General Sexual Health ProblemsCurved Penis (Penile Curvature) – Is it normal?

Curved Penis (Penile curvature) refers to the ‘bend’ of the penis when erect. In most men (or people with a penis), the penis is not straight when erect. It will be either bending up a little or down or sideways etc. But, if the ‘bend’ is too sharp and is not letting you have intercourse, that’s when you should be concerned and see a good sexologist near you. For your quick reference, we have given here different shapes of penis and if you have any such shape when your penis is erect, you are most likely fine and got nothing to worry about.

Curved Penis (Penile Curvature) – Is it normal?

What is penile curvature?

Penile curvature is described as the curvature of the penis when erect. Some men have it from the time they are born, called congenital curvature while others develop during their adolescence or adulthood due to the development of scar tissue that bends the penis in a very unusual way.  Less than 1% of men are born with a curved penis. At Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center, our sexologists have been treating curved penis issue since 30 years. In here, you can be confident that your penis will be back to normal shape and you can have a happy sex life after undergoing treatment for your curved penis.

Symptoms of penile curvature

The only and main symptom of penile curvature is that your penis is unusually bent, say like a water tap and it can be up or down or to a side. Men born with the problem won’t know that they have an issue until they grow up into teens or reach puberty. Penile curvature issue is different from Peyronie’s disease where in the curvature of the penis is caused by the development/growth of a scar tissue that bends the shaft of the penis unusually.

If you see that your penis is bent in a way that is not described in the above picture and if you are having difficulty masturbating or having sex, we recommend you to see a good sex specialist.

Diagnosis and treatment of penile curvature

Your doctor will do a physical examination of your penis when it is erect. Erection at doctor’s clinic can be achieved with self stimulation or you may be given a vasocative drug injection. Physical examination would be mostly good enough for your doctor to determine if your penile curvature problem is congenital or if there is any scar tissue present.

Treatment of a curved penis depends on the amount of bend your penis shaft has. Slight bend can be ignored as long as it doesn’t affect your sex life but if you are not able to have sex due to the curvature, a surgical correction may be necessary to bring it to the right shape.

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition when a scar tissue develops on the shaft of the penis as a result of which the penis bent up or down or to a side. The scar tissue may be felt when you touch the shaft of your penis. The area may hurt as the scar tissue continues to grow. In some men, the scar tissue may not bend the penis but may cause a little deformity.

The two stages of peyronie’s disease

  1. Acute Phase. Acute stage of peyronie’s disease last for less than 12 months. During this period, the scar tissue forms causing the penis to bend. Your penis hurts when you have an erection. You may also feel the pain when you touch your penis when it is soft (not erect).
  2. Chronic Phase. During this stage, the scar tissue would have stopped growing but the curvature would still be present. There may or may not be any pain in the area but having sex would be a problem. There may be problems having an erection too in this stage.

Symptoms of peyronie’s disease

  1. Penis looks shorter due to the bend
  2. Loss of girth or change in shape of the shaft
  3. Presence of lumps on the shaft due to the growth of scar tissue
  4. Difficulty in having strong erections
  5. Difficulty having sex because of the bend.

Symptoms of peyronie’s disease usually develop over a period of time but in some cases, they may develop overnight. Read more on peyronie’s disease and treatment.


  1. At my childhood i forced my penis and it had a crack sound, im 21 now.but i didn’t got any pain or etc. My penis got curved and at in erection its suddenly bend downwards when i insert my penis during sex. Can i get rid of them

  2. hi, is it normal to have both kind of curves? mine is both curved upwards and also has C curve to right , its fully funcational ,also what are the chances to have two kind of curves?thanks in advance

  3. I have a small plaque on my penis sir, my penis is curved right from the birth and I can have sex very well, but the small plaque jus appeared in my adolescence. Have tried cutting it with blade but it kept growing back to that particular size, please is there anyway I can remove it completely?

  4. I have the shape shown in the second picture of the first row. Otherwise, my organ is clean, and gets a good erection. I am planning to get married and look for a spouse. But sometimes the shape of my organ makes me a little hesitant. I he thoughts of what if I am unable to do a good job and properly satisfy the partner. Making the marriage loose a big chunk of it’s purpose.

    Sometimes I feel it is completely fine, and I am worrying unnecessarily.

    Can the doctor give an advice?

      • My penis is like the 3rd pic in 2nd row. It’s narrow on the base & big above, moreover I am only 20. I am also concerned that my penis has shortened by few centimetres. Is it because I masturbated consistently? & Moreover there are few times when the tip of my penis, I mean sides that are facing inside of the tip. Sometimes stings & when I masturbate too much they kind of give me a pinched sensation & gets red & swollen.

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