Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you pee after sex? Is peeing after sex important?

Do you pee after sex? Is peeing after sex important?

Some people (both men and women) pee after sex and they make it a habit. Some others just don’t care and go on with their next activity. So, is it necessary to go to washroom after sex? The short answer is, ‘It is not mandatory to pee after sex. BUT, it is good pee after sex’.

Do you pee after sex? Is peeing after sex important?

What is the main benefit of peeing after sex?

Men – For men, urine and semen travels out of the body through the same tube (urethra) after a certain point. (Of course, both can’t happen at the same time). When you pee, the urethra gets cleaned from the remains of any seminal fluids. Also, it clears up any bacteria that may have entered your body while you were having sex. This will help you in preventing Urinary Tract Infections.

Women – In case of women, the channels are different. They have different openings for sex and to urinate. However, the distance between the vaginal opening and the urethral opening is very short. Bacteria or any other micro-organism that gets deposited near the vagina won’t take much effort to reach the urethra and into the body.  That’s one main reason why, women are more prone to Urinary Tract Infections than men.   If you are prone to UTIs or have had Urinary Tract infections in the past, it is better to pee and get rid of the bacteria that could possibly enter your system.

Can oral sex transmit Urinary Tract Infection?

Possible. You need not necessarily have penetrative sex, even when your male partner performs oral sex on the vagina, the bacteria from mouth can enter the urethral opening leading to UTI. Even in case of oral sex, it is advisable to pee after the act.

Is there a time limit by when you should pee after sex?

There is no exact time limit as such. The sooner, the better to get rid of any possible bacteria trying to get inside your body. Typically, you can plan to pee in less than 20 minutes after the act.

Will peeing after sex prevent pregnancy?

No. In women, the pathways for semen and urine are different.  Semen gets deposited inside the vaginal canal and as soon as the man ejaculates, the seminal fluid and the sperm warriors start swimming/rolling towards the uterus where the egg is usually located. So, peeing doesn’t help in preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex. You have to use a barrier to stop sperms from reaching the uterus, such as a condom or IUD.

Will peeing after sex prevent in contraction of Sexually Transmitted Infections?

No. STDs or STIs are usually transmitted when an infected individual exchange his/her bodily fluids (not saliva) with the healthy individual. This exchange of fluids easily happens during normal vaginal or anal penetrative sex. As said, the vaginal canal is different from urethral opening for women, peeing after sex doesn’t prevent from contracting STD in women. Even in men, the STI causing microbes pass through the membranes of the urethra and enter the body. So, peeing after sex to prevent STI is not a fool proof way . You have to stay away from sex from an unfamiliar person or use protection to save yourself.

You want to pee after sex but your bladder is not emptying, what can you do?

  1. Drink water before the act, may be before an hour prior to the act.
  2. Listen to running water to stimulate your brain and bladder.
  3. Sit on the toilet seat for few minutes longer, your brain can signal the bladder to empty.

What is the worst thing that can happen if you don’t pee after sex?

Nothing! Really. It is not a hard and fast rule to pee after sex. But, when you pee after sex, it helps you in preventing possible Urinary Tract Infections and keep your urethra clean (in case of men) by removing any remains of seminal fluids in it.


  1. muje sex ke dauran hi peshab karne ka pressure ban jata hai aur precum bhi bahut jayada matra mein niklta hai. muje foreplay karne par hi peshab aa jata hai

    • If you are man:
      A condom can help. Or a vasectomy will help permanently if you don’t even plan to become a father again.
      If you are woman:
      a condom, IUD, a hysterectomy surgery, vaginal pills, everyday pills, emergency contraception can help.
      Abstinence – staying away from sex totally can help anyone from getting pregnant.

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