit tear very little 3-4 drops blood came.
    Now there is not any issue but only some pain when i apply ointment .
    So is this normal or i have to consult with any doctor??
    Please let me know as soon as possible

  4. For uncircumsized guy, can I leave it to heal under the skin? when I try to lower the skin it does get painful and start to bleed a little again, but not as much as at the begining. I also took an anibiotic azitromycin just in case.

  5. While having sex with my gf
    Frenulum tears and blood goes into my gf genital and i didn’t realise that is that any serious issue means my gf does get any problem ?

  6. Sir I hv jst a cut on penis head which is called meatus during sex intercourse..
    Bt now I jst feel inflammation or getting irritate while I do toilet…what the solution sir is this any problem..
    I also take antibiotic and a cream..

  7. Hi , 3 months before when i am having sex with my girlfriend i had the same issue . A small tear ( pin sized hole ) happed and lot of blood came from my penis . I applied some powder and let It healed a week . After that i tried to mastubrated and it went normal. But Now i am little afraid to have sex , what if it happens again and what if it becomes serious ?. My girlfriend is saying if we use lubricant , it will be smooth and will not happen . I am totally confused , should i visit doctor or should i continue to have intercourse with lubricant ? .

  8. Sir when I am doing sex with my partner suddenly bleeding then I observe my pennis it cuts my frenulum then what can i do sir it’s gone in yesterday only if I go any doctors or healed it’s by own sir please give me fast replay there is no pain sir

  9. Hi Dr. I had a small frenulum tgead & 2-3 drops of blood came out after intercourse. I just cleaned it and abstained for 4-5 days. on 5th day while having intercourse assuming i would have healed (without contom/lubricant). there was lot of blood.

    There was no pain, just mild sensation at that point while touching, also little sensation during pee was there for a couple of days but now ok. I applied antibiotic cream (tbact) to the area.

    it has been a week now, there is no pain or scar (however the frenulum tissue has thinned), will it heal on its own.
    (as im scared to go to a doctor & get surgery)

    Note: i am uncircumsized & have a large foreskin. (been sexually active since 5 years & first time this occured.) Age is 30.

  10. Heyy
    Actually I was masturbating at the night and I got excited and my frenulum got streched and not it is looking like an adult penis but no blood camed but now the skin is very itching what to do .please guide

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