Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

Jelqing for a bigger penis – does that work?

Jelqing is a process of massaging your semi-erect penis with your fingers, causing micro tears in the muscles of the penis shaft so that, as they heal, the penis gets longer and thicker. Well, the idea may have stemmed from the gym guys who repetitively tear their muscles to grow their arms, legs and other muscles in their body. But, does the same concept apply for penis’ muscles too? Let’s find out.

ESWT for Erectile Dysfunction - Chennai

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) to treat Erectile Dysfunction

ESWT, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is a method approved by the FDA to treat certain injuries. The handheld part of the ESWT machine delivers low intensity shock waves that help in repairing the erectile tissue and also the blood vessels. The energy delivered through the device also helps in repairing the blood vessels running into the penis shaft.

Teratozoospermia - Morphology of Sperm

FAQs on Teratozoospermia

Teratozoospermia (also called Teratospermia) refers to malformed shape of the sperms. Sperm morphology refers to the size and shape of the sperms and when the sperm morphology is defective, the condition is referred to as Teratozoospermia. When less than 4% of the sperms are in perfect shape, then the person is said to be suffering from Teratozoospermia condition.


FAQs on Balanitis

Balanitis is defined as the inflammation of the head of the penis (glans) and or the foreskin on the head of the penis. This is very common condition in uncircumcised men. Some medical experts are more precise when using balanitis. They use balanitis to refer to the inflammation of the penis head alone. When the foreskin on penis head is inflamed, they term it as Posthitis

p shot or prp shot for erectile dysfunction

FAQs on PRP Injection for Erectile Dysfunction

What is PRP Injection?
PRP stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma. The plasma is extracted from your own blood by passing it through a centrifuge machine which separates plasma from the blood and concentrates them to 8x the normal count present in the blood. Concentrated plasma looks amber (chrome yellow) in colour. The plasma rich in platelets is injected into the area/tissue which needs to be repaired, regrown or regenerated.

Painful Ejaculation (dysorgasmia/orgasmalgia) – what are the causes?

Painful Ejaculation (dysorgasmia/orgasmalgia) – what are the causes?

Painful Ejaculation, also called dysorgasmia or orgasmalgia refers to the pain in the penis or scrotum or in the perineum area during ejaculation. Occasional pain is common and most often you need not worry about it. But if the pain is persistent and hindering your sex life, you need to see a good sexologist in your city to figure out the root cause and get it treated.

More on Prone Masturbation (Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome)

More on Prone Masturbation (Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome)

Prone masturbation can simply be explained as a position of masturbation where a man lies face down on his chest masturbates. During this process, the person applies pressure on the erect penis for more pleasure. The pressure can be given either by pressing his hip to the bed/pillow under him or by pressing or even squeezing the penis with his palms very hard.

Infertility Treatment for Men & Women – Questions to ask your gynecologist

Infertility Treatment for Men & Women – Questions to ask your gynecologist

One must note that problem of infertility doesn’t always lie with the woman. In 40% of the cases, the man can be infertile and in some cases, both of them may be infertile. When you are planning to see a doctor to have a baby of your own, there are few things you need to ask your gynecologist/doctor and know.

British Man breaks penis ‘vertically’ – first person in the world to encounter such penile fracture

British Man breaks penis ‘vertically’ – first person in the world to encounter such penile fracture

Well, the doctors say that he “buckled against his partner’s perineum”. May be he was pushing it hard against his partner’s perineum? He will be right person to explain in detail we guess. Perineum is the area between the penis/vagina and the anus of a person. It has several nerve endings and stimulating the area by rubbing and massaging may make your partner feel good, sometimes even better than actual penetrative sex.


Home Remedies to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is quick and uncontrolled ejaculation in less than a minute after intercourse. Apart from psychological problems, deficiency of some minerals in the body such as zinc, magnesium can also cause PE. Eating more nuts, fruits, spinach, trying stop and start techniques, squeeze techniques along with numbing sprays and climax delaying condoms can improve the ejaculation time.

Does diabetes cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does diabetes cause Erectile Dysfunction?

1) Increase in sugar levels in the blood is called diabetes. Occasional spike in blood sugar levels is ok if it is due to the food taken but if the higher levels are continuous, you will be diagnosed with diabetes.
(2) Type 1 and Type 2 are two types of diabetes out of which Type 2 is more prevalent. (3) Diabetes damages nerves and blood vessels resulting in erectile dysfunction. (4) Control your blood sugar levels with the tips provided in this article to be sexually functional


Suffering from Low Sex Drive – What could be the reasons?

