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FAQs on Small Penis

Most men and women watch porn these days. Let us keep aside if watching porn is good for you and your sexual life. One other question that comes up is, is penis so long for every other man as you see in the porn film? Do they last so long as you see in the film? Can you set such expectations in reality?

Simpler answers are, no, men ‘usually’ don’t have such long penis in real life. They don’t last for hours in reality and setting such an expectations when having real sex is wrong and will lead to dissatisfaction.

Now, let us quickly answer some questions on Small Penis and Average penis size.

Doctor for small penis problem in Chennai

What is the normal size (average size) and what’s a tiny penis?

The average size of a penis is minimum of 4.7 inches to 6.3 inches when erect. A tiny penis usually measures less than 4.7 inches when erect or 2.8 inches when flaccid (not erect). A micro penis is much smaller than a tiny penis, less than 2.5cms when erect.

Is the size of my penis ok to satisfy a woman?

If you have an average sized penis (or above) and able to perform good vaginal intercourse, you need not worry about the size. Sexual satisfaction involves many other factors than just vaginal insertion such as foreplay, oral, trying sexual positions and places etc.

When you should go for penis enlargement?

Most men, need not go for penis enlargement as it is not actually worth the cost for penis enlargement and the pain involved. The maximum size that can be increased is about 2 inches. Considering the cost involved, pain, the limited sexual pleasure and complications, it is not worth if you have a decent sized penis.

How many men have a small penis and what is the largest size of the penis in the world?

Less than 1% of men have micro-penis. Typically the average size of penis varies for men from region to region. The largest penis size on record is 34cms / 13.5 inches, when erect, bored by Mr. Jonah Falcon. Don’t you wish that you were him, you wouldn’t even know where and how to hide it.

Is having a smaller penis bad?

Having smaller penis doesn’t mean you deserved to be body-shamed. If you can master the techniques of sex and understand your partner’s body well, you can do much better than any man with a large penis. All you need to know is, what makes her feel more sensual, erotic and what she enjoys most apart from actual vaginal intercourse.


  1. Hi doctor Karthik,I am gururaj from Karnataka,I am suffering to oligozoospermia desease,I watched your you tube videos,really I am very much thanks full to uploaded those positive videos,is there any treatment for my desease.please suggest me,my mother is a patient,so I should have child within one or two years,Kindly help.

    • Hello Mr. Gururaj,
      We are glad that you liked our videos. We can surely help you with your problem.
      Kindly call us at +91 90928 49786 and take an appointment if you are planning to visit chennai.
      Else, you can consult us online at, register and ask your question.
      This is a paid service. Dr. Karthik will respond to your question and start his examination from there.

      Thank you,
      Team – Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center

  2. Dear sir
    Am suffering from delayed ejaculation problem. I think it’s bcoz of my masturbation style. I wanna get treated.. Just guide with the fees and methods of treatment available

    • Ram, please see me for normal consultation. We can discuss rest of the stuff depending on your condition.
      90928 49786 call for appointment.

  3. Dr I’m siva very big problem in my penis & testicles sizes in 4th std student level dr…ipo my age 20… Slove this problem… I will hope you… please doctor. Please

    • Dear Siva, don’t worry. please see me whenever possible for you.
      I can inspect and let you know if that is ok or if something needs to be done.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  4. Dr I’m really excited in our replay …TQ doctor… Tqqq Doctor one request… English knowledge low but Tamil sollunga…. Enaku treatment irukka… Na daily valrathae naragama iruku….

  5. Hello Doctor,

    I have a problem with my penis the size is still 5th std student-level

    But my age is 24, please give me an idea to solve my problem.

    Currently, I’m working in Dubai please advise how can I take an online consult with you

    waiting for your reply

    thank you


  6. Hi doctor am suffering with a micro penis and need help with this problem I am having problem in bedroom because of his micro penis problem

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