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Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour is a medical condition when a person thinks too much about sex and sexual fantasies that is difficult to control.  This excessive thinking can lead to the emotions of guilt, depression, negative effects on health, job, relationships and overall life.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour is also called Hypersexuality, Hypersexuality disorder, Sexual Addiction or Hypersexual disorder. This condition affects both men and women but it is mostly seen in men.  People suffering from compulsive sexual behaviour may feel the urge to masturbate more often, engage in phone sex, cyber sex, sex with multiple partners, get addicted to watching porn, get addicted to paid sex etc. If you think you are suffering from any of these emotions and are unable to control them with your will, you must see a highly experienced sex therapist immediately.

How can a person know that he/she is suffering from compulsive sexual behaviour?

Here are the symptoms of compulsive sexual behaviour:

  1. Uncontrollable sexual feelings, urge to masturbate or have sex with a lot of sexual fantasies, some may be commonly practiced and some may be hurtful to any of those involved in the act.
  2. Once your urge comes down post the act, you get the feeling of guilt
  3. You tried to control your sexual feelings but failed to gain control on your behaviour
  4. You use the compulsive sexual behaviour as a reason to escape from other psychological problems such as depression or loneliness, stress or anxiety
  5. You continue to engage in risky and harmful sexual behaviour leading to acquiring or transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, loss of valuable relationships, loss of job, going bankrupt financially, getting into legal problems etc.

When should you see a doctor for compulsive sexual behaviour?

Ask yourself the following questions, then search for the best sex therapist near you and get an appointment immediately:

  1. Am I able to control the sexual impulse at all times?
  2. Am I getting depressed and alone when I fail to realize my sexual fantasies?
  3. Is my sexual behaviour affecting my partner, relationship, job or anyone else?
  4. How do I keep my sexual behaviour secret as I know that it is not normal like others?

If you are ashamed to see a therapist, please keep it aside and remember that you are not alone.  Many people around the world suffer from compulsive sexual behaviour. Once they get the right treatment from expert therapist, they become normal and successful.  Also make sure that you see only an expert and renowned sex therapist and sexologist because your information and behavioural aspects are to be kept confidential forever.  Also remember that if this condition goes untreated, there are chances that you can harm yourself and others leading to more problems in your life.

What causes Compulsive sexual behaviour?

The exact reason for development of compulsive sexual behaviour is not clear. However, following are some possible reasons that can lead to this behaviour:

  1. Chemical imbalance in brain – Serotonin, dopamine and neropinephrine are some of the chemicals in human brain that affect mood and behaviour of a person. High levels of these chemicals can lead to compulsive sexual behaviour.
  2. Rewiring of connections in brain – as the compulsive sexual behaviour becomes an addiction, the circuits in the brain gets re-wired. This can result in more intense sexual behaviour, abnormal sexual fantasies, obtaining pleasure from other’s pain etc.
  3. Other diseases and health problems – Diseases such as epilepsy and dementia can damage part of the brain that affects sexual behaviour. Side effects of certain medications for diseases that are being treated (such as Parkinson’s ) can include compulsive sexual behaviour.

Who is at risk of developing compulsive sexual behaviour?

  1. Teens and younger adults who get easy access to privacy, porn content, intensive sexual images and video content.
  2. People suffering from alcohol and drug abuse problems
  3. People suffering from mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, addiction to sexual fantasies, addiction for paid sex etc
  4. People suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after they encountered physical, mental or sexual abuse in their past.

How to prevent from acquiring compulsive sexual behaviour condition?

  1. As soon as you notice a difference in your sexual behaviour or the number of times you are watching porn in day/week, or if you are unable to hold yourself from watching pornographic content or paying for sex, see a therapist immediately.
  2. If you feel depressed for any reason, want to be lonely all the time or develop suicidal tendencies, you must seek help.
  3. If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs that is leading to unhappiness and stress in your personal life, running your personal and professional relationships, get an appointment with a good therapist immediately.
  4. When you feel the urge to realize your risky sexual fantasies such as having unprotected sex with unknown people or having unconventional and unprotected sex, try to control your mind. If you are not able to control, seek medical help immediately.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour is surely a treatable condition.  You need to make sure that you realize, admit that you are suffering from this condition and must get treated to become normal. Then, you need to look for an expert sexologist or sex therapist in your area who can treat your problem psychologically and physically. (with medicines as and when needed).

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