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Circumcision is the process of removing the foreskin (also called the prepuce) from the penis. The reason to get circumcised varies from personal, medical to religious backgrounds. “There is no particular age limit or an age bracket to get circumcised. We perform circumcision on babies who are few months old, tweens, teenagers or adults as per the need” says Dr. Karthik Gunsekaran from Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center, Chennai. He adds that circumcision as a medical treatment is done in cases where a person is suffering from phimosis, balanitis or Paraphimosis.

How is circumcision using Holmium YAG Laser done?

In short, the excision (cutting and removal) of the foreskin is done using laser instead of using a scalpel. Here are the steps performed during Laser Circumcision:

  1. Local anaesthesia is administered in the penis region. (Typically 1% lidocaine is used as anaesthesia)
  2. The area is sterilized with beta-iodine or equivalent solution.
  3. All the forceps and instruments that will be used in the surgery are well sterilized.
  4. The foreskin is held with forceps (multiple forceps are used as needed).
  5. The skin below the forceps is cut with a laser that is set at a particular frequency and wattage. The device is a very thin tube that when moved over the skin can just cut it like cutting with a scalpel.
  6. The blood will be cleared and a bandage will be wrapped around the penis and left to heal.

The urologist/sexologist will prescribe anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to control the pain and fight off any possible infection until the wound is healed.

Is Circumcision for Everyone? Who should get circumcised?

What are the benefits/advantages of using laser for circumcision than a conventional scalpel?

As per a study conducted in 2020, where circumcision was performed on 40 teenagers to young adults, following were the observations that were made:

  1. The average time of surgery was significantly less when laser was used in circumcision.
  2. The estimated blood loss was very less compared to conventional circumcision.
  3. Post operative complications were very minimal
  4. Less pain after the day of surgery was experienced by those who got laser circumcision done compared to those who got circumcision done the conventional way.
  5. No side effects after the surgery. This observation was true in all those who got circumcised (laser and conventional).
Benefits of Holmium YAG Laser in circumcision compared to conventional circumcision

Should you go for laser circumcision or stapler circumcision?

Both laser and stapler circumcision has their own merits over conventional circumcision. You should speak to the doctor and ask him/her about which procedure is more suitable for you. If you are suffering from any medical condition that requires circumcision, your doctor will let you know which circumcision procedure will suit you. In some cases, choice may be left to you but it is always advisable to put the ball in your doctor’s court and let him/her make a call. After all, they are the experts in the field and procedure, agree?

What is cost of circumcision at Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center in Chennai?

“We have noticed that some clinics in Chennai are advertising that they charge Rs.25,000 for circumcision surgery. But that doesn’t mean that every clinic charges the same and the cost will vary with the clinic and the doctor” says Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

What one needs to keep in mind is the hygiene that is followed wrt the clinic/hospital, devices used, expertise of the doctors and the post operative care provided before making a decision based on the cost.

Does your insurance cover circumcision cost?

Whether your insurance covers the cost of circumcision or not mostly depends on why the surgery is being performed. If you are undergoing the surgery due to medical reasons, your insurance provider may cover the expenses but if you are going for precautionary or cosmetic reasons, you may not be covered.  You can either call your insurance provider directly or check with our in-house insurance department to know if your expenses are covered.


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