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I am suffering from Premature Ejaculation; can I get my female partner pregnant?

Yes, you can get your female partner pregnant even if you are suffering from Premature Ejaculation provided:

  1. All your semen parameters are normal (sperm count, sperm shape, sperm motility / movement)
  2. Your partner doesn’t have any infertility problems
  3. If you can hold your ejaculation for few seconds until you ejaculate inside your partner’s vagina.

Can premature ejaculation be cured?

Yes, premature ejaculation is treatable. Be it biological problem or mental issue, both have treatment or therapies available. Talk to your sexologist before premature ejaculation dents your personal and/or professional life.

Can premature ejaculation cause infertility?

No. Premature ejaculation doesn’t cause infertility. Infertility is defined as a condition when you are not able to get your female partner pregnant even after a year of unprotected intercourse.

Can premature ejaculation lead to pregnancy?

Whether you are suffering from premature ejaculation or not, unprotected sex can cause pregnancy in a perfectly healthy couple. Even if you don’t have premature ejaculation problem, you shouldn’t attempt unprotected sex with a hope that you can pull out your penis just before ejaculation. Reason being, the pre-seminal liquids can sometimes contain sperms that can cause pregnancy.

What are the medicines for premature ejaculation?

There is no one medicine for all. Some men may not need any kind of medicines and some may need SSRI type of medicines. Once your problem is evaluated by the sexologist, he/she will be the right person to decide if you need to go on medication or you can just certain stop and squeeze type of techniques to over premature ejaculation problem.

Serotonin and Premature ejaculation – is there a connection?

Yes, lower levels of serotonin (a chemical made by the body and present in the brain) can cause premature ejaculation. Serotonin is also associated with appetite and sexual activity. While you are on serotonin supplements, you may feel less hunger that can aid in weight loss as well.

What is Premature ejaculation in Tamil?

முன்கூட்டிய விந்து வெளியேறுதல்

Is premature ejaculation is good or bad?

Whether premature ejaculation is good or bad, depends on you and your partner. Some men may ejaculate in less than a minute and some may ejaculate in less than 2 minutes and their female partners are still happy with that time. If either or both of you are not happy with the quick ejaculation problem, you will need to see a good sexologist near you.

Is premature ejaculation common?

Yes, premature ejaculation problem is pretty common and you can comfortably see a doctor to treat the problem. Almost every man may go through this phase and some may get the problem fixed with simple exercises or with medicines.

Is premature ejaculation a permanent problem?

Premature ejaculation can be a permanent problem if it has been there since the time a man has first ejaculated. Some men acquire PE at some point during their life time. To decide if the PE problem can be fixed, you should see a good sexologist near you and get diagnosed.

Is premature ejaculation a serious problem?

Yes and No. Whether quick ejaculation is a serious problem or not depends on how it is affecting your self esteem in bed and how it is affecting your personal life. If PE or quick ejaculation doesn’t make any difference in any part of your life, you need not worry about it. But if it does, you must see a doctor to get it fixed.

Is there any premature ejaculation doctor near me?

If you are in Chennai, Salem or Coimbatore, you can see any of our reputed sexologists in Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center. For other cities or towns, you can go Google to get good information about the best doctors available for treating premature ejaculation problem.

What is the best remedy for premature ejaculation?

There is no single shot cure for premature ejaculation. Once you present yourself to a good sexologist, the problem will be diagnosed to find the root cause of the problem and then your doctor will decide if you need any medicine or some mental guidance.

Stress and anxiety are major causes of premature ejaculation and if you are one among those suffering from stress and/anxiety, you need to either practice meditation, yoga or speak with a good sex therapist.

I am having quick ejaculation problem only with certain partners, why is that?

Most often, it should be performance anxiety. Performance anxiety can also cause premature ejaculation as you might be thinking of satisfying your new / other partner like they have never seen it before etc.

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Does diabetes cause premature ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is very common in men suffering from diabetes. A study shows that premature ejaculation is associated with glycemic index in men suffering from type 1 diabetes.

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Can a man have premature ejaculation without erectile dysfunction?

Yes, a person can have premature ejaculation problem even if he is not suffering from erectile dysfunction problem.

Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition when a man is unable to achieve an erection capable of having penetrative sex even after sufficient stimulation. This is different from premature ejaculation or quick ejaculation wherein the person ejaculates in less than a minute or two from the time of foreplay or start of penetrative sex.

How can one stop premature ejaculation without medicine?

Whether quick ejaculation problem be treated or cured without medications depends on the underlying cause of the issue. Mental issues such as stress, anxiety or depression type of issues can be addressed by therapies. In some cases, a simple start and stop practice can lengthen the ejaculation time. If the quick ejaculation issue is due to a biological condition, medicines may be required.

Who is the best doctor to treat premature ejaculation in Chennai?

well, we cannot and do not want to self proclaim that we are the best doctors to treat premature ejaculation in Chennai but we can assure you that our clinic, Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center has got highly rated and experienced doctors to treat quick ejaculation problem.

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