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FAQs on Penis Health

What benefits does circumcision give me?

First of all, whether circumcised or not, you need to keep your penis always clean. Wash properly when taking bath. If your penis is not circumcised, pull the skin back gently and clean the head of the penis. If you don’t do this, smegma (dead skin cells) can build-up leading to smell and infections.

In regards to Sexually Transmitted Infections, a circumcised penis is less prone to contract easily. However, practicing safe and healthy sex is always important.


Bent penis – Is it normal?

It’s perfectly normal for a penis to be slightly bent or curved. If the bend is significant and if you have pain when the penis is erect, you may be suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.

Check our blog articles on ‘Penis Curvature’ and ‘Peyronie’s Disease’ for more information.

Will I lose my sexual stamina if I don’t have sex or masturbate regularly?

No. This is a myth. You won’t lose sexual stamina or interest in sex if you don’t have sex regularly or masturbate. But, having sex regularly has its own health benefits.

How much should I ejaculate? Is it a problem if I am ejaculating very less?

PEVR – Perceived Ejaculate Volume Reduction, a condition when you notice that you are ejaculating a lower volume of semen than usual. This can be because of frequent sex or masturbation in a short time. If this is the case, there is nothing to worry about. You need to give your body some time to produce good amount of semen and sperm.

If you are seeing less volume of ejaculate even after a gap of good number of days, please see your sexologist to make sure everything is alright.

How can I remain sexually active for long?

Men can be sexually active even after their 50s and 60s. It depends on their lifestyle, the food they eat and how well they take care of their health.

Being obese and diabetic reduces the ability of getting erections. Unhealthy and stressful lifestyle will also take a toll on your sexual health. If you are having problems getting an erection while you are in your 40s or younger, you must see your doctor as soon as possible.

Erectile Dysfunction can not only lead to mental stress, it can strain your relationship with your partner.

Why does the colour of urine change at times?

  1. If you over hydrate your body (consume more liquids than you actually need), urine will be clear in colour.
  2. A little bit of yellowish to straw colour is considered normal.
  3. Dark brown or orange coloured urine indicates that you are not having enough water / liquids.
  4. Bloody, blue, green coloured urine indicates infection or other medical condition.

I am visiting the toilet more frequently, is that ok?

  1. If you are on any medication and visiting toilet more frequently to urinate, talk to your doctor.
  2. If not, then check if you are drinking more than required liquids / water.
  3. Otherwise, this may indicate Urinary Tract Infection or diabetes or Interstitial Cystitis.

My penis smells little bad, is it normal?

The groin area sweats and can give out the smell of sweat. This should go away after a good bath. This is normal. But, if the smell is foul and strong, then that indicates a medical condition such as:

  1. Urinary Tract Infection
  2. Yeast Infection
  3. Balanitis
  4. Gonorrhea
  5. Chlamydia

You can suspect Gonorrhea and Chlamydia if you had unprotected sex with a new partner. You have to talk to your doctor as soon as possible and get tested. It is important that your partner also gets tested and treated.

Penis doesn’t have any bone, can it break or fracture?

Penile fracture is referred to a severe injury when the lining inside the penis tears. Rough sex or masturbation can fracture your penis.

Click on the link for more information on Penile Fracture.

Under what circumstances a man should see his sexologist?

  1. When there are bruises or blisters on the penis
  2. If the urine colour is yellow, green or blue
  3. Swollen front portion of the penis
  4. Rashes in the groin area or on the penis
  5. Pain or burning sensation during urination
  6. Pain when having sex
  7. Problem in getting or maintaining erection
  8. Ejaculating immediately after penetration
  9. If you had unprotected sex with an unknown partner.

Listed here are only some conditions when you must see your sexologist. If you ever feel that something is not right with your manhood or your sex life, you can see a good doctor for help.


