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Do hydroceles go away in adults?

No. Hydrocele doesn’t go away on its own in adults. A surgery is most often needed to get the fluids out and to close any opening in the inguinal canal. In the case of infants, there are chances that the swelling of the scrotum due to hydrocele may go away on its own.

Can a hydrocele pop?

Very less likely. There are only very few cases, less than half a dozen so far where the hydrocele has popped.

Hydrocele - Treatment in Chennai | Metromale Clinic

Are hydroceles painful?

Usually hydrocele is not painful. If you are feeling the pain, it is always recommended that you see a good sexologist near you as there might be a different underlying condition such as an infection or formation of pus. 

How large can a hydrocele get?

There is no limit on the size a hydrocele can get. A giant hydrocele is defined as a condition where there fluid accumulated is more than 1000mL. When the hydrocele is large, CT scan is the recommended way to diagnose the problem.

What is the best treatment for hydrocele in adults?

Surgery is the only best treatment option for treating hydrocele in adults. The surgery depends on the type of the hydrocele, whether it is communicating or non-communicating. In case of communicating hydrocele, the opening through the inguinal canal may also be closed along with draining the fluids from the scrotum.

Does hydrocele cause erectile dysfunction?

No. Hydrocele doesn’t cause infertility or erectile dysfunction. However, the psychological effect of swollen scrotum can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction which can be reversed once the hydrocele is treated.

How can I solve my hydrocele without surgery?

There is no medication available to treat hydrocele in adults. In babies, there is a chance that the accumulated fluids might be absorbed back by the body but in case of adults, surgery is the only treatment option.

What is the difference between inguinal hernia and hydrocele?

Inguinal hernia refers to a condition when a part of the intestine drops into the scrotum. This results in swelling of scrotum with a protrusion either in the scrotum or in the groin area.  In case of hydrocele, there may not be any protrusion seen and it is mostly only the swollen scrotum filled with fluids. In some cases, inguinal hernia and hydrocele may be seen at the same time.

Can gym cause hydrocele?

Yes. There is a possibility of getting hurt in the testicle region while working out at the gym. This can lead to accumulation of fluids in the scrotum. Playing contact sports like soccer or other sports like cricket, football can also put you at risk of injuring your scrotum.

Can I workout with a hydrocele?

Yes, if you are able to workout with a hydrocele, you can. It is advised that you get it treated and then go back to the gym or regular workout routine once you heal completely.

Is hydrocele cancerous?

No. Hydrocele is not cancerous. It doesn’t even indicate any possibility of cancer in the future.

What is the cost of hydrocele treatment in Chennai?

The average cost of hydrocele treatment in good hospital/clinic in Chennai can be around Rs.50,000/-  This can vary depending on the clinic/hospital and the experience of the urologist or sexologist performing the surgery.

Does my health insurance cover the cost of hydrocele treatment?

Yes. Most of the major health insurance providers cover the cost of hydrocele surgery. We suggest you to check with your provider before you commit for the treatment so that you won’t have any surprises.


  1. My two doctors will operate on my hydrocele and inguinal hernia at the same time. What are the risks like impotence.? Thanks

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