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What is frenulum breve or short frenulum?

Frenulum refers to the elastic skin that exists under the penis connecting the penis head and the foreskin. This is similar to the frenulum under the tongue and the lower jaw in the mouth. Frenulum is elastic in nature and it facilitates smooth to and for movement of the foreskin on the penis glans.

Surgeon for Short Frenulum in chennai

Is frenulum breve common?

Frenulum breve is not a common problem. It affects less than 5% of men and mostly seen in the age range from 17 to 30 years.

Is frenulum breve genetic?

Frenulum breve is not an acquired condition. That means, it doesn’t start at some point in life. Most often the person is born with short frenulum. Not enough research is available to tell if frenulum breve is genetic.

Is frenulum breve dangerous?

Frenulum breve is not a dangerous condition. If you are suffering from frenulum breve, you may have difficulty in pulling the foreskin behind the head of the penis. Also, the short elastic skin can pull the head of the penis down resulting in penile curvature that can result in pain during sex (Dyspareunia), premature ejaculation or it can even get ruptured when masturbating, having sex or when the foreskin is forcefully pulled back.

Is frenulum breve painful?

Under normal circumstances, short frenulum may not cause any pain. However, when you try to retract the skin behind penis head, it may hurt. Having sex with short frenulum may be a painful thing.

Is frenulum breve treatment covered by insurance?

This is a tricky question. Insurance coverage for correcting frenulum breve condition depends on whether your insurance provider considers it as ‘existing condition’ or not. If the existing conditions are covered, you can be sure of getting the reimbursement or coverage for the treatment. We recommend checking with your provider before you opt for treating short frenulum problem.

How to cure frenulum breve naturally?

Treating frenulum breve naturally might not be possible. The length of the frenulum needs to be increased to fix the short frenulum problem. In case when the frenulum needs to be stretched only very little, application of creams and regular movement of foreskin to and fro on the head of the penis can help resolve the issue.

How to treat frenulum breve without surgery?

Very mild cases of frenulum breve may be treated without surgery. As said above, application of creams and performing stretching exercise can help in elongating the frenulum a little.

How is frenulum breve diagnosed?

Diagnosing frenulum breve starts with few questions and a physical examination by your doctor. If condition is mild, you may be advised to try some creams and exercise but if the penis is bent because of very short frenulum length, surgery might be the only best option.

When is frenulum removed?

Frenulum is removed or elongated when it is too small and hurts while retracting the foreskin behind the head of the penis. Short frenulum also causes severe pain during sex and can lead to frenulum tear.

How is frenulum breve treated?

A torn frenulum needs to be surgically treated. If possible, the frenulum length will be adjusted / altered during the surgery (frenuloplasty) or the frenulum may be removed (frenulectomy). You can combine circumcision with this procedure.

Circumcision with frenulum breve correction?

Circumcision can be performed along with frenuloplasty or frenectomy procedures. Talk to your doctor about combining both procedures at one go.

What is the cost of frenulum breve surgery cost in Chennai, India?

The cost of frenuloplasty surgery is around Rs.50,000 as of date at good sexual health clinics in Chennai. The cost may vary a little bit depending on the clinic and doctor performing the surgery.

Which doctor can treat Frenulum breve problem?

A sexologist or a gynaecologist for men can treat frenulum breve problem.

Can frenulum breve cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes. Frenulum breve can cause erectile dysfunction. When a person is suffering from frenulum breve, he will not be able to have a proper erection and may have severe pain when performing sex. This can physically and mentally hurt the person leading to aversion to sex or erectile dysfunction.

What is the exercise for frenulum breve?

Apply the cream prescribed by your gynecologist or sexologist to the frenulum and then move the foreskin to and fro on the penis head (better if you do it when your penis is erect). This eventually helps to lengthen the frenulum naturally. This needs to be done regularly multiple times a day for several days until the frenulum grows longer enough.

Does Frenulum breve cause infertility?

Frenulum breve doesn’t cause infertility but the man may not be able to perform penetrative sex due to the pain.

How to remove frenulum skin at home?

I am surprised, rather shocked when one of my patients asked this question. Please don’t try to cut or remove the frenulum skin at home by yourself.

It has to be done by a doctor and doctor only. You may end up in emergency room if you attempt to make incisions to your body.


  1. Sir I am 18 years old and having short frenulum brave ,i not getting morning wood and I have doing prone masturbation for 2 years and now I going to stop prone masturbation .how can I recover from home sir ?

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