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FAQs on Vasectomy

1. Does vasectomy affects a man’s sex drive?

No. Vasectomy does not affect a man’s sex drive. You will still have erections and can perform sex like before.  The only difference will be that your semen will not have any sperm in it. The sperms produced in the testicles will be absorbed back into the body since there is no way for them to get out.  Vasectomy can give more confidence to man or couple because they don’t have to worry about pregnancy.


2. Are incisions made on the scrotum to perform vasectomy?

In traditional vasectomy, doctors used to make one or two incisions with a scalpel (knife) to reach to the tubes that carry sperm.  But the most common procedure performed these days is by making a tiny hole on the scrotum through which the tubes are reached.  This hole doesn’t need stitches to close. A relatively painless procedure with quick healing.

3. Do you need to get admitted to hospital to undergo vasectomy?

No. Vasectomy takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Local anaesthesia is administered before performing the procedure. Once it is done, you can rest for some time and go home. Vasectomy is done as a day care procedure and doesn’t need hospitalization.

4. What happens to the sperms produced in the testicles after vasectomy?

As said, the sperms will be absorbed by the body if their way out of the body is blocked.

5. Is it safe to have sex without protection after vasectomy?

The answer is Yes and No. You will need to have protection in place for at least 20 times so that any residual sperms may be cleared off the tubes inside your body. As a safe bet, you can give yourself 3 months and after that, you can confidently perform sex without having any protection. Note that, vasectomy does NOT protect you from contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections. If you are having sex with a new/unknown partner, you should still use a condom.

6. What kind of underwear is preferred after vasectomy?

Briefs are advised after vasectomy. Boxers must be avoided. Briefs give support to the swollen scrotum. You can apply icepack while you are healing to minimise pain and encourage healing.

7. Vasectomy for men is better or tubal ligation for women?

Cost and recovery wise, vasectomy is a better surgery for birth control. However, it has become a routine for women to undergo tubal ligation or hysterectomy for birth control. Only 5 to 6% of men undergo vasectomy.

8. Can vasectomy cause prostate or testicle cancer?

No. This is a myth. Vasectomy does not cause any type of cancer. If you have concerns, please talk to your doctor before undergoing the surgery.

9. Can vasectomy be reversed?

Reversal of vasectomy most often may not work. The odds of reversal are high only if done within few weeks or months of the surgery but that too is not guaranteed.
Similar is the case with tubal ligation in women. Once the fallopian tubes are disconnected, tubal recanalisation cannot guarantee reversal.
It is important to decide before hand whether you are planning to have a baby in future before you undergo vasectomy.

10. Is vasectomy an expensive procedure?

Vasectomy is not an expensive procedure compared to hysterectomy or tubal ligation. You don’t need to get hospitalized either which saves you even more money.

11. What is the best age to undergo vasectomy surgery?

Rather than picking the best age, you will need to decide if you are planning to have children in the future. If you are sure that you don’t need to be a father (again), you can go for vasectomy.


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