General Sexual Health ProblemsCurvature of the Penis – Right to Left or Left to Right

Curvature of the Penis – Right to Left or Left to Right

When I speak on Sun TV, a frequent question that I get bombarded with is about Penile curvature (the way their penis is bent). Young men are unduly concerned about the curvature in their penis, i.e. to the right, to the left, up or down and so on and so forth.

The commonest curvature of the penis is the Congenital Penile Curvature which is present right from birth.

This is usually caused by an asymmetric development of the covering sheath of the penis (corpora cavernosa). The curve is usually down (ventral). Sometimes the curve is so acute almost to about 90 degrees that young men find it impossible to have sex. This leads to a lot of psychological anxiety.  If you have such a penis, you must contact your sexologist right away.

Congenital curvature is only the second commonest from of curvature after Peyronie’s disease which I have already blogged about. Men usually present when they become sexually active at the clinic. It is important to remember that some degree of curvature say upto 15 degrees is normal and may clinically not relavent. However, when the curve exceeds 30 degrees it becomes problematic. When it does not interfere with an active sex life or urination, it can be left alone.

Curvature of the Penis – Right to Left or Left to Right

Treatment can be medical or surgical depending on the degree of curvature and coexisting anomalies in the urine tube. Milder degrees may just benefit from androgen replacement therapy. For severe curvatures surgery may the only plausible option.

The two main surgical options available for penile curvature are to shorten the longer side or lengthening of the shorter side with grafting.


  1. thanks for this piece.
    my challenge is that I have my curved penis (a little curve to the left) from birth. at erection, the curve is not still severe, sperm viability test conducted showed that I have a very strong sperm with over 90% viability.
    am married for months with out my wife taking in. is it possible that the curved penis is the cause of my wife’s inability to conceive?

    • Hello Ezekiel, Possible that because of your curved penis, intercourse is not happening.
      Please see me at any of my clinics, we can fix your problem.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

          • I am 27 year old I did masturbation in excess amount and I was not aware that what is going to happened in future
            I discharge within a second when I come in contact

          • Alright, nothing to worry. You are suffering from premature ejaculation.
            You can try stop and start technique to begin with. If you see a good sexologist near you, he/she will give you some medicines that can delay ejaculation.
            You can use delay creams or sprays and see if they help. It is best to see a good doctor, your problem can be cured. Don’t worry.

      • I’m 16yrs old and have a really bad curve. When my penis is going erect it almost always leans left and probably exceeds 90 degrees. I want to tell my parents but I don’t want it to be weird, what do I do?

        • Siah, don’t worry about it now.
          If you are worried, your parents should be the first to know. Try telling either one who you are comfortable with.
          If you have any pain, you should let them know and they can take you to a doctor very soon.

  2. Can Hypospadias cause curvature because my opening of the urethra is located slightly to the left side on the tip of the penis which is the same side my penis curves to when I get an erection

  3. I am 15 and my penis is curved slightly left. Sometimes it takes the shape of an hourglass, shrinks, then return to normal size. It’s really weird is that normal

  4. I was masturbating normally until last week. Now suddenly I am unable to ejaculate. I am also not getting erections, and there is occasional pain in penis. Is it possible that I may have damaged something while masturbating ?

  5. Hello Doc.
    I’ just turned 30 some months ago and lately have been having a very weak erection from time to time.
    I have been a chronic masturbator since I wàs 19 and had only had sex once, two years ago.

    No morning wood .

    When ever I try having sex with other girls I don’t get aroused but when I’m with my girl I get strong erection but that too began declining a few days ago and have been worried.

    Can my situation be reversed?
    I am planning of getting married next year but scared that this may be reoccurring…
    Please help

  6. Hello Doctor,
    Wish You’ll Be Fine. My penis was alright when I was 15. But after that when I started masturbation, Now in the age of 20, I noticed that my penis is curved towards left. I have no pain and other problems. But just worried about the curvature.

    Alex W.

  7. Hello Doctor, My Penis is curved towards the left I guess more than 30 degrees, maybe 45 due to musterbation for 15 years, I am going to marry and to have sex for the first time after two weeks, penis can erect without pain and ejaculate as normal, do I have to worry that it will effect sex performance.

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