Suffering from Low Sex Drive – What could be the reasons?From mental connection between couples to medical conditions in either partner, there are numerous factors that can affect the sexual relationship between them.  Let us look in detail, what are the possible reasons that can affect the sex drive between partners. Diabetes The most common…

Weak Masturbatory Erections in Men

Can Chlamydia (STD) cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Chlamydia (STD) cause Erectile Dysfunction? Chlamydia is a Sexually Transmitted Infection that spreads through unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex. You can refer to our section of ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ or to know more details about Chlamydia, you can visit our ‘Chlamydia’ page. Chlamydia can affect both men and women and it is caused…

Zinc is very important for boosting testosterone levels in men

6 Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements

6 Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements Testosterone, a very important male sexual health hormone. Not just for sexual health, optimal amounts of testosterone helps in muscle growth, fat loss and also helps in maintaining good health. Did you know that testosterone is important for women too? Though women produce it in very small quantities (compared to…

Frequently Asked Questions on Premature ejaculation - Treatment in Chennai

FAQs on Premature Ejaculation

FAQs on Premature Ejaculation What is Premature Ejaculation? Ejaculating before or within 1 minute (some researchers give it 2 minutes) of actual penetration is called Premature Ejaculation. Is Premature Ejaculation same as Erectile Dysfunction? No. Premature ejaculation measures the time taken by the man to ejaculate. But, erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man…

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Sexologist in Chennai

Sexologist in Chennai – Treatments Offered Discussing sexual concer­­ns of a couple with a third person is considered embarrassing and a taboo even in this modern era. But sexual problems have been on the rise these days owing to a stressful lifestyle and it is important to find the right person to seek help from.…

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Medication for Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence

Sildenafil Citrate: It is an oral drug popularly sold by the trade name Viagra. It has also been referred to as the little blue pill. It acts by dilating the blood vessels supplying the erectile tissue of penis. Cialis: It is a popular brand name for tadalafil which is also administered orally. Topical Creams: Creams containing Alprostadil are sometimes used for local application over the penis


Nutraceuticals in treating Erectile Dysfunction

Nutraceuticals in treating Erectile Dysfunction Nutraceuticals means Healthy and Nutritional Supplement/Food items. About 50% of men experience some form sexual dysfunction at some point of their lifetime. But, those seeking medical help for it are very few as discussing sexual health matters such as libido and erectile dysfunction are associated with embarrassment and stigma of…

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

Penis Size – Does it matter?

In an internet survey of more than 50,000 men and women, men who rated their penis as large had significantly more positive views about their body and the attractiveness of their face than did other men. However, the funny side was that a higher percentage of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size than the percentage of men who were satisfied with their own penis size (84% vs. 55%)

Penile Fracture - Surgeon in Chennai

Penile Fracture

A penile fracture is a rare albeit troublesome sexual urologic emergency. I say ‘sexual’ as that is the most common cause is aggressive sexual intercourse. Usually a history of woman on top riding position is emphasized, though often times, the history is very vague due to the covert nature of the sexual activity which may involve an extramarital affair. Masturbation may very rarely be responsible

Sexual concerns in young men – PDE5’s are not the answer!

Sexual concerns in young men – PDE5’s are not the answer!

Sexual concerns in young men – PDE5’s are not the answer! LEO ( libido, erection, orgasm ) is what men crave for. For most men, it happens automatically. For others it is a Himalayan task if you are on this side of the world. have a deep concern. A 24 year old walks into my…

Premature Ejaculation – Causes and Treatment in Chennai

Premature Ejaculation- The long and short of it!

Simply speaking, Premature Ejaculation refers to ejaculation occurring before the man and his partner wishes it to occur. However, the definition itself may be too premature as the time to ejaculation and thereby satisfaction is very subjective. Men with ejaculations within a minute may not complain where as some men with ejaculation times lasting more than 10 minutes complain.

Diagnostic work up in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Diagnostic work up in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Diagnostic work up in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction(ED) Erectile dysfunction, we all know is a vascular phenomenon. The important thing about it is however that it is accompanied by a host of co morbid conditions which can directly or indirectly contribute or maintain it. When a doctor suggests evaluation with lab and other diagnostic modalities,…

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

Is Penis Size Important for Female Orgasm?

The female orgasm has always been a mystery from the beginning of time. An orgasm can be of two types according to the activating stimulus. Clitoral orgasm is obtained exclusively from direct stimulation to the clitoris and Vaginally activated orgasm is obtained during vaginal penetration without clitoral stimulation. Female Orgasmic disorder has a prevalence of about 25-30%.

Androgen Insufficiency Problem - Sex Specialist

Non Consummated Marriages – Is that official?

Non Consummated Marriages – Is that official? defines consummate as “To bring to a state of perfection; fulfill”. Another one in terms of marriage would be “To complete (the union of marriage) by first marital sexual intercourse”. One would assume that in this day and age of the internet, this would be a myth.…

Sexual Dysfunction in Men - What is Partners Role

Sexual Dysfunction in Men – What is the partners role?

Sexual Dysfunction in Men – What is the partners role? When someone walks into the office complaining of Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, how often do we actually evaluate the partners role in it? The partners role is often overshadowed by looking at the individuals problems. In clinical practice, it is common to see that…

Role of Stress in Sexual Problems in Men and Women

How are Sexual Problems Triggered – The Role of Stress

Sexual functioning which is sexuality, desire and satisfaction is often a cultural and multidimensional thing. No one universal rule or law applies. I often find however there is a single common denominator which plays a great role in affecting sexual functioning. Stress. As we know, it has been proven in studies to affect male and female sexual functioning.


Delayed Ejaculation-Psychological Aspects

Delayed Ejaculation – The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR) defines delayed ejaculation(DE) as “a persistent delay in or absence of, orgasm in a male following a normal sexual excitement phase during sexual activity that the clinician, taking into account the person’s age , judges to be adequate in focus, intensity and direction.