  1. Sir I am 22 years old sir I started masturbation at age of15. masturbate for continously in year 1 day 1 time, some time 1day 3 times or 6 times,at the with full Erection. Now I can’t get Erection. Now my penile size is very low. I do masturbate sperm will come. But can not get sexual feeling. Penis size is too short and I am too obese.I don’t no what Is reason. And my testis are enlarged. In some timepenis will erect but erect will loss within minute. What’s the reason.

  2. Sir,
    I have High Cholesterol level, now the erection level is low, Sperm ejaculate within a minute and sometimes no erection at all….Now I’m doing regular walking 1hour daily and avoiding Cholesterol rich foods…Not married yet so planning to marry in six months.

    • Mr. Premkumar, please see me as soon as possible. If you are planning to get married soon, we need to correct your problems for a happy married life.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunaksekaran.

  3. Sir, How many months it takes to get Fresh Sperm ( Quality & Motility) if we takes regular Healthy Foods. I have tested my semen it shows only 10% Motility.

    • Vignesh, that will depend on the reason that is causing Motility problems.
      If it is because of your food, that can set right with proper nutrition. But if there is any other medical reason, no improvement may be seen until treated.

      First get the reason for low motility.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

      • When i talk to my girlfriend, i always have erection so i just stuck my penis in the underwear and it remains downward ,kind of wrapped around underwear and hence doesn’t come up and so that nobody can notice.
        I just want to ask will it affect my erection in the long term??, if i forcefully put it down aorund my inner garment

    • Hi sir,
      I’m 33 while intercourse I’m.geting pained and my punishment is bended c type what to do I want toget the treatment ha

  4. Hi sir.., after a month, I did masturbate, but I had pain on Lower stomach at the time of ejaculation and also had right side testicular pain, those testicular pain being almost an hour after masturbate, I thought.. I don’t know exactly… I slept because can’t walk.. But after that, it’s back to normal. Is this Any problem? And if I masturbate after a week or month, then I got lower stomach pain at the time of ejaculation .. 😕

    • Hello Jk, having pain after ejaculation is not good. Try again and if you have the same pain, please see me at my clinic.

  5. Sir, i used to masturbate not exactly prone but by making my penis on left side than rubbing my pinus against the bed and masturbating.Not putting as much pressure on pinus as proper prone masturbation. For around two months i have been masturbating by hand and i had no issue going from my habitual way to hand will i have issue during sex??

  6. Doctor I have Grade 1 varicocele and used to masturbate once everyday until last year, it’s more of 3-4 times a week now. I’ve seen a YouTube video of a Delhi based Urologist say frequent masturbation are causes of a phenomenon called Venous leak. I at times don’t get a full erection, or need more physical stimulation to get one but when I get one it lasts for 10-12 mins. Can you make video on what is this venous leak? I have not injured my penis in any manner like bending or crushing it, this is worrying me.

  7. Hi Doctor,

    i am 25 years old, lower back skin is still attached to back head of pennis(No issue is with foreskin and its movable), thin skin in back side is connected with lower pennis. I feel because of this there is more downward erection.i dont have pain during erection and able to move it to horizontal but if i move to complete up there is discomfort. Will there be any issue?

  8. Randomly feeling some sensational at pennies. Sometimes getting stomach pain. These are all not happened continuously. 10 days before i had sex with my wife. I don’t know if i get any infection Or not. What should i do for this problem.

    • Tamizh, I need to know what kind of sensation is and where in your stomach are you having pain. Can you please take an appointment and see me, we need to check for any infections that you may be having.

  9. Hi sir,
    I’m 33 while intercourse I’m.geting pained and my punishment is bended c type what to do I want toget the treatment ha

  10. Hi sir,
    I’m 33 while intercourse I’m.geting pained and my penis is bend like c type what to do I want toget the treatment ha

  11. I am mastrubuting from 15 now I’m 20 will it affect a lot to body parts will it cause any problem during sex

  12. sir i have accidently beaten by a small stick into my pennis is there any problem it will cause for erection?????lot of strees are ongoing into my mind thers is a little lighter of pain not too hard….please clasrify is there any cause problems for erection or being stressed neans we cant get erected?

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