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FAQs on Hydrocele

Hydrocele (Water in balls) is a type of swelling where fluids get collected around the testicles resulting in swelling and some times discomfort. This is common in new borns and most of the times, it will go away on it own. In boys and adult men, hydrocele can be caused due to infection or an injury.

What are the medicines used to treat a hydrocele?

There are no specific medicines available to treat a hydrocele. However, in cases where severe pain persists, pain killers may be advised by a urologist.

Hydrocele - Treatment in Chennai | Metromale Clinic

How is a hydrocele treated?

In cases when there is an infection or if the swelling becomes too big, surgery (operation) may be required to drain the hydrocele.  A large hydrocele not only causes pain and discomfort but can also affect the normal functioning of other parts in the scrotum.

Also, a surgery may be advised in cases when the ultrasound test shows something more than a hydrocele. In such cases, a tissue may be extracted from the scrotum and sent for lab testing.

How is the surgery for Hydrocele done?

Surgery (operation) to treat hydrocele is usually done by making an incision in the scrotum or in the groin area near the scrotum to drain out the fluids. This is typically done as an out patient procedure and may not require an admission to the hospital. Local anesthesia or light general anesthesia may be administered before the surgery.

Using a needle to drain out the fluids has become the procedure of the past but it may be used in patients using blood thinners or having heart problems.

Is homeopathy effective in treating a hydrocele?

Homeopathy claims to treat hydrocele effectively. The medicines prescribed by a homeopathy doctor claims to absorb the fluids accumulated in scrotum into the body there by avoiding surgery.

But in cases where the fluids are not absorbed back into the body, a surgery needs to be performed by an andrologist or a urologist.

What are the symptoms of a hydrocele?

Painless swelling of one or both the testicles indicates a hydrocele. In cases if your urologists wants to confirm, he/she may suggest an ultrasound test to be be done to be sure of the condition.

Adults with hydrocele may experience discomfort due to the heaviness and swelling of the scrotum. As the size of the scrotum increases, pain may increase.

What is the recovery time after hydrocele surgery?

Hydrocelectomy, surgery done to remove fluids in case of a hydrocele.

Post surgery, 4 to 7 days rest is advised and you should be able to go back to work after that.  But, lifting of weights is not advised at least until 4 weeks after the surgery.

Will it reoccur after hydrocele surgery?

There are only 5% chances for reoccurance of Hydrocele surgery. In many cases, hydrocele resolves on its own but in cases when the fluids don’t get absorbed by the body within a year, surgery has to be done.

What complications can happen after hydrocele surgery?

Thats one main reason why you should always see an experienced sexologist or urologist to treat your sexual health problems. A trained urologist can perfectly perform the surgery with near 0 complications after surgery. However, if the dissection is not done with perfection and if the tissues inside the scrotum are not handled the right way, can cause nerve damage, vacsular damage leading to testicular atrophy and/or post operative hematomas.

Injury to spermatic chord structures can occur in 1 to 3% of the cases.


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  2. Good Morning sir,

    My age is 20 ,I having varicocele pain ,pain weekly 4 or 5 days irruku.

    Can I have surgery on varicocele at this age?

  3. Sir i am detected with mild hydrocele .can i practice edging.please reply sir .i am in tension . I do edging thrice a week for 2 hours and then ejaculate .but i have mild hydrocele. Should i stop doing edging??

  4. And one more questions sir .if i need to do surgery of hydrocele in future .can i still do edging after 2/3 weeks of the surgery ??Please reply sir

  5. I was diagnosed with a mild hydrocele almost 3 years ago. I went through medications from a doctor, but medications didn’t reduce the size of hydrocele. The size has come to a standstill and it doesn’t change anymore. I do not want to operate it as at the moment, I feel no complications due to the hydrocele. My excretory and sexual health are absolutely fine by the grace of the Almighty. So, I do not want to operate it, and can continue with it if God wills.

    However, I have a question. Will it be safe to workout with a hydrocele? By workout I mean normal pushups, diamond pushups, lifting medium weights, maybe chin ups, etc. Can I do them everyday for a short period of time?

    Thank you.

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