The second commonest reason that men present to a sexual medicine clinic is for Erectile dysfunction. ED like heart disease is certain to occur when a man ages. Treatment options though many may not work in all. Penile implants are not new to India. However, the prosthesis and knowledge of the procedure is key to make an implant procedure successful.

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Sexologist in Chennai – Treatments Offered Discussing sexual concer­­ns of a couple with a third person is considered embarrassing and a taboo even in this modern era. But sexual problems have been on the rise these days owing to a stressful lifestyle and it is important to find the right person to seek help from.…

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

Penis Size – Does it matter?

In an internet survey of more than 50,000 men and women, men who rated their penis as large had significantly more positive views about their body and the attractiveness of their face than did other men. However, the funny side was that a higher percentage of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size than the percentage of men who were satisfied with their own penis size (84% vs. 55%)

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

The female orgasm has always been a mystery from the beginning of time. An orgasm can be of two types according to the activating stimulus. Clitoral orgasm is obtained exclusively from direct stimulation to the clitoris and Vaginally activated orgasm is obtained during vaginal penetration without clitoral stimulation. Female Orgasmic disorder has a prevalence of about 25-30%.