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How does a man get an erection?

Brain is the important and primary sex organ. Everything originates in the brain which then signals other organs of the body to their job. When a man is aroused, the brain signals the erectile tissue to relax and let the blood fill it. As the blood fills the erectile tissue, the penis expands and becomes erect so that the sexual intercourse can happen.

What if the erectile tissue is damaged or the blood vessels inside the penis shaft are damaged?

If the erectile tissue is weakened or damaged (due to age or injury) or if the blood vessels inside the penis shaft aren’t working as they should, getting an erection becomes difficult. The blood doesn’t fill up the penis shaft enough to maintain the erection resulting in a condition called Erectile Dysfunction. 

What causes erectile dysfunction and what are the symptoms and treatment options can be read in this article.

What is ESWT?

ESWT, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is a method approved by the FDA to treat certain injuries. The handheld part of the ESWT machine delivers low intensity shock waves that help in repairing the erectile tissue and also the blood vessels. The energy delivered through the device also helps in repairing the blood vessels running into the penis shaft. Both these effects help to recover from mild erectile dysfunction that is caused due to damaged erectile tissue and/or blood vessels in the penis.

ESWT for Erectile Dysfunction - Chennai

Should you go for ESWT if you are having erection problems?

Treating mild erectile dysfunction varies from patient to patient. Once your problem is well understood by your andrologist or sexologist, he/she will put you onto medication with a hope that it will help fix you up. If you are diagnosed with severe erectile dysfunction, this non-invasive method of erectile dysfunction treatment may not be a right fit for you.  Your doctor will let you know after the initial physical examination of your penis.

If the medication doesn’t help in making your penis erect, ESWT may be considered an option apart from other methods such as PRP to treat erectile dysfunction (P-Shot). If you don’t like taking medicines or if you want to rejuvenate your penis with alternative therapies, ESWT may be an option.

ESWT procedure for Erectile Dysfunction

ESWT for erectile dysfunction is performed as an out-patient procedure. You need not get admitted in the hospital to undergo the therapy. The handheld part (the gun) of the ESWT machine is taken and after setting proper intensity of the shock waves, the gun is moved around the penis shaft. (You will be usually lying down).  

The total time taken for the procedure is around 15 minutes and you will need multiple sessions (around six) in order to complete the procedure. Once done, you can drive back home and may attend work from the next day. Usually the pain caused will be tolerable, if not, your doctor will put you onto prescription medicines or general pain killers. 

After completing multiple sessions of ESWT, it will take nearly three months to see the complete effect of the therapy. You need to be patient till then and let your doctor know about the improvements in your body.

Cost of ESWT for erectile dysfunction

Each session of ESWT for erectile dysfunction may cost around Rs. 10,000/- in Chennai hospitals. You may check with your doctor or his/her front desk about the exact cost for the complete therapy. 

Risks of ESWT

This is a totally non-invasive method. So, the risks are very low compared to minimally invasive or invasive methods to treat erectile dysfunction.

  1. Pain during the procedure and during recovery.
  2. Inflammation or bruising of the penis shaft
  3. Spotting of blood while urinating
  4. Pain while having an erection

If you see any of these symptoms, let your doctor know right away.

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